The second generation Nexus 7 costs a little more than its predecessor, though it’s still pretty inexpensive. The new Nexus 7 is a bit slimmer and sleeker than before, but it’s still not that visually striking. At the Nexus 7 launch event, Google made it clear that its new tablet isn’t just for playing around but serious business, too. Kickstands don’t get much love from tablet manufacturers so tablet owners are forced to find great solutions on their own. The Nexus 7’s micro USB port is MHL-enabled and capable of outputting to TV via HDMI with the right dongle. Google hasn’t yet unveiled its second-generation Nexus 7 tablet, but the device is already available for preorder from nationwide retailer Best Buy. Remember last week when Piper Jaffray said the price hike would have minimal impact on subs and NFLX could even push it to $15? Devicewear makes cases for a variety of devices, all of them quality crafted folio designs that are flexible and can keep your tablet safe while also serving as a multi-angle stand when necessary.
If you’re a fan of book-style cases that keep your tablet safe on all sides but look like a notebook rather than a a folio, the Portenzo Book Case for Nexus will definitely pique your interest. At approximately 12am tonight, the Delta Aquarid meteor shower will begin to light up the Australian skies. Business Calendar Pro is one of the top calendaring apps in the Google Play Store and for a good reason. Having a tablet (or any mobile device for that matter) without using Evernote seems strange.
Tired of your mother calling and asking, “when are you going to get here?” With Glympse you can send her a link that will give her a realtime view of where you are and estimated time of arrival. Want to bring back the glory days of elementary school where you crushed all those who dared to challenge you at Tic-Tac-Toe? I feel that I should mention how it is to work on this, because as a student you can utilise Googles “Drive” software and it will genuinely improve your life. When it comes down to it, this will be the primary use of your new shiny piece of technology, and it does it pretty well.
Now if you’re in the market for a tablet you probably want to watch films, TV or just YouTube on it at some point and the Nexus 7 can deliver; you can rent films and TV episodes through the Google Play store which are wirelessly streamed to your device which works very well. At ?159 the Nexus 7 may still be too expensive for your bare student pockets, but with Christmas right around the corner this may be the ideal little toy to help you through the rest of the academic year with a smile on your face. Jon I don’t know what was wrong with your nexus 7 But it must have just been a faulty unit you should return it and get a new one and youll see how good it is.
We loved the first 7-inch Nexus tablet, and the second iteration improved on that already-winning formula, as you can read in our review. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
The Wedge is a little beanbag chair-like stand for small electronics that has both the microfiber and silky cleaning materials that make the Toddy Cloth so useful. The best way to add some personality is with a great case, and cases with the most personality come from Oberon Design.
Productivity isn’t just for 10-inch tablets, and neither are good Bluetooth keyboards.
The Boa Courier is designed with 10-inch tablets in mind but will work just as well for smaller sizes. Expect them to come back online shortly after Google’s event, which is scheduled to start at noon EDT. It also features a padded cover and microfibre interior so you don’t scratch or scuff the body of your tablet.
All of their cases are remarkably slim and light, and made from a soft-but-authentic-feeling polyurethane leather material (the company specifically markets its leather as animal-friendly, since no animal products are used in manufacturing it).
Each Portenzo case is handmade from maple wood (with hand-sanded corners to ensure a perfect fit), cover magnets so your Nexus will auto wake or sleep when you open or shut the case, and can be configured with a simple elastic strap, a camera opening so you can use your tablet’s rear camera without having to take it out of the case, or additional magnets to keep your case in place while you use it. The SlimShell is RooCASE’s slimmest model (and only available for the new Nexus 7), and the Origami Cover is designed to fold at multiple angles to make for the perfect soft-shelled case design. Want to make the case (ahem) for your personal favourite, even if it wasn’t included in the list? The celestial event will be visible with the naked eye thanks to mostly clear skies across the continent.
The app has a well thought out interface and is one of the few apps that makes it easy to view your schedule from the “Month View”. Often included as the default home screen replacement for many different ROM images ADWLauncher allows you to completely change the way your home screen launcher looks, feels, and works. Glympse tracks your current position and alerts people you choose to your location as well as your ETA, if you specify your destination.
Challenge other players to match wits with your “Spock-Like” intellect in this beautifully rendered game.
However, if you do want to look at Facebook during a lecture on a nice big screen but your student loan doesn’t just stretch to that ?400 price tag that Apple demands… It’s okay, Google have got you covered.
Basically you can sling it in your bag, use it all day and it won’t have you waiting around when you want to edit a Google Doc or have a quick go on Angry Birds. We are after all in the Gaming & Technology section so let’s talk about what it’s like to game on this little fire cracker. Assuming you’re not one of those weirdos who uses Internet Explorer, you can sync your Chrome settings with the Nexus 7, which means you will have your bookmarks, saved passwords and history all there as soon as you pick it up. You can test this out as soon as you get your device as Google has ever so kindly pre-purchased ‘Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon’ for you.
Well you can; most new novels are for sale on the Play store along with an exceedingly large back catalogue.

The hardware is rugged and will bear the brunt of being chucked in a bag and being carried around all day, and its big enough to work on and small enough not to be noticed whilst you play a cheeky bit of angry birds in a lecture. At ?320 for the 16Gb version, if you wanted a bigger tablet ona budget this is probably the way to go. Opinions on this website do not necessary reflect those of Nottingham Trent Students Union or Nottingham Trent University.
There are plenty of cases on the market for the 2013 Nexus 7 so I've rounded up twelve, yes twelve! You can get the same basic functionality from Quirky’s Converge dock and have room for other devices. It will hold the Nexus in landscape mode with no issues (portrait is a no-go) and is small enough to carry with you everywhere. The company’s handmade leather Nexus 7 folio covers come in over two dozen patterns and even more colors. The Executive is slim and light though substantial enough not to slide around if you’re a forceful typist. Not only will it hold a tablet or smartphone up at multiple angles, it’s also a capacitive stylus.
This media streamer quickly became one of our favorite devices in the Digital Trends office as it makes it so easy to play YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play videos with just a few taps on the Nexus. You won’t even need a case since the tablet pocket is heavily protected and lined with a soft, scratch-free lining.
A good Bluetooth speaker is a must for excellent audio and one of our current favorites is the Minx Go from UK-based Cambridge Audio. This week we’re looking at five of the best Nexus 7 cases, based on your nominations. The Slim-Fit case is available in dozens of colours, and has a sports a handgrip in the back you can slide your fingers into while you use the tablet with the other hand. The cases all feature a hard rubberised outer shell for the back, and the front has a microfibre interior so it doesn’t scratch your screen.
They also sport cover magnets that auto-sleep and wake your Nexus when you close or open the case. The specially-designed cover can fold up almost like a triangle, which keeps the tablet secure on a work surface both in portrait or landscape mode while you use it, or you sit back and watch video or read. It’s available in a number of colours, and function-wise it works as a simple folio, as a typing stand, or as a media stand. Navigating the many apps in the Google Play Store can be a challenge at first, so here is a little help. The ability to tap on a day within the month view and to get a pop-up window displaying the schedule for that day is well worth the cost of the app itself. From changing fonts and wallpapers to changing the way menus function ADWLauncher is especially useful for those who may want to replace the customized launcher included by the manufacturer. Add in the ability to take notes with your tablet and you have the perfect second brain storage device. Glympse has a beautiful UI and makes it easy to send ,those whom you choose, your location. Boasting a balanced gameplay that is easy to pickup but challenging to master strategically, Tic Tactics will make you want to stay in the Dentists waiting room and ask him to take another patient. All images, logos and trademarks used on this site are property of their respective owners. It doesn’t pack 3G so you’re stuck with Wifi if you need to get online or if you have one, you can use your Android phone as a portable hotspot, using up your mobile data.
The first game I rushed to play when I received my Nexus 7 was Grand Theft Auto 3, a classic specimen of console gaming. The browser runs super fast and you will be able to shop online, read news articles and look at pictures of cats till your heart’s content without a single hiccup. The quality is very good, and you can even download the film or episode to your device so that if you’re going on a trip you can watch it without having an internet connection, which is very handy. It’s not anywhere near the size of the catalogue Amazon has on offer, but you can always utilise the kindle app to tap into your existing kindle collection.
It runs super quick, and is actually a really handy size – you can hold it in one hand which is great. The resting angle is good for both watching video and reading and it’s possible to charge up to four devices at once. The Amphibian has a long rubber tip that allows you to use it at wider angles than most capacitive styli.
You can go with the classic leather-bound book look, tree and nature themes, or Game of Thrones-worthy dragons and castles. The Boa’s dense, nylon exterior is water-resistant and tough and the interior is roomy enough for a few key items, though not too many. The Minx Go isn’t as compact as the Beats Pill even though it is designed to be portable. Additional images of the tablet follow below, and those interested in preordering the new Nexus 7 will find links to Best Buy’s website in the source section. The case body is polycarbonate, and the case cover is a soft polyurethane with a microfiber inner lining.
Below you will find a list of five of my favorite Android apps that’ll help you get the most out of your tablet.
Evernote allows you to take and annotate photos as well as audio, video, and text notes from your tablet. You can specify how long you want your location data shared and you can also tell if the person you notified has actually checked to see where you are. Using Google Drive and a Wifi network you can share full Word documents or spreadsheets between your tablet, phone and laptop, and it makes lecture notes or essays a hell of a lot easier to manage when you can just add a couple of paragraphs to an essay or take down some lecture notes whenever you like.

Facebooks mobile app is so much easier to use on the larger screen of the Nexus 7, which makes it much more enjoyable to look at drunken pictures of you with no shirt on whilst at Ocean (It happens to the best of us).  I found it very relaxing sitting in my lunch break being able to scroll through my twitter feed and to be actually able to take in tweets as they were large enough to actually read and discern what was actual useful information and what was hash tags about ‘Swag’ and ‘Yolo’, a distinction that I welcome with open arms. The quality isn’t superb and it’s not full HD, but it’s somewhere between that and DVD quality, so you aren’t going to be disappointed or astounded. And if you’re lucky enough you may be able to find a couple of your textbooks for digital sale which will most certainly lighten your everyday load.
If you’re in the market for a tablet and don’t want to be disappointed then you definitely need to consider the Nexus 7 as it is one of the big players in the tablet world thanks to its combination of solid hardware and a rock bottom price. I love this thing, just as good as anything else on the market, and for a fraction of the price.
The USB charging ports are tucked under the dock and good cable management ensures you won’t have a tangled mess making your desk look cluttered.
That tip also glides smoothly across screens without scratching and should satisfy even fast scribblers.
The folios are sized for the original Nexus 7 but thanks to the bungee cord holders will fit the new generation with no problem.
The Chromecast isn’t limited to just video, you can also fling browser tabs from Chrome to view or share.
We forgive it that small drawback because the sound it pumps is really good for a speaker this small. The case backing is a firm plastic shell that your tablet snaps into securely, and the cover can be adjusted to keep the screen right where you want it.
The SlimShell also supports auto-sleep and wake thanks to the magnets on the inside of the case, and it comes in a variety of colours. You can choose from agenda, month, day, or list view widgets that all render beautifully on the screen. Add in the Evernote web-clipper bookmarkelet and you can “clip” any article you are reading on your device and save it to Evernote for later examination.
You can pick up a Nexus 7 case with an inbuilt keyboard for as little as ?10 and with that you turn your tablet into a note taking, essay writing powerhouse, so you can leave your heavy laptop at home, leaving you able to frolic freely away from the lock and key of a mains power outlet. But to actually post something, such as a picture of a coffee with a 70s filter on it… well you’re going to struggle. Disappointed from day 1, never worked properly & always crashed if I had more than 2 apps running. If you’re more into sleeves, the Medium Tablet Case comes in many of the same patterns and colors. The cover includes a kickstand that’s adjustable to a few angles, just enough to eliminate glare. You will never lack for volume or for roundness of sound whether in a small room or out on the back deck. The control take some getting used to when you’re used to having physical buttons but it works pretty well and after a while, you really do get into it, which is something I can’t say for gaming on my phone. An app called TVCatchup will allow you to watch a good choice of UK freeview channels for free whenever you have a Wifi connection, meaning you can catch up on Xfactor or Countryfile whilst comfy in your bed without having to pay a TV license fee! If you prefer gel to regular ink, Parker cartridges fit the Amphibian and offer even smoother writing. The Nexus slides right in and the magnetic closure on the top ensures it won’t fall out. The Nexus 7 dealt with the game brilliantly; loading times were longer than more simple games like Temple Run or Fruit Ninja but not by much, which impressed me. So if you are an Instagram fanatic this isn’t the device for you, but then you always have your phone for that.
If you're a millionaire and think handwritten notes aren't dead yet, this is the perfect case for you. It certainly is more enjoyable than playing on your phone; it’s a proper fully fledged gaming experience which is achieved by the sensible screen size and the chunky profile, which is also wrapped with a textured synthetic rubber material which helps you grip it over a long time. I managed to play a good hour of GTA3 last night before I started to feel the strain, so it will definitely get you through a hefty chunk of that 3 hour lecture on a Monday morning.
It doesn’t cast casual gaming aside either; Rovio’s “Amazing Alex” on the sharp Seven inch display was thoroughly enjoyable as I tuned out the hustle and bustle of the Newton Arkwright cafeteria lunch rush. Plus it comes with a trendy designer logo on the front, letting people know you're doing well in life. One thing that makes it sub par in this category is the on-screen keyboard, as some people seem to hate it.
Providing your Nexus 7 with 360 degree drop protection, this case also acts as a stand, protects your device from liquid spills and creates a more ergonomic grip (apparently). Seriously, put this case on your tablet, drop it from head height, close your eyes, try not to scream, open your eyes and find your tablet still in one piece. Waterproof to a depth of 5 meters, this case is perfect if you plan to do some underwater reading and tweet about what a great time you're having.
If you regularly find yourself with only one hand free on the tube, then this MoKo cover features a hand strap, allowing you to read without the constant fear of dropping your precious device.
This case looks really smart and can even be customised with your initials embossed on the front. Have a bit of fun with your case, by pretending it's eating your device each time you put it away. They may be cheap but they offer a good selection of colours, look great and did we mention they're just A?2.99?! Phocket lets you pick out your favourite accent colour, then make the case especially for you.

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