The AP-700, like the GP-300 and the GP-500, is equipped with the new AiR Grand Sound Source and stands out with many innovations in the areas of sound, acoustics and effects. The Celviano line of pianos has been refined for those who demand an authentic grand piano experience.
The AP-420 features a total of 16 built-in tones, with the ability to layer two sounds or split the keyboard to allow a bass sound in the left hand. Registration MemoryFaster access: You can file up to 96 set-ups (8 x 12 spaces) in the registration memory. Two Piano Setting KeysPiano sound tailored to your own taste: The piano setting key switches to grand piano sound at the touch of a button.
High-Quality DSP EffectsThe digitally reproduces the high-quality sound of a top concert grand piano complete with first-class reverb effects. 88 KeysThe scaled hammer-action with 88 touch response weighted keys are based on the grand piano keyboard and make for an authentic playing feel. Ivory Touch KeyboardBoth an audible and visual delight: The refined, matt keys with ivory touch not only look sophisticated and high quality, but provide a comfortable playing surface and additional stability to prevent your fingers from sliding. Duet FunctionIdeal for lessons: the new duet functions allows teachers and pupils to play parallel to each other.
PANEL-LockSafe: With the PANEL-Lock function, the control panel is protected from unintentional moves while playing. Stereo LINE OUTThe Stereo LINE OUT of your digital piano provides a connection for full sound experiences. SD Card SlotThe innovative SD memory medium offers a simple but limitless way to expand the internal song memory. Sign up to receive the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners.

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Note: Although the IRS sets guidelines for FSA programs, individual employers have the final determination of which expenses are covered by their FSA programs. The estimated delivery time will be approximately 4 - 10 business days from the time of order. For more information about this product or for replacement parts, call the Casio Customer Service Centre at 1-800-370-9083. If you are shipping this item to a participating province, a waste recycling fee will apply to your order at checkout. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. New CELVIANO GP-500BP and GP-300BK, developed in Collaboration with World-Class Piano Maker, C.
Casio’s new AiR Grand Sound Source faithfully recreates the complex, multi-faceted sound of an acoustic piano. Furthermore, the GP-500BP and GP-300 feature a Grand Acoustic System that faithfully represents the sound of a grand piano as it emanates from above and below the soundboard. The successor model of the AP-650M is ideally suited for ambitious hobby musicians who are searching for that special something in their playing. Its built-in SD card slot allows you to load and save song files and the dual 20W speaker system delivers a sound that will resonate through your home. Complex stereo recordings from a top-quality concert piano (samples) with four dynamic levels provide a particularly authentic sound and allow you to play across various intermediate stages from piano to forte without any sound discolouration or audible leaps. The expansion of the range of voices has made interpreting complex works a true pleasure and lets you play sweeping chords and make extensive use of the damper pedal.

A third sensor in the keyboard allows players to use particularly fast techniques without the notes sounding unnaturally cut off. Designed to combine the advantages of digital technology with the traditional sound and feel of acoustic pianos, the new Grand Hybrid pianos deliver an experience like that of a grand piano including the tones, keys, and playing comfort. Every aspect, including sympathetic string resonance, damper resonance, key-off response, and mechanical sound has been reproduced.
The multi-channel amplification system creates an immersive sound field like that of a 9-foot concert grand for both the player and audience.
Bechstein grand pianos, with a new unique mechanism developed by Casio that delivers authentic grand piano hammer movement.
A special Headphone mode is even included to produce an ideal stereo image while playing or practicing quietly. Several preset configurations of these pianos are included, along with other essential instruments. This has a dramatic impact on the Grand Hybrid’s tactile response, and thus enables the pianist to play in a completely natural way. Their most subtle playing nuances are flawlessly translated to beautiful sound, with reliable key response and a familiar, uncompromised touch. As a result, these new models have moved beyond the realm of conventional digital pianos, demonstrating a commitment to nuanced sound creation.

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