Casio CTK900 Touch Sensitive GM KeyboardCasio's newest portables utilize the high performance Zpi sound source to deliver the most realistic piano, organ, and synth sounds, plus a huge library of built-in tones, rhythms, and DSP settings. Casio CTK-90Features- With a advanced backlit LCD, see everything that is happening when you are play the CTK-900.
These powerful instruments feature an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus powerful built-in speakers to take your performance to the next level. The Casio CTK-900 makes it possible to produce very special sound creations -- with 824 tones, 176 rhythms and 242 digital effects. There are many possiblities to tweak the sound and add effects (which sound great for this cheapr keyboard).

If you're a beginniner, it may be a little confusing at first, but as long as you're dedicated you can easily get this keyboard to make practically any sounds you want. The CTK-900 also has FLASH ROM to expand sounds, rhythms and to download songs from the internet, an SMF Player to play the downloaded songs. Using this software, new tones, tones with wave data, drum sets with wave data, rhythms, standard MIDI files, songs registrations and DSP settings can be loaded onto a PC, edited and eventually loaded directly into the keyboard.
The speakers that it comes with are plent for just practice play, but it's easy to connect to a amplifier for more volume. If you are looking to synthesize any sounds, you can do so digitally on this keyboard with ease.

This keyboard is made of hard plastics, but it's durable enough where if it falls over it wont break easily.
It also includes a Internet Data Expansion System that lets you download new sounds, patterns, songs and keyboard settings over MIDI from the Casio music site.

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