Way back in 1982, the American, Ray Kurzweil (with the help and guidance of Stevie Wonder) was the first to realistically sample and transfer the sound of an acoustic grand piano into a piano keyboard. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Yamaha or Roland, but at the same time having a reasonable piano sound then Casio could be an option for you. Hadley offer an excellent range of affordable digital pianos that are suitable for anyone learning to play. Because Kawai also manufacture acoustic pianos they have good piano knowledge, which enables them to build good quality digital pianos.
Korg make excellent stage pianos (some of the best), but they only have a small selection of budget range digital pianos. Best digital pianos keyboards 2016 - reviews, specs, Find and compare the best digital pianos and keyboards by brand, category, price, touch response, number of keys, maximum polyphony and more.. Top 10 digital pianos - digitalpianokeyboardsreview., Guide to buy the best digital piano.
Williams allegro 2 88-key hammer action digital piano, Write a review the williams allegro 2 is a full-size digital piano with 88 hammer-action weighted keys, and a brilliant new custom sound library.. Digital piano keyboard reviews: digital pianos buying, Unbiased digital piano reviews ratings electric piano keyboards.

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Now Kurzweil has a vast range of digital pianos, grand and stage pianos, keyboards and synths. You can choose from their starter piano (EZ-102), or their most popular range (B1 and B3) for all levels and abilities. All their digital pianos have the correct key resistance to emulate the feel of a real piano, which is essential for children learning. The starter piano (CDP1) is designed for someone that wants a realistic piano sound and touch without too many bells and whistles. Kawai digital pianos have a pleasant sound, and a medium-weight, soft touch at the bottom of the key stroke.
Their top end digital pianos from the CA range are really good (they're worth comparing against the equivalent Yamaha CLP models).
Check out the Hadley D10, which is a full cabinet-style digital piano with 3 built-in pedals, a great sound, and costs less than £400.
A digital piano that does what is says on the tin: reliable, well-built and a good resale value.

Check out the popular MPS10 portable piano, the student piano M210, also the M10F home piano.
Casio have made some small improvements over the past few years but they really need to focus more on quality. Roland is worth considering and comparing against Yamaha and Kurzweil equivalents, but the prices are a little higher. Going up the range you have the M3W, which has an all natural wood key action made in Italy. The MK10 is a self-playing digital baby grand piano and is the only one available that has moving keys when in self-play mode (very popular in hotels, restaurants, bars and even for home use to impress the guests). Verdict: Very nice pianos with the latest technology, excellent build quality, reliable, and a good brand name.

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