One weekend I was at my parents house passing time, no one was home, and the internet was on the fritz…again. Harpischord: Whenever I hear this I think silent movies or a joke or even the Addams Family. You are also able to play two sounds at the same time when you press both of the buttons of the sounds you want to hear at the same time.
Touch Response: From the low two octave C to D# activates how sensitive¬† you want the keys to be to your playing. Tune Function: From F to F# can fine tune your keyboard to adjust to other musical instruments you may be playing with. Reverb Function: From C to A# adds a longer duration of reverb to notes without the damper pedal. Local Control: A to A# controls whether you want the Digital Piano to sounds notes on the keyboard when exchanging date with the computer. PROS: The Casio CDP-120 is compact, light (25lbs-ish), sounds and feels like a real piano, and there is no need for tuning!…Ever! To circumvent the damper pedal issue, I received the Casio SP-20 Piano Style Sustain Pedal as a gift to use as a more traditional style damper pedal. Does this have two-track recording like the Williams Allegro 88-key and overture 88-key keyboards do?
Unfortunately I do not know if there is two-track recording on the Casio CDP-120, but if anyone out there in World Wide Web can answer this question for Chris that would be helpful! I’m definitely going to be checking out all the digital piano vendors at NAMM in January … Sunday floor deals, baybee! There might be some free simple DAW software programs out there that are not too complicated, and I think Pro tools might have a lite version. I just bought this piano and I feel the speakers are really puny, so much so that i think maybe my one has a problem.
I haven’t found the internal speakers to be too quiet, however, I hardly ever use them.

I have an old casio keyboard that is not being recognized by learn to play computer software. The Casio CTK-401 electronic keyboard is a multi-functional musical instrument with a 100-song bank and multiple tones, rhythms and tempos. Having grown up with a piano I like the solid feel of the keys beneath my fingers, not the airy feel that keyboard keys tend to give. Ugh!¬† That pushed the time back for my new toy very close to closing time for Guitar Center if I didn’t like the used one. You can play as loud as you want (with headphones) and not bother your house mates or neighbors.
It looks and feels more like a real damper pedal from a piano than the blocky one that comes standard with the keyboard.
Couldn’t have gotten going without finding an affordable weighted keyboard to practice on. In relation to the recording comment (and headphone jack), if you’re that worried about the sound quality via the headphone jack, why would you bother using the on-board sounds for recording anyway? However, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to send the computer sound back into the Piano speakers.
While it is decent as a digital piano by itself, it is much more when connected to a computer and the right software and good speakers. I have not hooked it up to a computer so did not have the experience to say anything myself. With the volume all the way up it’s still just about normal, not at all loud in any way. I primarily use my CDP-120 as a MIDI controller and stage piano (plugged into an amp or PA).
Obviously I am on a strict budget so I decided to check out the low end Casio CDP 100 Digital Piano. It is a beautiful, full sound.  You can go back to single mode by just pressing one sound button.

I know that’s asking a lot, but my Privia, which is the next cheapest model that has them, was more expensive and comes with a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. When connected to Synthogy Ivory, Steinway, man does it sound and truly feel like a real and large grand piano! All the reviews that I did read from other musicians and pianists said that it was a really good piano keyboard for the price.
The trick was finding one or two that aren’t workstations, big and heavy digital pianos, or soundless midi controllers for less than $650.
For whatever reason, I can only hear sound into the Piano speakers if I push it in half way or attaching a separate speaker to the mac.
Keep the rhythm and song bank lists handy while playing if you want to change these features.
Some of the new functions of the keyboard are for when it is connected to the computer: Keyboard Channel and Local Function. After playing that a while the Casio’s own sound with its little speakers really starts to feel puny and sick and lacking the sound nuances Ivory has.
I found this unit on Muscian’s Friend on sale for the holidays for less than second hand units on craigslist. And with the right digital audio workstation software, like Mixcraft, and VSTs (virtual studio technology instruments, many of which are free on the net) well, basically, you have the entire realm of all things music at your fingertips. For the midi to work on windows 7 do I need to download drivers or can I just use any USB cord to the computer and it will recognize the keyboard.. I guess I’m getting off topic, but, getting this keyboard prompted me to become aware of what it can enable a computer to do.

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