Though we couldn’t get close enough to get a good hands on demo, Studiologic released an interesting new synth called Sledge, an analog modeling synthesizer. And speaking of Waldorf, it's not news that they are back at it again, making keyboards based on their classic synths.
If you like this and want more stuff like this, please use the subscribe form on the right of the page to get these kind of things delivered to you in our newsletter! Number two is what looks like one seriously awesome Casio CZ style emulator, The Kassiopeia! Number Six – Cheapo-Tone, this is another VL inspired plugin, but instead of using samples, this one is a true software synth with digital oscillators to create the tones. If you want to cut to the chase and get everything at once, I’ve made a handy dandy rar file of everything in this post to download all at once! This entry was posted in Bedroom Producer, loops and samples, Music Production and tagged casio cz 1000 vst, casio cz 5000 vst, casio cz vst, casio cz vst download, casio cz vst emulation, casio cz vst plugin, casio mt 40 vst, casio plugin pack, casio sk 1 vst, casio sk1 vst, casio vl vst, casio vst, casio vst download, casio vst free, casio vst free download, casio vst plugin, demonic sweaters casio day, free casino style slot games no download, free casio drum samples, free casio samples, free casio vst, free vst instruments, free vst plugins, free vst plugins downloads vst instruments, free vst plugins for fl studio, vst plugin pack free on March 12, 2015 by DemonicSweaters.
In terms of other tech included, there’s a USB port to hook it up straight to your computer.
You can hook up a sustain pedal and it also has USB MIDI connections which to me is huge because you can always use a VST to replace the sounds with numerous possibilities.
Another huge player in the keyboard game is Casio, and I remember having my first CAS keyboard when I started to walk.A This particular modelA has 88 keys that are weighted with hammer action technology. In terms of key quality, they are weighted hammer action (88 of them) so you’re getting pretty darn close to an acoustic piano.
It’s also great for beginners because of the Smart Chord tech, as well as the education suite they have included which helps break down songs into individual components.
Grab it if you’re looking for a nicer portable option as compared to the other cheaper models in the article.
It’s a bit up there in price, but if you want one of the best digital pianos out there in terms of overall build, sound quality and more, this is the model to grab.
This is the big Bertha of them all, and if you have the money and are looking to invest in a serious piece of equipment, grab it. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates on our latest reviews, guides, information and news! I think the digital pianos that you included in the guide are great options for someone who wants to learn how to play the piano, and even for more advanced pianists. Namm 2012 and the first Synth from Casio in 20 years – The CASIO XW-P1 to be available in March 2012 and yet another Casio Synth to follow in April the XW-G1.
The XW-P1 is a true performance synthesizer that allows users to create a wide array of sounds from many preset tones, including Solo Synthesizer, Hex Layer, and Drawbar Organ tones, as well as numerous types of internal PCM and Synth waves. It has a wide selection of preset tones ensures quick access in performances, 100 Solo Synthesizer presets that can reproduce vintage analog synthesizer sounds. You will find a total of 311 internal Synth waves reproduce vintage analog synthesizer sounds and a total of 2,158 PCM waves are built in, including wave data from the CZ series, Casio’s best-selling digital synthesizers of the 1980s.
For live performances you can assign performance setups for up to four designated keyboard zones by using the Performance function. The XW-G1 is a groove synthesizer equipped with a keyboard and loaded with the functions of the?various kinds of digital equipment used by club DJs, including the ability to create and play back a variety of rhythm patterns and musical phrases, all in a single unit. The Step Sequencer lets you create and play back a variety of rhythm patterns and there are a 100 different rhythm patterns available for playback in the preset sequences. The Phrase Sequencer lets you create and play back musical phrases that spice up DJ performances and 100 musical phrases can be readily played back using the preset phrases. You can choose from a wide variety of preset tones or internal PCM and Synth waves to create sounds and again portable MIDI devices or audio equipment can be placed on the designated rubber holding space – very useful.
Regrettably, their two new synths, the XW-G1 (for DJs!) and the XW-P1 were something of a disappointment based on our initial demonstrations. Interestingly, it uses DSP modeling technology from Waldorf (of Blofield, among others, fame). What is news, however, is the newest addition to their line-up, the soon to be released Pulse 2. This is a collection of 7 Windows based VSTs, 2 sound banks, and one Ableton instrument that are all either Casio emulators, sampled from, or Casio inspired. Here’s a 17mb soundpack from Seaweed Factory to be used in Ableton or anything really. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Some advantages include the incorporation of modern technologicalA features such as headphone inputs, adjustable sound levels, transposition operation, and can be hooked up straight to an amplifier without a microphone.
While we agree, there is a time for both types of pianos, and that all comes down to your A own taste. Digital pianos come in various key counts, as in how many keys attached to the piano itself. The traditional acoustic piano keys are weighted, but there are numerous other makes out there including semi-weighted and synth-action.

We’re talking piano stands, headphones, speaker systems (most have one built-in, albeit not too high of quality), sheet holder, etc. It’s one of the highest rated digital pianos on popular websites and for good reason. Lastly, it’s battery operated although you can use an AC power adapter, but that lets us know that you can travel with it (although pretty big since it has 88 keys).
Their name is synonymous with keyboards and pianos, and although they make only one appearance in this article, this is their best digital model by far.A The SP-170 has a very clean look and feel to it.
The keys are weighted, comes with the full 88 (hammer-action), and the keys are velocity-sensitive to give you a natural feel depending on how hard you hit the keys. The stereo\mono line inputs are great for hooking up to a separate speaker system (studio monitor for example), and you can also use a sustain pedal for an even more realistic sound and feel. This particular model is super portable as well as affordable.A What impresses us is the 600 total onboard sounds, 180 rhythms and you can also add some FX (reverb and chorus like the others).
It’s also great for beginners and the digital storage of notations make it a big plus. You missed Roland V-Piano, Roland RD-800, Kawai MP6 ,MP7, not budget pianos, but certainly four of the best digital pianos on the planet. I also think that there are more proficient pianos, but those are definitely for professionals. I teach in a music store where they are sold, and the sound is horrible, like bad samples from the 80s. The unit is also loaded with a full range of functions that are useful for live performances.
50 Hex Layer presets layer as many as six tones for ensemble sounds and 50 Drawbar Organ presets can reproduce traditional Drawbar Organ sounds. You can create integrated sounds by layering analog synthesizer waves and PCM waves and produce original Hex Layer sounds by combining as many as six preset tones. The Phrase Sequencer lets you create and play back musical phrases to enhance your performances.
There is also a very useful tray so that Portable audio equipment or MIDI devices can be placed on this designated rubber holding space, like an iPad. Users can enjoy playing an all-in-one instrument that enables control of cool sounds via sets of nine sliders, 16 Step Sequencer buttons and four assignable knobs arranged on the left side of the top panel. Also, up to 100 musical phrases spontaneously played on the keyboard can be stored in memory as user phrases. Sounds performed on the synthesizer as well as sounds input from external source can be sampled and played back in loops of up to 19 seconds long, allowing overdubbing. It's certainly a neat idea — the knobs are flat so they don't rise above the pads, making the thing easier to transport, but it remains to be seen if the $600 price will be justified.
Picture an iPad case, with the iPad living in the top section, and MPC pads housed in the bottom. Our only complaint is that it seems that they took the analog approach a bit too far: there are no presets for quick sound recall! We could still be proven wrong after people spend some more time on sound design, but based on our initial reaction, we don't think this will prove to be the comeback that Casio is hoping for in the synth world. The shape is designed to be much nicer to make music with than a traditional computer, utilizing both knobs and touchscreens that are laid out in a producer friendly design. Besides the classic analogue synthesizer waveforms, a complete set of Wavetables, derived from the PPG Wave, are also included.
If you know anything about Waldorf, you know that the Pulse was a beast of an analog synth that dominated electronic recordings in the 90's. I’ve posted all the different CZ plugins because each has their own character and sounds.
If you’re unaware, a digital piano gives you a different sound as well as feel when compared to a traditional piano. Let alone the others who prefer a real synthesizer, these can be very powerful pieces of machinery.
The higher in price you go, the more advanced features are included and most importantly, the nicer the overall piano is (in terms of build, key-make, and the like). Aside from these weighted-types, A you have some fancy tech words companies use to make the keys sound as realistic as possible. If not, there’s still the beloved headphone output (something I absolutely love) in case you need to keep it quiet or want some privacy. Here’s a demo video showing the sounds of the Williams Legato to give you a better feel.
If you can afford this, you grabbing one of the highest quality digital pianos out there in the market. We’ve heard some people nit-pick about the volume and how hard you hit the keys, but you have to remember that this is a lot cheaper in price than other digital pianos out there for a reason.
A solid piano with a lot of positive reviews, so you’re able to trust that others have approved.

The placement of power buttons allows them to be turned off accidentally and easily, and the keys break easily or fall out.
Weighing only 5.4 kilograms and with a slimly designed body, the XW-P1 can be powered with dry cell batteries, making it possible to be played in a wide range of live settings—from the stage to the street.
There are a total of 420 PCM Melody and PCM Drum presets have been produced from samples of various instrument sounds including pianos, guitars, and drums. The Step Sequencer allows you to create and play back a variety of rhythm patterns and the Arpeggio function can automatically play arpeggios just by pressing keys.
You can improvise using the set of 16 buttons while playing back rhythm patterns and 99 multiple rhythm patterns can be connected in a sequence and played as loops using the Chains function.
The quality is definitely a step up from their recent controllers, featuring real MPC pads and a nice big screen, but we won't know just how great it really is until we get to see it in action with the software. While we love the sound of analog, we also want the ease of use of modern technology, and it was strange to see Arturia go so completely old school on this one.
Because there is essentially a computer buried inside, you can load any VST software into it. We found it interesting that he's using what appears to be additive synthesis as an oscillator source.
Lots of hands on controls (including 32 pots!) should make this an interesting synth, though some might object to its startling yellow color. This fully analog recreation uses three analog oscillators in combination with an analog cascading filter to deliver the goods. There’s also a rar file of all the plugins and sample packs together at the bottom of the post! There's also Multi-sampled Casio MT-540 Vibraphone soundFont file which I would like to introduce. You can also go a bit lower with 76 or 61 keys if you want a small piano or perhaps don’t need the full 88.
In terms of highlights, you’re getting sounds sampled from the famous CFIII concert grand Yamaha piano.
It’s sampled from a concert piano grand but the other voices include a harpsichord, organs, strings, etc. You also get audio inputs for MP3 players, a USB port for MIDI, as well as battery-powered option for super convenient traveling and playing. 420 preset tones including Solo Synthesizer and PCM tones can be quickly accessed in keyboard performances and the Arpeggio function can automatically play arpeggios just by pressing keys. An early demo looked quite promising, and we're very excited to get our hands on a review unit when it's released later this year. To be honest, we see this as (most likely) being the biggest hit for Akai of all their new MPC machines because of the price and portability. There is also a controller-only option that controls your computer from the hardware, which also looked cool. Overall, Blade looks great for creating organic sounds that mutate over time, as well as wobble type basses and synths.
Throw a black Korg workstation and red Nord synth on stage and you’ve got one horrible ‘80s color explosion!
We spoke to them at length about getting our hands on this when it's released later this year. You also get a lot more advanced features included in the model depending on which one you buy.
There’s also a built-in duet partner which is great for learning or opening up to different types of playing styles (states ten available). Especially if you’re starting to learn, we insist you start with the legitimate amount of keys. Also noted are the drum patterns you can use to play as opposed to a traditional metronome if you want a different spin on your jamming.
You can also add some reverb and chorus effects (I’m guilty of always add reverb to my sounds, not sure why exactly, just like the sound). You can also use the same split mode tech as the Legato to have different sounds for each hand. If you’re looking for some of the best digital piano models in the market, we found the top 10 worth looking at.
There’s a higher version you may want to look at, albeit more expensive, that comes with a stand and the full 88 keys.

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