Random England fact:The computer billionaire Bill Gates is reputed to have purchased ?1,500,000 of slate quarried from the Lake District, for use in his swimming pool.
The 26-year-old, pictured left and right, was intially asked by police to leave when he sat down at the piano at Newcastle Central Station. Unbeknown to Mr Donaldson, one of the passengers in the crowd recorded the makeshift concert on his mobile phone. The piano was installed at Newcastle Central Station by the city's Rotary Club and is free for members of the public to use'However their mocking turned to shock as the man burst into a beautiful rendition of "FA?r Elise".'He then played a variety of other classical pieces over the next half an hour, each time flawless. Newcastle Piano features Tyneside Piano Company, who have been selling and refurbishing pianos since 1956. Most notably, the 1960's Rock band The Animals, Sting, Bryan Ferry, Maximo Park, The Lighthouse Family and Dire Straits. Tyneside was also home to the folk band Lindisfarne whose famous hit 'Fog on the Tyne' was covered by the celebrated Newcastle footballer Paul Gascoigne in 1990, which has become the cities unofficial anthem for the past twenty years.
If you're looking to buy a new piano then the Tyneside Piano Company near Newcastle is the place to do it, whether you're looking for a baby grand, modern upright or a beautifully restored twentieth century grand piano to practice on. After you have bought your new piano it's important to give it the care and attention that it deserves.

If you need to move your instrument then you should hire a lifting professional, as although Pianos are big they are quite delicate instruments. Sometimes these glorious creations aren't given the love that they deserve and can fall into disrepair but with care and dedication worn pianos can be restored to their former glory and sing sweetly again. Avoid Sending Funds with Western Union, Moneygram or and other similar service unless you are sure to whom you are sending payment. A lady with a hen party, who originally were laughing at him, started to cry.'I went to buy the man some food from Sainsbury's but when I came back he was gone.
Newcastle is a large bustling city in North East England famed for its rich culture, heritage and passionate people.
Music flows through the veins of Newcastle where many magnificent musicians over the years have been produced.
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I have been the sole tuner for Lathams Music for the past 15 years since Ray Latham retired. He was so affected by what he saw that he set up a GoFundMe page in a bid to try and find Mr Robertson a home.

The River Tyne is lined with newly regenerated Art Centres, Bars, Apartments and Public Spaces which bring thousands of tourists to Tyneside each year. I am also the Newcastle area tuner for Yamaha Australia and Piano First (Alexsteinbach), Allens Music (Kawai).I was apprenticed buy my father Ron Fletcher who was also trained buy his grandfather at the Palings factory. I can sit down and relax.'I would like to get myself sorted and forge a career as a pianist. I would like to get lessons - it would be great if anyone could help.'I can't play that many things.
It is the only piano there is for me to play,' he said.'I learnt when I was at school, from the ages of ten to 14, and it has just never left me.

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