Casio WK-200 Electronic KeyboardThe Casio WK-200 Electronic Keyboard offers great tones, sampling, and lessons in one great keyboard. The AHL Sound SourceAll built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound better than ever before.
Touch ResponseThe Casio WK-200's Touch Response lets you add delicate nuances to notes by varying how much pressure you apply to keyboard keys.
Step Up LessonsThe Casio WK-200 can divide music pieces into short, easy-to-master phrases making it easy for just about anyone to learn to play. If the keyboard senses you are having problems, it will help you by calling out finger numbers in a simulated human voice.
Built-in songs cover a wide range of genres for lesson play and for your listening enjoyment.
Song ExpansionYou can load songs from external sources and use them for listening, play along, or even lessons. 1) Vzhled - viz horni obrazek - jedna se o klasickej "Casio" design s velkym displayem uprostred, mrakem tlacitek a dvema 2,5W reprackama.
2) Klaviatura - byl jsem doposud zvyklej na simulaci kladivkove mechaniky (z Yamahy P70) , takze prvni pocit byl docela sok - na tehle klaviaturach se staci trochu dotknout jine klavesy a uz to zni. 3) Zvuk - tak jak uz to u obdobnych keyboardu v teto cenove kategorii byva, prevlada i zde kvantita zvuku nad kvalitou - nejvic to u me bylo znat u klasickeho piana. 4) Vlastni zvuky - ano, CASIO WK 200 umi v omezene mire samplovat zvuky z externiho zdroje - coz jsem hned vyuzil a nasamploval jsem si VOX continental varhany, takze muzu klavesy hezky vyuzit v nasem Doors revivalu.
Pokud si z webu stahnete utilitu Casio Data Manager, muzete si pres USB zazalohovat nastaveni Vasich klaves vcetne nasamplovanych zvuku.
Ample space for music: the 6 octave keyboard scope offers the best range of options and ideal freedom for turning your musical ideas into reality. The high-quality 570 AHL tones create clear and dynamic sounds, which unfold in all sounds and rhythms found in classical piano pieces, as well as many other genres.
Sound diversity at its best: the WK-200 can play up to 48 voices at the same time, turning interpretation of a wide range of musical pieces into a pure pleasure. The improved step-up learning system from CASIO is based on the principal "learning by playing": as in traditional piano lessons, the practice piece is split up into individual bar sections and learnt step-by-step. Quick access: you can store up to 32 setups (8 benches with 4 memory spaces each) in the registration memory.
A feature with fun factor: the simple sampling of sounds via an external sound source such as MP3 and CD players (via Audio-in) or microphone (via Mic-in) offers interesting effects and amusing compositions. The scale tuning functions open up a whole new world of oriental quarter tones and the tempering of baroque or classical music. With the arpeggiator, a chord played on the keyboard is divided into a sequence of individual notes repeated in succession. The "Music Preset Library" contains 305 "one touch settings? based on popular rock and pop songs. Pop rhythm with a touch of jazz, jazz rhythm with a shot of pop: with the rhythm editor, elements from different rhythms can be combined and edited. This practice is fun and exercises your mind too: Music Challenge is a play function where the player has to hit the illuminated keys as fast as possible. Play or sing along ? a solution for the future: connect a CD or MP3 player to the Audio input of your WK-200.

Simply plug in and get singing: The WK-200 has a practical microphone input facility that allows users to sing along to a selection of songs or make recordings using the sampling function. The system featuring two loudspeakers and a power of two times 2.5 Watts produces an impressive and balanced sound. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.
The Casio WK-200 is a digital keyboard workstation featuring 76 touch-sensitive, piano-style keys and a host of features. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. Truss on Sale Sale Used New Learn 800-268-5520 Call or chat with us now!
Decent stringed instrument voices--while some are merely passable (guitar), others are excellent (upright bass).
USB MIDI functionality allows for two-way MIDI traffic--software can be used to trigger on-board sounds. Casio is showing how much they can fit in to this keyboard while offering at a price that makes it impossible to turn down. With the Casio WK-200's 48-tone maximum polyphony provides plenty of margin to minimize the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered and when playing with Auto Accompaniment.
The Casio WK-200 Music Challenge tests your reaction speed by requiring you to press the keys indicated by the on-screen keyboard guide in time with the Auto Accompaniment tempo using the correct fingers indicated by the on-screen fingering guide.
V zadni strane je LINE OUT vystup (stereo 6,3mm jack), vstup na Sustain pedal, USB vystup do PC a dve zajimavosti - Mikrofonni vstup (zase jack 6,3mm)  a Line IN vstup (stereo jack 3,5mm) . Byl jsem zmlsanej zvukem piana z Yamaha P70 a tady zvuk klasickeho piana proste horsi nez na digitalnich pianech (coz je vzhledem k cca 3x nizsi cene pochopitelny).
Windows klavesy rozpoznaji jako CASIO USB Driver a je mozne tak klavesy pouzit jako midi keyboard.
After the musical tour through time and around the world, the instrument is still completely in touch with the here and now: an MP3 player, microphone or PC can be connected to the instrument quickly and easily. Whether a bar of your favourite musical piece, loops or drum sounds, human voices or noises of any kind ? the recorded samples (up to 10 seconds) can be played via the keyboard and effects added as desired. On keyboards without illuminated keys, musicians can play via the large LC display: The aim of the game is to hit the correct keys as quickly as possible.
Your favourite tunes are played via the loudspeakers of the keyboard in "half playback" ? you can play along for the keyboard part. This surprisingly inexpensive Casio keyboard comes with 570 high-quality tones, recording capabilities, and song expansion.
It features 76 standard-sized keys, and includes a Step-up Lesson system to help train newer keyboardists. Sample sound from an audio device plugged into the Audio In jack or from a microphone plugged into the microphone jack. With this lesson function, you keep building up your collection of mastered phrases and soon you are able to play the entire song. Note that the actual number of songs that can be stored depends on the size of each individual song and other data stored in memory.
S mikrofonim vstupem je legrace, pripojil jsem tam jeden Shure PG58 a normalne jde pres klavesy zaroven hrat a zpivat.

Ja si vsak keyboard koupil kvuli tomu, ze jsem potreboval vetsi zvukovou variabilitu (napr dechy, smycce, ktere zde zneji docela dobre,  dobre znej i elektricke piana a varhany a baskytara. Jedinym resenim je tedy mit v klavesach i baterie (6x baterie typu D) , ktere zaruci, ze i po vytazeni napajeni se Vase zvuky a nastaveni nesmazou. Pozor, pripojujte ale klavesy primo k PC bez usb prodluzovaciho kabelu, jinak se muze stat, ze jej PC spravne nepozna.
The model also offers a whole wealth of sample fun: sound recordings of up to 10 seconds provide the perfect addition to any piece of music.
You'll also get 48-note polyphony, line inputs for connecting an MP3 player, mic input, 10 seconds of sampling, built-in USB MIDI interface, and more. The touch-sensitive keys can be adjusted to two levels of sensitivity, and there are 570 onboard tones. The quality, flexibility, usability, and affordability all help to make the WK-200 an ideal choice for beginning to advancing keyboard players alike who are interested in playing the piano and creating their own music.
A number of accompaniment options are available, including 180 background rhythms and reverb effects.
Mac software such as Garage band can recognize the unit, but that is the full extent of it's so called Mac compatibility.
This keyboard uses a proprietary .sp7 file format for the sound files and these files are not readable nor are they transposable into usable file formats, such as the midi file format. If you want to record the voices from the keyboard into your computer, you are out of luck.
If you use the built in 6 track recording studio to compose a song and want to transfer it into your sound editing software, Mac OR Windows, you are out of luck. A top end board may have more realistic voices but these are pretty good in a lightweight package for people on the go- It easily goes along if you move. I had an entire midi studio with 2 keyboards and 2 sound modules that gave me 64 voices but took up an entire room. Now I have the keyboard mounted above my HD recorder and I can do everything I want from there. It didn't come with the appendix that listed the voices but I was able to download from the Casio site.
Isaksonfrom CA soon moving to ORFollow meComments about Casio WK-200 76-Key Digital Keyboard Workstation:See above. Understand, it is a cheap machine, so the keys feel like the electronic keyboard that it is, not weighted like an old upright or an expensive modern electric piano, but it plays easily and smoothly and it is touch sensitive.
The built in songs, of which there are many and various, can automatically be broken into phrases and into right and left hand parts. It shows which key to play, which finger to use, and shows the note you are playing on a small score.
Tie that together with many many different available voices for when you are playing from sheet music or on your own and you have a machine that will eventually make a secondary companion for the more expensive machine you buy later. The only thing I miss a little is that the built in songs have a songbook that comes with the new machines, but not with the refurbished restocks.

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