I have compiled a piano chords chart containing the two most important chords that you will ever learn, the major and minor chord.
The reason for this is because each chord is a derivative, or built from, the major chord or minor chord. The Cmaj7 contains the exact same notes as the C Major Chord, with only one additional note.
This is just one example of how once you learn major and minors you can then use the foundation of those two chords to start building more difficult and complex chords. There is a whole lot more then just knowing the notes in the printable piano chord chart, such as Fingering, Inversions, and so on.

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I am Literally giving you your own website and showing you exactly how to set it up (step by step.. Because of the density of the black keys in the chart, you should be careful not to print these charts too often.You can also lower the density of the printing in your printer settings. Embrace it, Join Us, & Live Love and Prosper with the life you and your family deserve! You will be able to recognize each chord and the shape that it makes on the staff without reading the notes individually or taking the time to study the sheet music.

Search through the printer settings and find where you can adjust the quality of the images.
Use a lesser quality printer setting to use less ink.Print out the printable piano chord and leave it with you at the piano.

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