You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The flagship of the Casio Privia range the PX-850 offers outstanding performance combined with innovative contemporary design and professional capability. Unprecedented Natural Reproduction of the Rich Expressive Power and Resonance of an Acoustic Piano is provided by the brand new Casio Privia PX-850 Digital Piano. The characteristics of CASIO’s newly developed Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR* Sound Source reflect thorough attention to detail in expressing the rich, resonating tones inherent to the piano.
The difference between the sound structures of a grand piano and an electric piano appears as a difference in timing, from the moment the instrument is played until the sound is audible.
The Simulated ebony and ivory keys offers the luxurious feel and texture as well as the smooth touch of a grand piano keyboard. The deep, beautiful resonance resulting from the use of a damper pedal is also reproduced naturally by a stereo resonance simulator installed on all 88 keys, an approach that differs from conventional simulated reproduction employing effect processing.

The newly design ebony and ivory touch keys, the outstanding Tri Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, and the extraordinary quality of the new Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sounds Source ensure the highest levels of performance and enjoyment, Stunningly minimalist design, including an all new open lid function, completes a compelling proficient instrument. The capacity of the installed memory has been expanded to achieve a longer sampling duration and enhanced waveform data quality. The new Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II responds by incorporating a system with three sensors that detect touches of the keys sequentially.
The minutely detailed crimp surface finish inhibits finger slippage due to sweat and gives the sensation of a perfect fingertip fit, even when playing for extended periods.
The attention to detail goes so far as to simulate the resonance created by the lifting of the dampers themselves when the pedal is pressed. This allows Privia to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need for downloading drivers. The Lid Simulator reproduces the same acoustic effects for enhanced enjoyment with a digital piano.

Class Compliant USB MIDI also allows Privia digital pianos can also be used as a controller the Apple iPad simply with the use of Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. The piano sound you are seeking as you play is always available for your enjoyment by selecting the degree to which the lid is raised or lowered.
This enables players to employ pedal operation to achieve gracefully expressive performances.

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