Acoustic pianos such as grand pianos and upright pianos create sound by setting in motion a chain reaction caused by the movement of the keys. Considerations when it comes to purchasing a Steinway upright piano include its height and width, construction, touch responsiveness, and price. The various elements that make up a Steinway piano are manufactured to exacting standards with regards to quality and construction. The cast iron plate of a piano is the backbone, providing exceptional strength to support the tension carried by the strings. Soundboard crowns are curved to generate pressure against the strings, while ribs provide the strength to hold this position. Steinway strings are made of high carbon steel to give them the strength to withstand high tension and frequent playing as well as resistance against humidity and extremes of temperature. Upright pianos typically have two pedals, which are used to soften notes and provide sustain. Pianos differ when it comes to touch responsiveness, some having a lighter touch while others have a more resistant action.
The appearance of a piano is an important element, and Steinway pianos are manufactured to high standards with regards to aesthetics.
The two models of Steinway upright piano manufactured in Hamburg are the V-125 and the K-132.
Steinway is a high end manufacturer of pianos, known for their attention to detail and quality when it comes to materials, construction and design. Buying a piano is one the most important investments you will make toward becoming a proficient pianist. Parents are sometimes tempted to purchase a very inexpensive and poor-quality piano initially, to gauge whether the student will continue with lessons for the long term. For these two reasons, I highly recommend buying a good quality, reliable instrument, even if it is used. For more information about piano prices and quality, and more detailed information on how to choose a good piano, please visit Blue Book of Pianos or purchase The Piano Book. KeyNotes Piano Studio 2 months ago Big congratulations to Oscar, Sophia, and Orlando Pryor, Lisa Lincoln Umana, who scored near perfect on their National Piano Guild Auditions this afternoon! There are some useful questions to ask when buying a second-hand upright grand piano from a private seller.
If the answer is that it is no longer played, then ask when it was last played and how often. Pianos need to be tuned at least every 6 months on a regular schedule, regardless of whether or not they are actually being played. Pianos should ideally be stored in a dry, well-ventilated room at a consistent temperature (ideally around 20 degrees Celsius).
A piano which has been played by a committed pianist, even a serious amateur, is likely to have been well looked-after.
The piano has been a popular instrument for many years and can be used to play many sorts of music.
Buying a piano is an investment and it is important to research the different types and models to ensure that the piano bought suits individual requirements. With regards to construction they are placed in the group known as zithers because the strings are attached on a body. The key action lifts a lever connected to a felt-covered hammer, which then strikes one or more metal strings.
Their pianos have graced the White House and various other notable residences, and Limited Edition models have been designed by artists such as Karl Lagerfield and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Both the height and width of a piano have important effects on the instrumenta€™s tone and volume.
These components include the case, plate, soundboard, bridges, strings, wrestplank, keys, and pedals. It is the most visible part and Steinway piano cases are beautifully made to enhance the appearance of any room in which it is situated.
In upright pianos the case sits vertically at the back of the instrument, next to the soundboard. Wrestplanks are laminated to give them strength, and Steinway wrestplanks are made of quarter sawn hard rock maple blocks.
Which is better comes down to individual preference, though more responsive pianos allow for quicker and more expressive playing.
They are made with various finishes, including polished ebony, mahogany and white and satin walnut.
The versatile V-125 has a distinctive Steinway sound coupled with superb touch responsiveness, while the majestic K-132 offers extended height, rivalling many grand pianos with its potential to deliver rich sound and volume. To go to this page, go to the eBay home page, scroll over All Categories to the left and select Musical Instruments from the menu. Unlike other household goods, pianos are designed to last 50 or more years, so long as you provide them with proper and consistent care. Most families will be well served by the two major Japanese manufacturers: Kawai and Yamaha (find the links to those manufacturers below). They are located in Duluth, Georgia, and provide many pianos to the College of Music at Florida State.
Likewise, the price of a piano can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, there are also an increasing number of adults who either took lessons as a child and want to revisit music making after a hiatus or have never really played but have always wanted to. Based out of Hamamatsu, Japan, Kawai distributes acoustic and digital pianos in over 80 countries. Germany is one of the most celebrated countries in the world for piano building and the award winning Grotrian is among the most prestigious pianos from that country. For many years Sherman Clay Pianos was the Steinway and Sons dealership in Portland, Oregon.
By doing these things – even years before formal music lessons – you can cultivate an internal motivation and desire to learn within them, making future music instruction much more likely to be successful and enjoyable. My wife, who is also a fine musician, and I were watching a little piece on TV about famous, French-Chinese classical cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.
Pianos can provide you and your family with enjoyment and beautiful music for many years with only a moderate amount of attention. In addition to being a versatile instrument in its own right, it is also popular for accompanying singers and dancers. These are horizontally-strung pianos, such as grand pianos, and vertically-strung pianos, known as upright pianos.
There are many reasons for this but by far the biggest is the fact that even though the piano can produce the most delicate of tones, there is about 20 tons of string tension in action behind the scenes. Part of the reason for this premium is that buying a brand new piano from a reputable seller carries an implicit guarantee that the instrument has been well looked-after. They will help you to judge both the original quality of the instrument and how well it has been looked after. If the instrument has been played regularly but is for sale due to a change in circumstances, then it is more likely to have been looked after than one which has, literally, been gathering dust. The piano may sound right after an amateur attempt, but they may have inadvertently caused internal damage. Be very wary of pianos which have been stored in unused rooms, or even worse; storage facilities. This is less likely to be true of instruments used by people who were forced to take piano lessons to satisfy their parents or to meet the requirements for academic courses in their main instrument, for example. These days, however, many of the best bargains are found on the Internet and in particular on eBay. Buying a quality upright piano is an investment which will provide a great deal of pleasure to its owner. Various types of acoustic piano exist, but the most common are the grand piano and the upright piano. The strings vibrate, and these vibrations are transmitted to a soundboard which vibrates in turn, amplifying the vibrations and generating sound. Steinway pianos are the choice of nearly all concert pianists around the world, and pianists to play exclusively on Steinway pianos include Harry Connick Jr. Taller pianos have longer strings and larger soundboards, resulting in a louder, richer sound. Cases also need to be strong to bear the weight of other components, and Steinway upright cases are made with high tensile spruce beams and multi-laminated rims of hard rock maple.
The soundboard needs to be made of high-quality wood to transmit and amplify sound to its optimum, and Steinway soundboards are made from the highest-quality Canadian and Alaskan close-grained Sitka spruce.
Most pianos have three strings for tenor and treble keys and one or two strings for bass keys. Because the wrestplank has an important role in keeping the pianoa€™s tune, it is important that it is made to the highest standards from superior materials. This gives choice from which to select a model that will complement and enhance the rooma€™s decor, whether traditional or contemporary in design. Below, you will find links to the websites of some of the major current piano manufacturers. I have frequently made the observation that in all the many years that I have worked in music stores I have never heard one single adult complain that taking music lessons was a waste of time when they were a child. That equates to approximately 2800 employee s worldwide and regular annual sales of $1 billion dollars. The Sherman Clay company, at it’s peak, had eleven stores (mostly in the western states) and was the largest piano chain in the world. This was a couple years ago when he had just completed a bluegrass album with some of the greatest bluegrass musicians in the world. Unfortunately, they often receive virtually no consideration when it comes to care and maintenance. As it is a big instrument, buying a decent upright grand piano requires an upfront financial investment. Instruments which are strung horizontally can use much longer strings and also have a longer soundboard. Some business sellers offer a selection of second-hand pianos, the quality of which is effectively guaranteed by them. A knowledgeable seller will at least ensure that the piano is appropriately covered and kept in tune. It is very risky to buy an out of tune piano, since the fact that it is out of tune could hide serious internal problems.
With this in mind, it may be worthwhile to ask for a quote from a piano-moving company before taking a final decision as to whether or not to bid.

With that in mind, it can be helpful to ask the seller for a link to a sound file or a video of the instrument being played. There are also digital pianos, which use electronic signals instead of strings to generate sound. Upright pianos have upright frames and strings, in contrast to grand pianos which have horizontal frames and strings. Some upright pianos have even longer strings and bigger soundboards than some grand pianos. The elements of a piano, such as its case, plate and soundboard are required to be strong to withstand tension and hold other components in position. The music might be so good (classical, jazz, blues) that you may be fooled into thinking that it is coming from a stereo or sound system but turn into the courtyard at the museum and you will see a young man or woman in street clothes playing passionately on a colorfully decorated old piano. On the other hand, if I’ve heard one – I’ve heard fifty adults say that they wished they had learned to play as a child or wished that they had taken their musical education more seriously when they had the chance. You can imagine that switching over to play bluegrass was quite a genre bender for him but the music was interesting and enjoyable.
Given the cost to repair or replace one of these beauties, I found it important to review some high points of proper piano care.
This means they can produce much richer, fuller, more balanced tones than their vertically-strung counterparts. Another key issue is that modern pianos are built to withstand the rigours of central heating, whereas older ones were not. There are also many second-hand instruments for sale by private sellers which are in excellent condition and being sold for completely legitimate reasons.
It is also recommended to ask the seller explicitly if there is parking for the mover outside their home and if there are any issues with the location of the piano which might cause difficulties when moving it, as these may increase the price of the move). Although instruments with a good voice may still have internal damage which will become apparent over time, eBay rules require sellers to disclose all relevant information about the item they are selling.
Today Steinway has factories in Hamburg, Germany, and in New York City, where both grand and upright pianos are manufactured. Steinway upright pianos are full-size uprights with a rich, full tone and excellent volume.
Steinway tuning pins are made of superior steel with nickel-plating to give added protection against corrosion. Buying from a reputable brand such as Steinway ensures the materials are of superb quality, resulting in a piano that will give superb sound for many years of use.
Welcome to Portland and welcome to the work of Megan McGeorge, visionary and founder of Piano. In an interview, he waxed on enthusiastically about how much fun it was to work with these musicians and how nice they were to him personally. Unfortunately, even the smallest horizontally-strung pianos are far too big for the average modern house and are also very expensive to buy, to move, and to insure. If looking at an older piano which has been restored, it is important to find out specifics about what was done, when and by whom, since the term restoration is very broad. Ideally the seller should provide the paperwork relating to the original purchase as well as a clear explanation of why it is for sale. If buying a new second-hand piano, ita€™s important to enquire about this, if the piano has no warranty, check why not.
This means that regardless of whether the instrument is being sold by a business or by a private seller, buyers can rest assured that the item description is accurate. Upright pianos can be listed as New, New Other, Manufacturer Refurbished, Seller Refurbished, or Used.
Whether a grand piano or upright piano is chosen often comes down to available space and budget. It is also worth remembering that, at the end of the day, there is a limit to what restorers can do. When there are problems, usually these can be resolved by the buyer and seller communicating directly, but if not, buyers can contact eBay for assistance. Upright grand pianos are usually listed alongside standard uprights and can be identified from the description.
To search specifically for a Steinway upright piano, carry out a search using the search function at the top of the page. They are louder with better sound quality due to the larger soundboard, longer strings and more responsive action. Of course he had to light it on fire, but I can guarantee that the audience was watching that piano more than Jerry Lee. Although they can not quite match the sound quality of the horizontally-strung pianos, they can still have excellent voices which age well. However, high-quality upright pianos are far preferable to low-quality grand pianos and, as a leading manufacturer of quality pianos, Steinway produce a range of superb upright models. Simply type in terms such as a€?Steinway upright pianoa€? or a€?Steinway vertical pianoa€? and press Search. Upright grand pianos are the largest of the upright pianos and therefore can use the longest strings, giving the best sound.

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