Casio PX120 Privia Hammer-ActionWouldn't it be nice to turn up at your next gig, recital or private lesson with a full-sized Grand Piano?
While there are plenty of compact digital keyboards out there, the PX120 was designed to do one thing, and to do it better than any other keyboard in its price range: recreate the sophisticated and breathtaking sound of a grand piano down to the tiniest nuance.
Paired with an optional piano-style sustain pedal, the Privia's Acoustic Resonance System adds another layer of realism to the digital piano's sound. All these sounds are recreated in full, detailed fidelity thanks to the Casio PX120's integrated, 2-way bass reflex speaker system.
The PX120 sports a few nifty features that make it an excellent instrument for instruction. For the complete Privia package, add the handsome CS65 stand, made especially for the PX120. With all these advanced features, it's easy to see how the Casio PX120 Privia would appeal to touring pianists, private instructors, piano students, church musicians or anyone else who loves the sound of the grand piano but doesn't have the spare concert hall to store it.
Casio PX120 Privia Hammer-ActionThe Casio PX120 offers authentic piano playability in a compact, lightweight and slim design that can fit in just about anywhere. A new AIF Sound Source delivers all the sound quality and playability of a fine grand piano.
A Tri-element system uses three different waveforms of each note, which makes it possible to produce realistic sounds in response to different key pressures. The Privia is also capable of 128-note polyphony, which means that notes reverberate naturally without being cut off during high-speed passages and pieces that require intensive damper pedal operations. You can't beat the price of this Digital Piano and it has to be one of, if not, the best in it's price range.
The look of this piano may not be as "fancy" as some would like, but it's general, easy, nice & to the point.
I mostly use this as a controller for a couple of sound modules but it is SUCH a nice feature to have GREAT onboard sound AND speakers, especially for day-to-day practice or jamming with friends. I only wish the included damper pedal was higher quality but I picked up a regular old pedal from a music store for thirty bucks. It sure would sound and look pretty fantastic, only thing is--and I'm sure this has crossed your mind already--they're rather large and heavy!
When you play a digital piano with limited polyphonic ability, you'll see why high polyphony matters: play more notes than the keyboard's processors can handle and some notes will be cut off or not sound at all.

These powerful, yet musical speakers will have you feeling as well as hearing the impact of the lavish Privia grand piano sound. In particular, the "Duet Mode" is an invaluable tool: by splitting the keyboard down the middle, the PX120 Privia allows two people to play on different sides of the piano, but in the same note-range. Not only does it look good in any setting, but the CS65 is a far more stable stand than any cross-style support you'd get from a third party manufacturer. With the Privia's amazing sound and incredible feel, weight and back pain are all you'll be giving up. The stereo sampled Tri-element AIF Sound Source delivers outstanding piano sound and expression.
High-precision stereo sampling of a grand piano combines with an original new filter system to produce sounds that modulate naturally from the moment a key is pressed until the note decays.
In addition, an original AIF Sound Source system communicates each delicate nuance to the sound source so everything from pianissimos to fortissimos is reproduced with the same richness of expression as an acoustic grand.
You can turn off the left hand part or right part during playback of a Music Library tune, and play along with the remaining part.
Just plug it in and the speakers are more than adequate to accompany an acoustic guitar or two, for example. I love this instrument for not having features that I don't use - it is lightweight, has midi outs, a few quality onboard sounds, and a great feeling keyboard - that's exactly what I wanted and why pay for more? For anything fancy, just push the function button and press the appropriate key on the keyboard - clearly labeled - and you're good to go. Great for practice, for one thing, and I use it to gig (in combination with my sound modules) because the action is so great. Say goodbye to lugging around giant keyboards just to get the couple of quality sounds on each.
Three different samples were taken for each note on the piano, so that the tone of the piano changes as you strike the velocity-sensitive keys harder or softer. It's a subtle effect, yet it contributes tremendously to the uncannily organic nature of the piano, making the Privia more satisfying to play, and listen to, than its competition. You'll be able to figuratively bring the house down without having to worry about literally rocking your Privia off its feet.
The acoustic resonance system reproduces the resonant effect of a grand piano damper pedal for more realistic piano performances.

The songs built in to this piano are definitely great for the classical pianist and fan of classical music. In fact, I often use the acoustic piano sound gigging, it might even be better than the Yamaha P120, and certainly much better than anything else at this price.
The acoustic and electric piano sounds are both far better than you'd expect at this price.
Still, if only there was a way to bring that huge, reverberant sound with you wherever your playing took you. In other words, the Privia can produce more notes than there are keys on its keyboard, so inadvertently cut-off and muted sounds will never be a problem.
The Privia also features two headphone outputs for teacher and student, and optional "lock" mode shuts off the non-key controls, protecting the piano from operator error. A combination of a new keyboard action and a powerful new sound engine provide a new level of detail, nuance and expression for a superior grand piano experience in the lightweight and stylish design that Privia is known for. The massive size of a grand piano is what gives the instrument its uniquely impressive tone, and the AIF captures every nuance of a sonic impulse being magnified and sounded by a perfectly tuned acoustic chamber. No student should learn without a metronome, and the PX120 has a variable tempo metronome onboard. I doesn't weigh much but it's sturdy, and for the action on this thing alone it is worth the cost.
These processes combine to make the Casio PX120 as responsive an instrument as any real piano, reacting instantly to your every musical expression. This amazing piano accurately recreates the massive sound and, with its 88 full-sized and weighted keys, the real feel of an acoustic grand, but its slim design and light weight make it the perfect portable piano solution! Whether you're a gigging musician, piano teacher or student, the PX120 Privia lets you experience the thrill of playing a real grand piano!

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