Fracking wells can be located near homes, schools, and other places that are normally located away from industrial businesses. State and local noise regulations restrict the amount of noise, the duration of noise and the source of noise for fracking companies. New oil and gas wells have turned millions of people into the petroleum industrya€™s neighbors.While many welcome the oil and gas companies who come bearing checks for temporarily leasing their land, others do not. Fracking technology has existed since 1947, but it mushroomed in the late 1980s when companies began to combine it with horizontal drilling to magnify productivity.
The natural gas contained in the shale formations represents a huge storehouse of America's cleanest fossil fuel. Many people are not aware of it or even think about it, but noise affects us without our being consciously aware of it. The noise problems of the past pale in significance when compared with those experienced by modern city dwellers; noise pollution continues to grow in extent, frequency, and severity as a result of population growth, urbanization, and technological developments. Whether you make the noise or not, the reality is second-hand noise is everywhere these days. University of Washington Earth and Space Sciences Professor John Vidale says that the school's seismometer, located not far from the stadium, detected seismic activity five separate times during the Seahawks latest win over New Orleans. Rock Concert Speakers - A 400,000 Watt rock concert or a similar set of speakers mounted in a vehicle can reach ear-splitting decibel levels of 135-145 decibel sound waves. NHRA Dragsters - Sitting next to a dragster as it fires up its engines and screams down the raceway can be more than just loud; it can be damaging to your entire body. One Ton TNT Bomg - Standing as close as 250 feet away from the impact, the resulting explosion from a 1 ton bomb creates a decibel count of 210.
Fireworks - Though not typically heard up close by most people, fireworks are still explosions and are very loud, even though they are not typically loud from far away. Call of the Blue Whale - While most people won't hear this sound in real time, blue whales mostly emit very loud, highly structured, repetitive low-frequency rumbling sounds that can travel for many miles underwater. Gunfire - Gunfire for anyone unfortunate enough to be standing near it can be quite damaging to the ears registering at approximately 145-155 decibels. Space Shuttle Launch - When the rockets fire, it is not only wise, but in fact, it is fully enforced that you stand at least a half-mile away.
Deborah Marcus gently sways with the music as she sits at the grand piano in her San Luis Obispo living room and plays.
Both residents work from home: Marcus as a piano instructor and Chester as an Internet developer.
Ultimately the fight led to the citya€™s revocation of the permit Marcus needs to teach piano lessons from her home. There is only one other permit issued for residential piano lessons in the city, and it has been held since 1999, said Brian Leveille, associate planner. Both Marcus and Chester pleaded their cases before the citya€™s Planning Commission in December, which led to a 5-1 vote in support of revoking Marcusa€™ permit to give piano lessons from her home. Chester argues that the a€?continuous cacophony of noise being produced by the grand piano on the other side of the common wall Mrs. Hea€™s made multiple short video clips a€” which he titled a€?piano pollutiona€? a€” from his home to prove his point. He also alleges that the continual coming and going of cars as students arrive and are picked up has proved to be a problem in their shared driveway and the nearby, narrow street.
Marcus says she has done everything she can to accommodate those concerns a€” including asking her clients to park in a specific location directly in front of her garage.
She claims that the cost of soundproofing her home, such as building an acoustical wall, is not feasible.
Marcus is now offering to discontinue her use of the grand piano and use an upright piano on which to teach her students.
Founded in 1869 by District Attorney Walter Murray in what is now Mission Plaza, The Tribune is the oldest continuously operating business in the city of San Luis Obispo and one of the oldest enterprises in San Luis Obispo County. There are no specific noise standards, criteria or assessment methodologies which cover this type of noise complaint. An expansion is an assembly designed to safely absorb the heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, to absorb vibration, to hold parts together, or to allow movement due to ground settlement or earthquakes. Noise events due to vehicles passing over bridge expansion joints occur when vehicle tires strike the rectangular face of the expansion joint units and traverse the discontinuous surface profile.
In addition, bridge joints wear out and come loose creating an uneven surface (see photo to the right). Loud and constant bridge joint noise or secondary noises like the jostling of trailers on tractors, is an annoyance for people living near the bridge.
The numbering, so conspicuously referenced, in James Barron’s The Making of a Steinway Concert Grand(book and documentary) equally applies to my own assortment of pianos. Fast forward to the latest piano shuffle in Bezerkeley, a sized-down space, that forced two acoustics out the door–one on loan to a piano teacher in Fresno. Well, it was better than relocating an electronic to the bathroom, if you consider the economy-sized layout of my digs.
Concert pianist and piano teacher Jeannette Owens established herself as a musician of international reputation after making her concerto debut at the age of eleven.
She has been the winner of numerous National and International Competitions including the International Piano Recording Competition and has received many scholarships and awards.
Jeannette has toured extensively to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, South America and Australia with her solo recitals and lecture recitals and has played with many orchestras such as London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Currently Jeannette travels much less and spends most of her time teaching at her home in the New Forest, adjudicating music festivals and examining for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.
Often contemplative, lyrical pieces like lullabies, are bigger challenges to play than lightning bolt fast and furious etudes, final sonata movements etc. In the videos below I divide Schumann’s masterwork into three parts, and consider fingerings, keys, harmonic surprises, inner voices and much more.

Such delightful music sprang from an inspired little Mozart who at age 6, composed this Minuet in F.
A musical gem that’s intrinsically vocal, requires the player to phrase lyrically, enlist dynamic contrasts and be aware of harmonic rhythm. At these junctures and others, the flexible wrist helps to nurture the unexpected–to taper, shape, and sculpt lines. If I were purist and dismissed all my students who had electronics, I’d be catapulted into bankruptcy. In all candor, I use my Yamaha Arius 141 as my back-up to two closely-spaced Steinway pianos that eat up most of my living area. Still, I would rather sleep under the piano, than have it replaced with a fancy, free-standing digital console, even a pricey, glitzy one that’s advertised as a real piano equivalent plus! To wit, the popularity of digitals is revealed in the following You Tube I posted about two years ago comparing Roland to Yamaha.
If so, there’s a shred of hope about the future of acoustic pianos, notwithstanding news of the Steinway and Sons sale. The challenge is to play defined bursts of sFz’s (sudden accents) followed by light staccato notes without losing control. If one can breathe through phrases, and think slowly while playing at brisk tempo it helps. Many of the great pianists perform the piece so quickly that the staccato notes between the sudden accents are completely lost. In my instruction, I open with a conservative tempo, followed by baby steps that help learners navigate through the mine field.
Being a child of the Bronx and Manhattan, my emigration to California over three decades ago, definitely came with culture shock, but my most recent relocation to the East Bay (Berkeley aka “Bezerkeley”) fleshed out stark bi-coastal differences in social environment and interpersonal communications that are worth screaming about! East Bay–No phone number unless you OCCUPY the bank, post office, street corner, or even Trader Joe when it refuses to take Fiji Water off the shelf. NYC- The subways are a miraculous social network–Getting lost is the best thing that can happen. At my aunt’s Memorial, I had a reunion with my Performing Arts High math teacher, and she brought along a friend. East Bay: Your eating companion, who turns up 9 months after a hypothetical dinner outing, brings a calculator to the Bengali restaurant to evenly divide the tab. With her signature BEZERKELY AGENDA, she mega-NETWORKS the whole time, collating foot massage flyers for you to post around the neighborhood. NYC: On that note, performing opportunities may be sparse but no one will ask you to play Chopin and Mozart for free amidst clanging silverware, a drone of meaningless, high-decibel banter, and Atheism forever toasts!
NYC: Going to the airport for California departure brings good wishes from elevator friends, the doorman and street cleaner.
And as I perused various Dance, Music and Drama Programs, I looked for names that might be in bright lights in each field. The video elaborates, beginning with a C Major scale warm-up that preps for two-note slurs that permeate the composition. Locating piano teachers in the Los Angeles area can be very difficult, and making sure that you have the right piano teacher can be even harder. Within this Piano Teacher Directory, you will find the names and phone numbers of many piano teachers offering private piano lessons in the Los Angeles area. It's expected to continue for decades and natural gas is expected to replace coal as the largest source of U.S. Many people think the operation is noisy, disruptive and risky to human health and the environment despite the financial benefits. In the last 15 years, a frenzy of drilling has taken place in the Western states a€“ involving tens of thousands of individual wells (for example, 30,000 in the State of Colorado alone). The Potential Gas Committee, a non-profit group of natural gas experts, forecasts that this resource base contains 1,836 Tcf of gas. It is imposed on us without our consent, often against our wills, and at times, places, and volumes over which we have no control. We can shut our eyes to exclude unwanted or potentially harmful visual images, but try shutting your ears voluntarily to exclude unwanted noise. In the 21st Century, we have little choice when it comes to noise and experiencing the man-made infestation of environmental noise from which there is virtually no escape, no matter where we are a€“ in our homes and yards, on our streets, in our cars, at theaters, restaurants, parks, arenas, and in other public places.
While your stadiums are known for loud fans and crowd antics, American football fans are out to top your noise records. The University of Washington seismology lab first recorded what is now called the "Beastquake" almost three years ago, when Marshawn Lynch completed a 67-yard touchdown run against the Saints. Any sound above 85 dB can cause hearing loss (the loss is related both to the power of the sound as well as the length of exposure). At the 155-160 Decibel range not only will it severely to permanently damage your hearing, but it also vibrates your vision and makes it temporarily difficult to swallow. Without sufficient hearing protection, not to mention a complete sound-resistant bunker surrounding you, you could quite literally die from the intense vibrations that would literally shake you apart. The sound heard from the sky is pretty loud, though not damaging, but at the bursting point the decibel levels reach a staggering 145-150.
These songs may be used for communicating with other blue whales, especially in order to attract and find mates.
For him, ita€™s a constant barrage of noise a€” an intrusion on what he considers an otherwise peaceful refuge.
They also have another thing in common: a shared dining room wall that connects their condominiums. Ita€™s gone from friendly exchanges over the backyard fence to hostile encounters in the street and terse letters written to city officials. She appealed the decision to the City Council, which will decide later this month who will win the battle.

The impulsive nature of the noise becomes more noticeable during the night when the overall noise environment is quieter. They are commonly found between sections of buildings, bridges, sidewalks, railway tracks, piping systems, ships, and other structures.
While there are many types of bridge joint systems in use today, they can be classified as either open or closed joint systems. When in your vehicle, you may hear a muffled noise, but those within earshot hear a much louder noise. It can also be induced by the unevenness of the surface of the expansion joint itself and of the road surface before and after the joint. This often jostles empty tractor trailers and creates an additional booming sound that can exceed 80 decibels. Yesterday, Steinway 1098, a bright-sounding studio upright made it’s maiden voyage to my apartment, displacing Yamaha Arius 141 that was shuttled off to the kitchen! Originally from Los Angeles, California, Jeannette moved to the UK in 1984 and continued her education at the Royal College of Music studying with Miles Coverdale, John Barstow, Frank Wibaut, and Maria Curcio.
On a lighter note, she also produced her own piano variety show which she performed on most of the world’s major cruise lines.
I doubt Schumann wanted the detached notes ignored, but a bedazzling tempo will certainly put a pianist to the test in realizing the composer’s every detail.
I stayed at my ex-roommate’s apartment on Central Park West and ended up stuffing three crinkled post-its into my pocket with names, addresses and phone numbers. No sooner than I offered my arm to her companion who was pushing 85, I found another pocket to squeeze in her contact information.
Downtown Berkeley has room for one more homeless person and a seat on the endless, friendless BART.
Some of the piano teachers' listings will also include detailed biographies, pictures, links to their personal websites, recordings of their piano music, and other information. Many municipalities where drilling is allowed are requiring the use of sound baffling materials around a well site. This, plus the proven reserves (238 Tcf ) identified by the US Department of Energy in 2007, means that the U.S. Movies such as Gasland, Gasland2, Promised Land, Down Deep and Unearthed have even brought each sidea€™s issues to the big screen and social media.
There is growing evidence that noise pollution is not merely an annoyance; like other forms of pollution, it has wide-ranging adverse health, social, and economic effects. Despite attempts to regulate it, noise pollution has become an unfortunate fact of life worldwide and it just seems to be getting worse. Our modern roadways (including road, rail, and air) and the products of modern power machinery and technology produce increasing levels of unwanted noise of varying types and intensities throughout the day and night that disturb sleep, detract from our ability to concentration, make us tired, increase anxiety and stress, and can raise blood pressure and cause headaches. During the NFL Monday Night Football game on December 2, 2013, Seattle Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Field not only broke the Guinness World Record for loudest outdoor stadium noise at 137.6 decibels during their game with the New Orleans Saints, they also set off seismometers five different times during the game. Unlike many other loud noises, the shuttle rocket sound is constant as it creates the thrust necessary to lift it from the ground. When travelling over bridge joints in a motorized vehicle, it creates a short noise impulse that can range from 70-105 decibels on a sound meter. One classic example is a relationship, easily characterized as neurotic that plays out with Kupfer and Pierre Laurent-Aimard.
The latter incensed Jakov Corsa, Facebook friend, who just purchased Arius 161, and considers it having altar status.
A friend spotted an ad for a Steinway upright in the FURNITURE section of the Fresno Bee classifieds.
In fact, getting lost in the maze of work-out rooms and machines is another valuable opportunity to make new friends. I just recovered mine among other memorabilia contained in a big cardboard box sent from New York City.
What makes it challenging are the variety of shapes within phrases—groupings of two notes, then longer ones, and a sloping effect in some places, and a tapering in others. To surrounding neighbors, some of those noises are irritating and offensive, but some of them are harmful. The Seattle Seahawks' fans have again set a noise record, taking back a mark they achieved earlier this season. A 10 decibel decrease in sound is perceived as half the amount of reduced sound to the human ear. You can also read about how most piano teachers receive their piano education and professional training. Fracking is also being done in other countries such as Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and others.
They recently completed a test of the new Bridge Joint Isolation Material (B-JIM) system at a bridge in Hillsborough County, Florida that was having bridge joint noise problems. Try transforming an acoustic piano into a 17th century artifact using more imagination than hands-on intervention, though in truth, Stefan has something up his sleeve that no other tech can dream up. The seller, a native Italian, planned relocation to the homeland and desperately needed to find a good home for her sweetheart. With Acoustiblok, that noise was reduced to 83 dBA, which is a 99% reduction in pressure and a 73% perceived reduction in sound.

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