To start, the definite high point of the Das Keyboard is the tactile feedback it provides when a key is pressed. When designing the KeyStudio 49i keyboard, M-Audio engineers focused on songwriters need by combining everything songwriters need in a single, easy-to-use package so that technology is transparent to the creative process. Roland-Piano-Keyboards-Australia-Best-Price-buy-online-Derringers-Music PRODUCT NEWSRETAIL STOREHIRECONTACT USSearch MUSIC INSTRUMENTS . Most people would love to have a real piano, but space and removals often dictate that a keyboard would be the more practical option.
If money is tight you can always start off with a second hand keyboard and it’s always worth keeping a look out for freecycle schemes in your area. I grew up always playing an acoustic piano at home, but knew that I needed something a little lighter (!) and more portable for when I moved out.
The one slight downside is that the sustain pedal that comes with the keyboard isn’t really up to par.
If you’re still not sure, there are tons of reviews of this keyboard and others on Amazon, so definitely check them out before you buy!
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Hi Majk, The First piano lessons were designed for young beginners, with a playful, no pressure approach. This happens because easy key is controlled by its own switch, just like old IBM keyboards, giving it a unique feel when pressed. Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. Users can play the on-board piano as a stand-alone instrument with no computer or software required. Although the keys are not weighted, this instrument responds expressively to subtleties in your playing.

Over my years in teaching, parents have regularly asked me for some help choosing a piano keyboard for beginners. Make sure the keyboard is a full size – as long as an acoustic piano with 88 keys and 7 octaves. A synthesizer offers more options with different effects and can reproduce the sounds of many other instruments.
Choose a keyboard with weighted keys. This means that you need to press them down but they spring back up like a real piano.
Touch sensitive keys means that they respond in volume according to how hard or softly you play them.
Try to keep it simple for young beginners. Too many extra features and special effects can be a little overwhelming. However I do believe older people have used my methods, with very successful outcomes especially when they don’t have any experience with reading music first. These keyboards provides tactile feedback as well as a few other cool features which I’ve covered below. Currently, there is no wireless variant of the Das Keyboard and we’re not sure if one is coming. It’s also nice that the Das Keyboard has all standard OS X keys, making it an easy switch from a standard Apple keyboard. In addition, users can also connect the KeyStudio 49i keyboard to a PC or Mac via USB.  Musicians can record vocals and instruments as well as listen to sessions and mixes from the audio outs or headphone jacks. The on-board grand piano sounds are superb and the sound module has very good sounds and much better than sample from keyboards twice the price. Nowadays, digital keyboards reproduce a very close sound to a real piano, replacing the sound of the wire strings and felt hammers with a digital recording. There is a wide choice available from reasonable starter ones to the more sophisticated versions great for budding composers when used with computer programs.

This facility is usually only available on higher end keyboards and while very convenient is quite different from an acoustic piano, which might be a problem later on. After all learning to play and read 88 notes in the right order is quite a challenge already!
Overall the sound is excellent for a digital piano and the keyboard feels very good quality.
The M-Audio KeyStudio 49i downside is that it has only 49-keys instead of the 88-keys but, if you can handle the octave buttons well then you can change your octave with just a push of the button. In my opinion the digital piano keyboards are best for pupils who want to learn to play the instrument, read music and probably progress eventually to a full size acoustic piano.
These two points are really important for learning the correct finger spacing and scale of the instrument as well as being able to adjust to other pianos and keyboards that the player might need to play elsewhere in the future. However all these extra features can be both confusing and distracting for a young beginner. You can then use any chair or stool that fits comfortably for the pupil’s hands to be at the same level as the keyboard. Learning to play on weighted keys builds finger strength and technique and means you can always adjust to a real piano. Although I’ve played for many years, I would definitely recommend the Yamaha as a good piano keyboard for beginners.
However you do have to be careful about the accessories (i.e stand and pedal attachment) that they include in the bundles, as these can sometimes be rather disappointing. The Yamaha P35 is a perfect compromise as it’s still reasonably priced, sounds fantastic, ticks all the boxes and will not disappoint, lasting a child all the way through without an upgrade.

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