Swype will be available for $0.99, which is the same price Android users have been paying for the app. The launch doesn't come as too much of a surprise considering Apple previously announced that third-party keyboard apps would be compatible with iOS 8. The iPhone’s auto-correct function is a source of endless entertainment and frustration for iOS users.
For years, Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and more took over millions of Android smartphones as the default keyboards, while iOS users looked on enviously. Swype has finally come to iOS. The third-party keyboard is incredibly intuitive that can accurately predict what users wish to type or swipe. Taphive’s Themeboard keyboard for iOS lets users choose from themes created by leading designers. TouchPal is a very under the radar jailbreak tweak that allows users to replace their stock iOS keyboards to a new Swype inspired keyboard that’s downloadable from the App Store. Unfortunately, by itself, you can only use TouchPal as a standalone app, and then copy that text to other applications, or take advantage of an app’s built in URL scheme for inter-app communication. After your keyboard is selected, head over to any app that allows for keyboard input, such as notes, and start exploring. There are other facets to TouchPal Keyboard that you can explore, but I found that the standard Swype input is the best reason for choosing to use TouchPal. Phan Favs is a recurring feature that turns the tables and asks you, the readers, about the best apps and games.
This is one poll where there was a very clear line between the top 5 and the rest. It may seem like a surprise that the stock Samsung keyboard is so high on the list, but they actually use Swiftkey technology. Leaked renders are nice and all, but we’re always happy to see upcoming devices flaunted on video. A dozen new photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have hit the web, giving us the opportunity to view the phone from nearly every angle imaginable. After launching on iOS a few weeks back, Prisma has made it’s official debut on Android through the Google Play Store. Everyone likes a good deal, but the days of budget-friendly flagship smartphones may be numbered. In Baltimore this week, an officer’s body cam caught footage of a Toyota Rav 4 veering out of their lane and slamming into a parked police car.
Niantic Labs filled nearly 6,000 seats at a San Diego Comic-Con auditorium to talk about Pokemon GO, and some juicy information was on tap from the company’s CEO John Hanke.
With Swype, you can simply hold your finger down on a letter and drag it to the next letter to create a word rather than pecking at the keys.

Since Swype is one of the most popular keyboard apps out there with about a million installs in the Google Play store, it's not shocking to see it launch with the debut of iOS 8. But ever since June 2014, iOS users have been downloading alternative keyboards like crazy. The keyboard is simple in that it includes everything you’d ever want within a single app. SwiftKey offers support for over 20 languages including four versions of English, two kinds of Portuguese, Italian, German, two kinds of French, and three kinds of Spanish.
Flesky lets you customize your keyboard with powerful extensions and more than 35 colorful themes. The keyboard has an extensive emoji collection, seamless regional dialect support, and offers users five free themes with more that can be purchased. Swype gestures allow you to quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters, making texting quick and effortless.
First, it’s a legitimate App Store app that can be downloaded by anyone, whether or not they are on a jailbroken device or not. Watch our video demonstration above to see how to swipe to different keyboards within the TouchPal keyboard.
The jailbreak tweak, which goes by the name of TouchPal Input Method, can be downloaded free of charge from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.
Do you like the idea of having Swype inspired swiping gestures, or do you prefer to stick with more traditional means of input? One of the first keyboard apps to really make people rethink what a virtual keyboard can do.
It doesn’t have predictions or a fancy swipe-style keyboard, but it does have arguably the best auto-correct of any keyboard. Someone was able to catch the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the wild as it was being tested by an accessory manufacturer. On top of that, pre-orders for the phone have kicked off in Dubai with a free 128GB microSD card for those who pre-order before August 2. With the app installed, users can turn their photos into works of art thanks to Prisma’s machine learning algorithms. Nuance Communications, the company that owns Swype, is also talking up the app's ability to predict your words and learn your vocabulary the more you use it a€” features that are pretty standard for any good keyboard app. Whether you are sending GIFs, emojis, searching through Google for information, sending directions, or something else, Gboard has you covered. There’s also a handy emoji bar on top that you can customize with your favorite emoji in settings. The standalone app was created as a multi-language keyboard that allows you to have accurate predictive text by means of standard taps on keys, or swipe gestures, which are inspired by Swype.

This jailbreak tweak allows you to incorporate the keyboards featured in the standalone app, right into stock iOS. In my case, I removed the standard keyboard, and just used the TouchPal keyboard as my sole means of input. You may have some problems finding the TouchPal Input Method tweak, because it is prefixed with Chinese characters. Whether you’re composing a tweet, writing an email, or sending an SMS, you need a keyboard.
There were over 20 different apps that received votes, and Swiftkey managed to get nearly half of them. For a long time you could only get Swype on certain devices, but now it’s available for nearly everyone. What makes it so customizable is many themes and the ability to add extensions to the top row of the keyboard. Check out the full ranking of all the apps that received more than one vote in the chart above. More than 800 emoji come with the app, and it also has its own GIF search engine built in. The keyboard supports 40 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch, and more.
It also supports a few languages, including English, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. This means that you can use the TouchPal keyboard within normal apps like Notes, Mail, Safari, and any other app that you use on your iPhone. Just submit a search for TouchPal, and you should be able to find it with little to no issue.
With Gboard, you can search and send anything from Google, including information on nearby restaurants, videos, images, weather forecasts, news, sports scores, and more. The app also adds Glide Typing, which allows you to type messages faster and more accurately.
It learns your typing habits as you go to give you accurate predictions, which helps cut down on typos. It has top-notch predictions and auto-correct, tons of themes to choose from, and many customization options.

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