Nine years after James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) fails to stop Russian General Arkady Ourumov from murdering his partner, Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean), Bond gets a second chance at revenge. To a pretty great and fairly capable Bond girl in Natalya Fyodorovna Simonova (they say her full name at least 5 times in this flick, for some reason).
Sadly, Pierce Brosnan doesn’t seem entirely comfortable in the role of James Bond in his first outing. Movieboozer is a humor website and drinking games are intended for entertainment purposes only, please drink responsibly. Each player on the hockey table is controlled by a different note on the keyboard – when you press a key on the keyboard, the hockey player is activates and shoots, much like the arcade hockey games where you turn a handle to spin a player. When you’re creating a synth sound in your home studio, laying down tracks can be tough to do. Cocky Eek’s Tactile Research Lab has created an art-installation-meets-musical-instrument-meets-organic-weirdness. In the 17th article of our series, we initiated you to sample-based synthesis and wavetables. The sound of the keyboard itself is fine, but I'm mainly interested in using it as a midi-controller keyboard. If you use a good set of samples, that is, actual sounds that have been recorded from instruments and can be manipulated to whatever pitch, loudness, or length is needed, then your finished midi rendering will sound great and very realistic. Then I click on the track I just imported to open the soundfont properties, and open up this beautiful piano soundfont, which I found after a few hours of thorough Google-searching.
UPDATE: I don't often record in midi format anymore, as I just send the line-out jack from my Casio Privia PX-330 into the microphone jack in my laptop. The action, the intrigue, the inherent coolness and silliness of Bond fascinated me as a child and kept me glued to the screen. General Ourumov steals a top-secret EMP weapon codenamed GoldenEye with the help of a shadowy criminal mastermind known only as Janus and they have a plan to steal untold millions and destroy England’s entire economy. Bond movies don’t usually have a great track record with Bond girls, as they tend to be either damsels in distress or women in refrigerators.

The pre-credits sequence is a little dated in terms of the visuals, but seeing Bond drive a motorcycle off a cliff, jump off the bike and skydive into an airplane is still balls-out fun.
The iconic Bond theme is definitely not as present as it should be, and much of the music is otherwise unmemorable. Released earlier this year, the small box is designed to replicate the sound of vintage string machines. This ingenious crazy looking device is a hockey game that is controlled by a Casio Sk1 keyboard. If your set of samples is basic and consists of mostly synthesized (generated by a computer instead of recorded from real instruments) sounds, it won't sound nearly as realistic. I record midi to my computer using a free program called MidiSwing, but only because I can't figure out how to get the next program I'm going to mention to recognize my keyboard. The samples on my new keyboard are already so amazing that I don't feel the need to supplement them with soundfonts. When I heard a new James Bond film was coming out called GoldenEye, I was so excited to see my first Bond movie on the big screen.
Here, though, while Natalya often does need saving, she also pulls her own weight; whether it’s helping Bond in a fight against Xenia, reprogramming the GoldenEye satellite so it burns up during reentry, or even commandeering a helicopter to save Bond, she does a lot of things that impact the outcome of this film in a positive way. Though it is a fairly small role, he brings a lot of gravitas to his performance as an MI-6 agent with a secret.
Then there’s the epic tank chase through the streets of Russia, where James absolutely DGAF what he plows into or destroys. In the first hour of the movie, Bond’s dialogue mostly consists of half-assed quips made to no one in particular. In fact, this film even has one of the worst music selections I’ve ever seen in a Bond film. It has some silly moments, an overly complicated plot, and not much character development to chew on, but aren’t these pretty much the hallmarks of any Bond film? I didn't care about weighted keys (to make them feel like acoustic piano keys when pressed) or about a full set of 88 keys (7 octaves), because I never use the highest and lowest octaves anyway.

This basically means I use a USB cable to send a set of instructions (kind of like sheet music) to my computer, telling it when to play what notes, how loud or soft, how long, etc.
Soundfonts give us many ways to listen to the same underlying information, the midi performance data.
The method described in this article still works great though if you want to improve a cheaper keyboard's piano samples! To say I loved it would be an understatement, and Pierce Brosnan immediately became “my” Bond.
Also, there’s an evil henchhottie (Famke Janssen) who derives sexual pleasure from murdering people. Robbie Coltrane has a great cameo as an ex-KGB agent Bond forms a temporary alliance with in order to find the bad guy. Finally, the final fight set on the underground satellite lets Bond dish it out (see what I did there?) one-on-one and reminds us that James is the best at everything.
I don’t think he really says anything of substance besides jokes, innuendos, or reactions to other people until about halfway through the film. This is a versatile format that is pretty much only limited by the set of samples that are used to render the final sound file. His two scenes with Bond are short but definitely contain the funniest dialogue in the flick. Pierce seems to have to rely mostly on the history of Bond as portrayed by other actors in other films as the script doesn’t have much for him to grasp onto and isn’t very interesting from a character standpoint until late into the second act. So, with the announcement of a new James Bond film coming out next year, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to go back and rewatch this movie that I loved so much as a kid to see if it still holds up almost 20 years later.
Her scenes always made me feel a weird mix of arousal and repulsion as a 13-year-old and they still do today.

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