Of course, if you want to learn to play piano, you should try to find the teacher who best fits all the points outlined above, and the best might not be in the area close to you. To help you further I devised a simple questioner which I give out in my GeNIA MUSIC School and Piano-Yoga® School, to students who enquire about lessons. 6) How often can you come to your piano lessons (one a week, twice a week, once at fortnight, come when I want to) or would you prefer to do a lessons via Skype?
11) How do you learn best (aurally, motorically (by repeating after teacher) visually, etc)? When you start looking for your teacher, it would be a good idea to finalise for yourself what you are looking for, as this would help you to focus on finding the best piano teacher! This lightweight hanging ornament is made of high quality porcelain & measures 2.875" in diameter. Description: Cute pink music gift for the World's Best Piano Teacher has musical notes and style. If you live in London (UK), it could be The Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Guildhall School of Music and Drama or Trinity College of Music to name just a few. Although there are a lot of young teachers who can be very good and effective, the benefit of working with a more experienced teacher is that, once a student starts facing difficulties (and believe me, this moment always occurs at some stage along the tuition process), the experienced teacher would be likely to guide a pupil through these difficulties more quickly, whereas the younger teacher may not be able to help so immediately, or at all, whilst stumbling through the blocks. The last group would be the ones I would approach with caution, to make sure that their level of expertise is high enough to teach each instrument.

It is important that a teacher informs a student what needs to be brought to the lesson and what role they expect the parents to play in the students? education. However, with the passage of time, some students want more then just an hour of piano lessons per week. However, it is important to consider the location as, particularly, if you live in a big city where travelling takes an hour or more each way, taking your child after school on a weekly basis may tire them out, and therefore this is important to consider. Each ornament comes with its own red ribbon - ready to hang!Our tree ornament designs are professionally printed. It is also quite good to see if the teacher can play a little bit for you, as then you may know straight away if you would like to learn from this person. The energy and the overall approach of the teacher should match the energy of each student. They would like to know about performance opportunities, the best competitions, thorough help in choosing piano repertoire, information on the best performers, concerts, etc. In general, from my personal experience, students tend to have more regular lessons with teachers who are close to them as compared to less regular, often prolonged classes with the teachers who live far away. If you know in advance that you might require some of the above information, it would be a good idea to ask the teacher if they would be prepared to give it to you. For more advanced, adult players this may not be a big problem, but if you are a beginner, you may want to have more regular lessons on a weekly basis (and this is what I would recommend).

The drawback is the quality of sound which, of course, will never be as good as the live sound; however it is still pretty decent. You can indentify which institution someone has graduated from by simply looking at the letters following their name, and later, checking them online.
Experienced teachers should be able to match the energy and state of a student’s mind on each separate occasion. For those of my students who live far away from London, Skype piano lessons provide a great solution which should not be overlooked when choosing the best method of studying to fit in with your lifestyle.
Also, if you can access the teacher’s biography, their degrees and diplomas may be explained further. It is very important that both a teacher and a student have a harmonious and balanced energy exchange during the lesson.

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