The lightweight and affordable CDP-220r is an advance on its younger cousin the CDP-120 in terms of sound quality (it has a higher note polyphony) and number of sounds available.
People who tend to buy pianos like the Casio CDP-220r are usually beginners or those who don’t have a great deal of space to put a larger instrument.  It’s a widely recommended instrument in the digital piano fraternity although for those wishing to pursue learning the piano further, the CDP-220r inhibits this slightly as there is only 1 “jack” entry for the sustain pedal and hence you can’t add a damper pedal too.  For many pianists, the sound of Old MacDonald to a reggae beat more than makes up for this! Those who are considering purchasing the CDP-220r might also consider the Casio CDP 120 or Casio PX 130, the Yamaha P95 or the Korg SP170.

Like its more junior family member it offers the beginner, those with space requirements or those on a tight budget a good digital piano at a great price.
For this price, there is nothing in comparison in terms of features offered along with the quality of the sound.

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