Virgin Mobile is the cheapest one to consider, but their touch screen phone are limited, and sub-par when compared to the averages.
As for the big 4, T-Mobile is typically the cheapest, especially if you are willing to pay for the phone outright, and get the Even More Plus plan.
My friend told me that there is one but i dont know what its called so i cant look it up and find nothing. Considering I have no idea where you are, there is no way to go on advise of the regionals, or VMNOs.
This Blackberry looking device is a great alternative for heavy texters who need a phone with full physical keyboard but don’t need a smartphone.

Neither of these carriers will offer a $35 plan with a smart phone, and there are at best 1 or 2 basic touchscreen phones. In addition, this sophisticated device delivers a 1.3 megapixel camera, web access, and Bluetooth. The problem is most touch screen phones are smart phones, and this will typically have a higher monthly plan because of the required data plan on contract. Released in 2011 for Boost Mobile pre-paid network, the Motorola Theory can be yours today at a cheap price without contract.Buying older phones released in 2011 is a good alternative when you need a texting phone with QWERTY keyboard at a cheap price.
Also buying used phones online is the easiest way to get a phone at the cheapest possibly price.

However, in certain cases, buying cheap used phones online may be unfortunate and regrettable. Find reviews about the device.Download User Manual for Motorola Theory - Learn more about the Motorola Theory by downloading free user manual. Name (required) Email (will not be visible) (required) Website Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter.

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