Casio G’zOne Brigade, sesuai motonya ini memang bukan ponsel biasa karena selain ponsel ini cukup tangguh, ponsel ini juga pintar dan berbeda.
Berbicara mengenai ketangguhannya, G’zOne Brigade adalah ponsel yang tahan air (water resistant) dan tahan banting (shockproof). Memang bukan hal baru sih tetapi pernahkan anda lihat ponsel QWERTY dengan layar lebar 2,9 inch yang tangguh?
Kalau di luar negeri sana banyak sistim kontrak, maksudnya beli ponselnya jadi murah tetapi kita harus pakai pulsa minimal jumlah tertentu selama 1 tahun atau lebih. Q: My Casio G'zOne Brigade phone resets (shuts off and then turns back on) when I am sending a TXT message when another TXT message is coming in.

The Casio G’zOne Brigade is it is a sideways clamshell, also another new rugged  push to talk phone like the Samsung convoy coming to Verizon soon. I was hoping to get it by January 20th, but there hasn’t been any news about this since November- what’s up with that?
Sadly, verizon doesn’t offer the release date and price for the Brigade, but verizon said it will be on sale in time for the holidays. The new rebate forms drop on the 16th and it has the Brigade posted squarely under its non-qwerty pad having brother, the Rock, with the same $50 MIR tag attached. There are many people interested in this phone, enough I belive that they cant really abandon it.

Another thing there seems to be alot of secrecy im noticing when asking verizon officals about this phone or any phone for that matter that hasent been released yet.

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