One of the most interesting lectures I attended whilst studying at the Royal College of Music was a voluntary evening lecture given by the head piano tuner. The lecture began with a brief history of the piano, followed by a demonstration of a piano mechanism, and then some advice on buying used pianos. The soundboard is the piece of wood the piano strings are stretched across, behind the iron frame in the case of an upright piano, and under the iron frame in the case of a grand. If just one or two keys stick then this probably indicates that there is a fault with the key mechanism.
Thoroughly check the piano for woodworm (you will see many small holes about ½mm in diameter). Much as I love pianos I would have to say that in this day and age, if you have a severely limited budget, consider buying a second hand digital piano with weighted keys.
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The world renowned quality and longevity of Yamaha pianos has ensured that many Yamaha instruments are able to be sold as used Yamaha pianos, second-hand Yamaha pianos or ex-part exchange Yamaha pianos, for many years after their original purchase.  It is a well known fact that a Yamaha piano will last for decades!!
Unfortunately there can be used Yamaha pianos for sale that do not represent the original quality and standards that Yamaha applied when the pianos were manufactured. This entry was posted in Latest News, Piano Information and tagged used Yamaha piano, Yamaha piano, Yamaha pianos.
It is commonly agreed that buying a piano is a significant investment, and this applies to professional musicians, music teachers, or individuals who are just getting started as piano learners.
The first pianos date from the beginning of the seventeenth century, when they were first built in Italy. With very few exceptions, the keyboard of an upright piano will have 88 keys - 52 white and 36 black). Upright pianos can have their strings laid out in two patterns: straight-strung, if all the strings run vertically, or overstrung, if the strings have been fitted diagonally, forming an x shape. The soundboard is a large wooden piece which transforms the vibration of the strings into musical tones.
Although there is a wide range of upright pianos available in the market, most vertical pianos can be classified into four different types according to their size or dimensions.
On the other hand, consoles are considered a medium-sized upright piano, as their height normally ranges between 40 and 42 inches. Studio upright pianos can measure anything between 45 and 50 inches in height, and their larger dimensions allow for better design, and consequently, for better sound).
It is also possible to come across gig pianos (sometimes known as studio acoustical pianos). Some reputable upright piano manufacturers include Baldwin, Mason and Hamlin, Steinway, Decker Brothers, Knabe, Yamaha, Henry F. To sum up, a new piano is not always necessarily better than a used piano, as there are some excellent used upright pianos to be had.
Do give us a call for any of your used piano needs and arrange for a viewing at our showroom.
Do give us a call for any of your piano needs and we will help you to find a piano for you based on your requirements and budget. With one of the largest display of new and used Yamaha pianos in the country, Coach House Pianos are constantly updating our website with the finest quality pianos at the best prices!
Should you live far away please ask us for a video demo of one of our pianos and we can happily choose a piano for you. When buying a used Yamaha U1 or U3 upright piano it is vital to know as much about the piano as possible! Yamaha U1 pianos are a very hard wearing instrument, they’re commonly used in professional environments. When buying a Yamaha U1 Piano, We suggest comparing the instrument to a genuine Yamaha model as in most cases there is little difference with the price but a huge difference with the quality of the instrument. Our pianos whether they be fully factory restored by Yamaha, internally restored by ourselves or in original “honest” condition you can be sure that the parts used in the instrument will always be 100% genuine Yamaha! Did you know that Yamaha have their own dedicated factory to recondition their pre owned U1 piano models? As with a brand new U1 piano, these pianos come complete with a 5 year warranty and are sold through Coach House Pianos the UK’s premium Yamaha piano dealer! Each Yamaha reconditioned U1 piano comes complete with its own certificate of restoration authenticity for total peace of mind.
At Coach House we have a large selection of Certified Yamaha reconditioned pianos in our showrooms. All of our pianos are 100% genuine with the guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your piano for decades to come!

Simply put, that ?200 piano you saw in Gumtree will definitely cost you more than ?200 but it may well be worth it. Hopefully that helps you on your journey of piano lessons and buying a piano – if so, please let us know in the comments below. There were four full-time piano tuners there at the time, charged with keeping the vast number of pianos the college had in pristine condition. I would like to convey some of the important points I learnt then, and some things I have learnt since, to help anyone who is thinking of buying a second hand piano.
Piano keys can stick for a variety of reasons, but if the piano is in reasonably good condition, sticking keys could be due to the piano being in a cold environment.
Ideally, buy from a reputable dealer, or in the case of a private sale, take along someone who is knowledgeable about the instrument, bearing in mind that just because someone can play the piano doesn’t necessarily mean they are knowledgeable about buying one.
Some dealers will rent pianos and later deduct the rent from the selling price if you decide to buy the piano at a later stage. This month, in Part 3 of how to design and build a DIY Music Production Desk, I detail the construction process. This month, in Part 2 of how to design and build a DIY Music Production Desk, I look at the preparation needed.. This month sees the start of a series on how to design and build a DIY Music Production Desk. This month I have added a short article on Trumpet Psychology to the Musicians' Corner - an essential read for aspiring professionals. This month the Selected CD Reviews section has been updated with four additional audio files.
With many grey imports of Yamaha pianos from other areas of the world, like Japan and Vietnam etc, today you have to be a little wary that the used Yamaha Piano they you are being offered is really representative of Yamaha’s quality?
Due to their compact dimensions and their generally affordable prices, upright pianos have become a very popular choice, and as long as they are adequately maintained, second hand upright pianos are an ideal option for many music enthusiasts. Since their invention, pianos were considered highly valuable musical instruments that only nobles and aristocrats could afford.
Generally speaking, overstrung upright pianos have an overall better tone than straight-strung, as the strings are longer. The hammers come in contact with the strings when the keys are pressed, producing musical notes. The most common upright piano types are spinet pianos, consoles, studio upright, and upright pianos. These pianos are a good choice whenever space issues are involved, and it can be an appropriate option for beginner piano learners. Although they are still relatively lightweight and compact, their operating mechanism differs slightly from spinet pianos.
These have 65 keys, although the limited key range is compensated for by a longer plate, which produces deeper bass sounds. When shopping for a used upright piano, it is essential to ensure that the previous owner has followed a regular maintenance routine so that the piano sounds as good as possible. It is important to check the top and both the upper and the bottom panels for any discolouration, as this may indicate that the piano has been exposed to direct sunlight or to humidity, which are two of the worst enemies of these instruments. This could potentially mean that either the soundboard or the bridge are cracked, and replacing them could be expensive. Once the main eBay homepage is loaded, click on the All Categories link, which can be found at the top of the left-hand side of the page. In addition, every piano has its own sound peculiarities, and these are not always linked to the condition of the piano, so shopping around for the most suitable instrument and paying attention to the details listed in this guide will help find the used upright piano that is just right. As this is the case with many used U1 pianos they are commonly very worn and tired looking. Quite often foreign parts are used to make restoration more affordable, however this will greatly affect the performance of the piano and also the re-sale value when assessed by an experienced Yamaha dealer. They did a wonderful job, and in my four years there I have no recollection of playing any piano in need of tuning or repair. The frame is the part of the piano that the strings are attached to at each end, and if it's iron it will usually be painted gold (see the picture on the right). Because they run diagonally it's possible to have longer strings, giving the piano a better tone.
If the air is cold and damp, moving parts within the piano can swell just enough to make the piano keys stick intermittently.
The cost will vary depending on exactly what needs doing, but a sticking key doesn’t automatically mean an expensive repair bill. A new photo has been added to the Gallery of a Valentine's Day concert I played at this month, accompanying various artists.

This guide will detail every aspect that potential buyers should be aware of when it comes to buying a used upright piano. Usually the left pedal will soften notes, while the right pedal will sustain or prolong a sound. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that due to their smaller size and shorter keys, spinet pianos have a limited bass sound range. While spinets produce sound using a drop lever, consoles produce sounds directly over the keys without needing an additional lever, and, therefore, they have a clearer sound quality. These are the largest of all vertical pianos and also the most likely to produce sounds similar to those of a lower-end grand piano, thanks to their longer soundboard and string sets. This type of upright piano is very popular among bands or musicians who need to be very mobile or change venues regularly.
If the piano has not been used for some time, it is reasonable to expect that it will require tuning, and some wear and tear is not something that should necessarily be taken as a negative point. There should be no cracks, dents, or scratches, as this may suggest that there is damage to internal parts too.
Problems like these are not usually serious and can be solved with a routine maintenance job, but if some keys do not play at all, this could indicate a more serious problem. Likewise, if the sound produced after pressing a key fades in less than 5 seconds, this could point to problems with the soundboard. Its very difficult to asses the quality of a piano especially when its had so much restoration work done to it.
In-fact after a full Yamaha restoration its very difficult to differentiate between a new and a used U1 Piano! If there is a distinct buzz when notes are played quite loud, this is also an indication of a cracked soundboard. An effective solution for this problem can be to have a special piano heater installed inside the piano. The main difference between a grand piano and an upright piano lies in the reduced dimensions of the upright piano, given that in this type of pianos both the frame and the strings are placed vertically in relation to the floor, in order to save space. Tuning of bass keys is also notoriously difficult to perform in spinet pianos, so it is worth keeping in mind that carrying out maintenance in this type of upright piano can be more expensive. With the largest display of new and used pianos in the country we are able to offer the best possible prices on new and used Yamaha U1 pianos.
At Coach House Pianos we can offer you 100% peace of mind when purchasing one of our Yamaha U1 pianos, both Yamaha reconditioned. This is a small electric heater that gives a constant low-powered heat (typically 10-15w), enough to eliminate the problem. Deep grooves in the felt, where they have hit the strings, shows that the piano has been used a lot, and will have a detrimental effect on the tone (see the photo on the right).
Dust, and possibly a bit of rubbish, may have accumulated, but this can easily be cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner.
If pressing the pedals produces a clicking noise, they may need to be adjusted or have the rods replaced. There will be a Sub-Type menu on the left where Upright can be selected in order to access individual listings.
Buying a piano with a cracked soundboard would be like buying a used car with a serious engine problem. The results can be filtered according to condition, price, seller reputation, and location, which is a very important consideration when it comes to buying a piano, as specialist transport will have to be arranged. Depending on the condition and value of the piano the cost of this work may not be worthwhile.
Its function is to keep the pins and the strings together, so there should be no rusting, cracking, or splintering in this piece. A damaged pinblock will result in duplicate or uneven pitch, and it must be noted that in many cases, replacing the pinblock could cost almost the same as a used upright piano. While age does not have to be at odds with quality and some people deliberately look for vintage pianos, the fact is that some older upright pianos have certain limitations in terms of design and sound engineering. It is worth remembering that the cost of restoring an older upright piano can easily exceed the market value of the piano itself.

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