It appears that Mad Catz, the manufacturer of quite a number of not-so-cheap gaming companions like mice, controllers, games and even apparel, have just announced they’ve heard the vast cries for a more Android centric gaming keyboard. In addition, there’s an optical finger navigational mouse sensor with dedicated hardware buttons for a better gaming experience on Android. Joe was born in New Jersey and spent most of his childhood moving around from state to state. 3:01 pm July 14, 2010 By Roland Hutchinson If you are looking for a portable Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad or iPhone 4 then you may want to check out the latest offering from Brando, the Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard.
The Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard features 85 keys and features five built in keys for mobile phone functions which include, switch, menu, SMS, cancel and OK. This Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is a Bluetooth enabled keyboard, which is strong, silent and indestructible, is made of a high quality silicone material.

Today Logitech introduced the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard and the Logitech M337 Bluetooth Mouse in the Indian market.
Furthermore, the company is clearly pushing the aesthetics department a bit with their futuristic Bill & Ted excellent design. For products without NFC compatibility, integrated Bluetooth allows for use with a wide variety of hardware including smartphones, tablets and laptops. He eventually made his way to Pennsylvania where he met his Portuguese beauty and made her his wife.
Joe's love for mobile technology began when he bought his first Palm Pilot, a Palm M130 and left it on top of his car, driving off, causing it to smash into a thousand pieces. Forced to buy a new device, he quickly discovered that specs were changing so rapidly he was buying a new device every six months just to keep up.

When the "smartphone" revolution began and integrating cell phones and PDA's was the norm, he quickly jumped to Windows Mobile for several years until the first Android device was launched, the T-Mobile G1. Joe began appreciating all of the free utilities Google provided and sold his soul (his precious data) to Google long before they got into the mobile OS business. Joe now works in the Engineering & Operations dept for a major mobile carrier where he remotely troubleshoots cell sites and loves being an Editor for TalkAndroid.

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