Viaggiate con CASIO nella storia della musica e riprendete l'inconfondibile ritmo degli Anni 70 sulla vostra tastiera CASIO. Entrate nel mondo multiforme della musica con Internet Data Expansion Software IDES per tastiere High Performance Keyboard. Hard rock, funk, party, glamour en disco: de jaren zeventig waren een tijd met veel verschillende soorten muziek.
Reis door de muziekgeschiedenis met CASIO en krijg het onvervalste geluid van de jaren zeventig op uw CASIO keyboard. Ervaar de wereld van muzikale mogelijkheden - met het Internet Data Expansion System IDES voor uw high-performance keyboard. CASIO heeft de heetste feesthits voor u samengesteld - als download voor uw high-performance-keyboard. Nog meer mogelijkheden: met het Internet Data Expansion System IDES voor uw high-performance-keyboard maakt u nog meer uit uw muziek. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style. Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of great alternatives. An SD card slot and USB connection make it an affordable choice for computer-based music creativity. The WK-3300 has 76 full-size keys with 400 DSP programmed advanced tones like stereo piano and Tremolo Electric Piano for a total of 620 tones including 50 drawbar organ tones.

Grandi artisti come David Bowie, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, i Genesis e i Queen hanno fatto impazzire le masse con il loro Rock, mentre John Travolta nei suoi pantaloni a zampa di elefante e le sue camice a paillettes ci contagiava con la Febbre del Sabato Sera, e artisti del Glam-pop come gli ABBA e i BeeGees erano sempre in vetta alle classifiche alla radio.
Megasterren zoals David Bowie, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Genesis en Queen brachten massa's fans in vervoering met hun rocksound, John Travolta in wijde soulpijpen en glittershirt stak ons aan met Saturday Night Fever - en glampop-artiesten zoals ABBA en The BeeGees waren dikwijls op de radio te horen.
Als de temperatuur stijgt, heeft u gelijk ook meer zin om vrienden te ontmoeten en feest te vieren. This powerful instrument features an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus a powerful 2-way bass reflex speakers that render your performance accurately.With an SD memory card slot and USB port coupled with advanced sequencing plus MIDI capabilities, the WK-3300 makes an ideal first workstation for the aspiring music arranger.
Casio's included Music Data Management Software lets you download music data from the web and save your creations to your PC's hard drive via the USB port, making storage of your projects practically limitless. My only dislike is no voice building capability and while they could incorporate such a feature at this cost, they reserve such features for units sold as synths for 3 times as much. The MDM Software (PC only) allows you to dial up a tone on your computer, edit it to your liking, add effects, and save it as a user preset via USB. I bought it based on several publications, including Keyboard magazine, that compared it to the new Yamahas. The software also allows you to import and map wave files from your computer to any key, then save them as presets. Side by side the features are identical while the Casios are half the cost and rated as equals.
I think there could be a bit more manipulation options on the instrument sounds and effects for a bit more outlandish voices but they're still very good.

The tones are cheap 'tinny' sounds and the two rhythm 'variations' on each rhythm pattern are hardly noticeable from each other. It's cumbersome to change from one 'set-up' to the next because of too many buttons having to be pushed, quite more than desired, to accomplish anything other than playing the piano, which is about the best sounding of all the instruments! For playing strictly piano or other 'sounds' for vocal backup or with a small trio, etc., I guess it would be okay. The viewing screen is difficult to read from, mainly because there are too many options for display on it! I didn't return it since I only use it for MIDI to my computer and it serves the purpose but I thought it worth mentioning that there are better keyboards available for only a few dollars more if you want quality output sound.
Casio certainly has good design engineers and it's always been a mystery as to why they don't produce a better quality product that would appeal to experienced musicians as well as to the professional but, then again, they've been in business a long time so they must be doing something right! The built in 6 track recorder and 16 channel mixer makes building songs and parts exciting.

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