Designer Walking Cane: Custom made cast Sterling Silver, Alpaca or Bronze handle on rear wood shaft. Canes Galore: Check out thier complete selection of walking canes and hiking staffs that fit any need or style, including walking cane seat or seat stick styles. House of Canes: House of Canes and Walking Sticks have 26 years experience making and selling walking canes, walking sticks, hiking staffs, made to order and in stock canes. The Walking Cane Store: Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, Seat Canes, and Hiking Sticks, all at one store, The Walking Cane Store.

Walking Cane World: They offer a wide selection of canes, walking sticks and hiking staffs. Check out their novelty cane products, collectible hiking staffs, and rustic walking sticks. Take a look at their finest Handcrafted and Customized Swordcanes, Folding and Hunting Utility Knives here.
You can also design a one-of-a-kind custom hand built walking cane here. Order Online using their Secure Website or Call our Customer Service Department now.

Their Staffs provide you with style and give you the stability and mobility that you need.

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