London Piano Institute offers the highest quality piano lessons in London with top-notch piano teachers in London. The secret to making fast and lasting progress in your piano learning is to study with excellent piano teachers in London.
It is imperative that you select the right piano teacher for your piano lessons in order to get a return on your investment on your piano lessons. At the London Piano Institute you can be absolutely assured of learning the correct technique with our piano teachers. If you’ve been looking for the best piano teachers London has to offer, then you have just found the best piano school dedicated 100% to adult piano instruction.
Our master piano teacher Celine Gaurier-Joubert has more than 30,000 hours of piano experience and she will pass this rare knowledge unto you. It is an undeniable fact that your progress will largely depend on the quality of the piano teacher you select in London. At the London Piano Institute, our London teachers genuinely cares for your piano development. Two times per month I produce and release a new "Cool Song" and teach students the theory of the new piece with fun examples and exercises that demonstrate the practical application of learning music theory, so students can begin making music of their own. Each new "Cool Song" is emailed to all Music Motivation® mentees according to their preferred subscription. Watch all of my videos by clicking on the image below (or simply visit my YouTube page and click on the "Cool Songs Annual Subscription" Playlist.
Below you will find the 3 subscription options: FREE, and the paid subscription to the Platinum Piano Student or Platinum Piano Teacher packages.
With this subscription, individual piano students or piano teachers will receive 4 FREE "Cool Songs" composed by Jerald Simon per year - every year. With this subscription, piano teachers and music educators will receive two new "Cool Songs" every month. After you have purchased the Annual Subscription - Platinum Piano Teacher package, your email address will be added to our Annual Subscription - Platinum Piano Teacher Email List and you will receive a new "Cool Song" every week from Jerald. By subscribing, you will be notified about the weekly "Cool Songs" I share and will be able to watch the video tutorials of my "Theory Tip Tuesday Videos" and each "Cool Song" video tutorial. Click on the image below to see product reviews, download sample books, and listen to all of the music from each book. Click on the image below to watch my "Cool Songs" and learn more about downloading the PDF files and the accompanying MP3s. Click on the image below to see my original Motivation in a Minute and Piano Art images (new images are posted every Monday to start the week off with a little inspiration and motivation). Click on the image below to watch all of my "Theory Tip Tuesday" videos (you'll be able to download the FREE PDF from the video as well). A mediocre piano teacher will simply help you to learn incorrect technique and take a further away from your piano learning goals. Learning to play the piano with excellent piano teachers will benefit your learning experience tremendously. You need a highly qualified and experienced piano teacher to help you become the pianist that you’ve always wanted to become.

Whether you decided to study with our master piano teachers or our assistant piano teachers, your piano development will be taken care of. We are locate only 5 minutes from Liverpool Street station, we offer the highest quality piano tuition and we will make sure that your lessons are well catered for. Your lessons will be tailored around your current level and personal piano development goals.
See which subscription below is the best fit for you and for your piano students (if you are a piano teacher).
With each subscription you will also download all of my music books I have created (an additional 222+ original piano solos in addition to the yearly 24 new cool songs you'll receive each month)! The new "Cool Song" will be emailed in September, December, April, and July during the year. They will also be signed up to Jerald's weekly blog and will receive notifications of the FREE Theory Tip Tuesday™ videos shared on Jerald's website (and YouTube page). Every "Cool Song" includes the "minus track" (as an MP3) and also a video of Jerald sharing tips, tricks, and advice on how to play the music. The new songs each week are a great resource because the kids want to hear it even if they aren't at that level yet. When you purchase either the Platinum Piano Student or Platinum Piano Teacher Annual Subscriptions, you will receive these books as PDFs.
Share the sample books with anyone who would like to try the books before purchasing the individual books or an annual subscription. Click on the cover image below to learn more about each book or to purchase the book in PDF format.
The idea that my piano student spent the time, effort and money to give me a gift means a lot to me. At any time individual piano students and piano teachers can upgrade their subscription to any of the packages below. Every individual piano student who subscribes to the Platinum Piano Student Annual Subscription will receive all of Jerald's books as PDF downloads. You license to print off and copy any of the PDF books contained as a bundle in this annual subscription will remain valid for the next year, after which you will need to renew your annual subscription in order to continue printing off and copying the PDF books in this bundle and receive the weekly new "Cool Song" (as well as all future books published by Jerald). I have students that listen to your songs at home as they practice to help them remember rhythm and how it sounds. Piano Teachers will then be licensed to print off and make copies of any of the pieces from all of the books for their students during their annual subscription.
This is typically the price you will pay just to download 1 or 2 songs from any website, but I want piano teachers and piano students to have access to all of my music at a very affordable price. Click Here to find a local music store near you that sells my Music Motivation® products (our national distributor is Chesbro Music Co. Currently there are over 200 fun, cool piano solos between the 18 books (family members who live in the same house only need one subscription). Currently there are over 200 fun, cool piano solos between the 18 books. This is by far the best deal for piano teachers and their piano students.
As Jerald comes out with new books, he will automatically add them to the annual subscription and you will receive each of his new books as PDF downloads with a license for your studio. To download these "sample" copies, simply click on the cover of the book below.

So what is the perfect Holiday gift for a piano teacher?To answer this question, I decided to ask my fellow piano teachers to see what they considered to be the perfect Holiday gift. I have taken many different music courses over the years for various instruments as well as voice. The license allows piano teachers and music educators to legally copy the weekly music and exercises emailed to them each week. This community of piano teachers has 819 members from all across the United States, Canada and all over the world.Restaurant Gift CardsHands down, the gift that scored the highest among piano teachers was restaurant gift cards. This license includes reproducing all of the books and the music from the Music Motivation® Series™. Since many piano teachers are on a very limited budget, they loved having the opportunity to go out to eat at a restaurant. The idea of not having to cook when they are finished teaching piano lessons is a wonderful gift. Most piano teachers said they preferred the casual sit-down restaurants which could be enjoyed with their entire family.Bookstore Gift CardsThe next runner up for the perfect holiday gift was a gift certificate to a bookstore. A gift certificate from places such as Barnes and Noble, Borders Bookstore or Amazon gives piano teachers a wide variety of items to choose from.Prepaid Credit CardsAnother favorite among piano teachers are the prepaid credit cards. These cards allow the piano teacher to use the gift at any place which accepts credit cards.Coffee Shop Gift CardsMany of the coffee drinkers rated Coffee Shop Gift Cards as their favorite choice for Holiday gifts.
I personally don’t drink coffee, but could always find something else to purchase at a coffee shop.
You might want to check your teacher’s studio to see if there are any coffee cups around. With the majority of piano teachers being women, you can bet there are a lot of chocolate craving piano teachers out there.
The tricky thing is knowing whether or not your piano teacher is on a diet or has food allergies. Usually chocolate lovers love to bring up their addiction to chocolate!Department Store Gift CardsDepartment store gift cards were also favored by some piano teachers. One teacher said a Target gift card would be her ultimate gift since she does most of her shopping there.Ornaments and KnickknacksOne gift which showed up on both the favorites and the least favorite list was Christmas ornaments and musical knickknacks.
Some teachers said they already had too many Christmas ornaments and musical knickknacks cluttering up their studios. Some piano teachers still treasure Christmas ornaments which were given to them by students thirty years ago.
Another teacher collects miniature piano figurines so she loves receiving these as gifts.ClothingWhile gift cards for clothing stores rated high, giving actual pieces of clothing scored low. Oct 31st, 2015 Saint Louis Zoo – Approaches To Save During Your Visit that is Free Sat.

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