The Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 is an upcoming addition to the PC accessory company's keyboard lineup.
Logitech also designed the Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 with real brushed aluminum so that it would match any modern PC, tablet or smartphone. I have a Logitech K340.My questions on the K810 are:1) Is the keyboard quiet when you type such as a rubber type keyboard? This keyboard is obviously for the upcoming Microsoft Surface and similar units about to be released.
Holy hell that keyboard looks horrible, looks like it fell out of a cheap laptop and left to rot.I don't imagine that it would be to comfortable to type on either! I bought an HP mini bluetooth keyboard, the one they designed for their tablet, i use it with my pc and htpc and aside from lacking a mouse, it is absolutely fantastic, one of the best purchases i've made in the past couple of years.
The debate that has been plaguing FPS fans for what seems like centuries are First Person Shooters better on the PC or on a Console?
With the new control set up for FPS games, I actually feared that my shooting game days were long gone. Having a keyboard especially designed for your gaming experience isn’t just a fancy whim, but a necessary and affordable one. This is a not very cheap, but not expensive either choice of a basic mechanical gaming keyboard. This is a upper-class choice for the best gaming keyboard you can get, if you’re willing to spend a little more money on it. This version from Logitech has dual blue backlighting and 6 fully programmable G keys, and it’s the best gaming keyboard you can find at around $50 (at least in this fall 2014 sale). We hope you found something you like on our list and that you’re one step closer to obtaining the best gaming keyboard for you.
About Andrew ChristianChristian has been gaming ever since his parents bought his first PC. If you are working on your computer for long period of times, for long hours you might felt pain on your arm and fingers. If you can not give up typing on your keyboard, you should look for the best ergonomic keyboard sold ever. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is suggested if you do not play a lot, but if you are a player you should by a pro player keyboard. But Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 is best suitable for if you only work on MS Office or develop code on your computer. When I tried both ergonomic keyboards I felt better while using Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000.
Please review our latest guide for choosing the best ergonomic keyboard for you in at home or in the office work environment. I like Logitech products, I love my MX1000 mouse and I love the keys layout my keyboard had.
But suddenly, Logitech listened to my prayers and offers an awesome board, simply called, Illuminated Keyboard. Simply put, this is the best keyboard I’ve ever used and I’m very happy Logitech addressed my wishes to 100%!
To start, the definite high point of the Das Keyboard is the tactile feedback it provides when a key is pressed. It allows consumers to connect their smartphone, tablet or PC to it all at one time, and switch between each device with the push of a button.
I've Logitech mouse and now keyboard and they have NEVER let me down so far, so I don't see why this particular keyboard would.
I think this keyboard looks great, and the backlighting is a nice touch.The only problem is the $99 asking price. The hardcore FPS fans out there sware by the PC, saying that using the mouse is faster and more accurate.
So I went to the Playstation 1 and 2 for games like WWE wrestling, Tony hawks skate boarding and Devil May Cry.
We would even add that such a keyboard is a must-have even if you’re not a gamer, because a silent and lit keyboard is obviously more comfortable to use for anyone, but let’s focus on how various keyboards on the current market fare for the gaming experience, specifically. You can buy it in online stores at only a bit over $50-$55 and it’s truly the best if you want to spend under 100 dollars.

This can be good news for some and bad news for others, but if you’re a bit suspicious of low priced hardware, you shouldn’t be in this case. A nice thing about this entry is that it comes with an anti-ghosting system, to eliminate any potential interference with other keyboards in the vicinity.
His earliest gaming memory goes back more than 15 years ago, a moment in time that he acknowledges to be the starting point in mastering Street Fighter. Since I'm a developer that works at home as well as at work, I had no chance to leave my computer a side and do some other work to earn for life. And many many have said that wireless Microsoft keyboards are not actually working well and can drive you crazy.
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 has a price half of Logitech Wave Keyboard price . Which actually turned out to be a problem when I started looking around for a keyboard to replace my current, classical old, keyboard. If you like Logitech keyboards and are looking for a high-tech illuminated replacement, this is your best bet! This happens because easy key is controlled by its own switch, just like old IBM keyboards, giving it a unique feel when pressed.
Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date.
Illumination in the dark for keys is what I like since I have to use my screen to see the keys on the keyboard that I'm tying with now, and it can be used with just about any device you can type with as long as it has Bluetooth, yep major upgrade in my book!! Where console gamers like the fact that FPS games simulate shooters more by actually using your trigger finger and shooting down PC fans when they point out you can change the controller sensitivity. If I were to put this question to the Plus XP team I will have a vague idea of who will say what. Ok so it may cramp up your hands like a bitch but still it utilises the FPS game mechanics perfectly.
Oh c’mon you must have thought at some point that shooting games would have been perfect for the Wii when motion plus came out?
Compared to 2012 and 2013, the gaming-oriented hardware market has definitely evolved a lot, and today you can find awesome products to help you on your gaming quests. It has fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording, in order for you to be able to cast even your most complicated key combo during your game play.
Since it’s not a mechanical keyboard, it’s quite normal for a LED-operated keyboard (with a mouse included in the pack as a bonus) to be not as expensive as a mechanical version. With the help of a programming savvy buddy, you could adapt it to be suitable for a Mac too. You can also program new macros while you’re in mid-game, and you can instantly access the volume control functions, as well as the pause-resume functions. As a blogger, he is very enthusiastic about every release he writes about, hoping readers will benefit from his gaming experience. The thing is, Logitech made some keyboards with a specific layout I grew used to for the past years I’ve been typing on it. These keyboards provides tactile feedback as well as a few other cool features which I’ve covered below. Currently, there is no wireless variant of the Das Keyboard and we’re not sure if one is coming.
It’s also nice that the Das Keyboard has all standard OS X keys, making it an easy switch from a standard Apple keyboard. Possibly not the best platform for FPS gaming by any stretch of the imagination, but defiantly something to look at, using the touch screen as your mouse if you would like, you then use the D pad to strafe and move forward and backward and then use the left bumper button as your trigger finger. Metroid corruption used the Wii controls perfectly, and is today still the game that is making me think about getting a Wii.
Hopefully, at the end of our short review list, you will be able to decide for yourself what the best gaming keyboard for your personal preferences is. Its mechanical switches are designed optimally for computer games, in order to have the ideal responsiveness for that.
Another bonus for this pack from the Cooler Master brand is that you can find it in various color versions – red, blue and so on. The great thing about this one is that it’s highly customizable, you can set the color for each key separately, while choosing from over 10 million colors, and you can set the desired reactiveness to typing for each one as well.

Concerning the games he enjoys playing the most, he looks for good realism more than for special effects.
Especially when scripting, you get used to the Tab placement, the strangely sized Enter as well as the size and placement of Shift and other keys. So you could say I have really been playing FPS games the same way all my life, mouse free.
Red Steel 1 we probably won’t talk about here, just mention it for the sake of mentioning it as it was, quite frankly, a shite game. Responsiveness is very important in a real-time computer game, where even a low FPS rate can make the difference between winning and losing. We can think of few cooler things than a colored backlit, wireless and quiet keyboard and set.
You can even send a wave of color in ripples all across your keyboard, or just across the keys you want. Apart from video games, he loves strategy board games as well, such as Risk, Diplomacy, Game of Thrones and The Settlers of Catan. This switch is probably the loudest, compared to the other four.A popular choice for typers due to the louder clicks and the slight bump when pressing the key. This was a bit of a problem as most keyboards out there, including those from Logitech, didn’t have this same layout, which bothered me. You could happily go along with the arrow keys seeing as there was no way to look up or down.
Red Steel 2 on the other hand looks a lot better with the time I had with it at Eurogamer last year.
All these features, and its reasonable price, make this a strong candidate for the best gaming keyboard in our view.
We will stop the rant here, but this one is definitely the best gaming keyboard if you have the funds for it.
The function keys work perfectly in combination with the FN key, which is a great concept and I love it.
Then there is That Bloke In The Beanie, a hardcore PC gamer who has an X-Box in the corner of his room which he does play every now and again, but I know straight out he will say FPS games are better suited to the PC. Marketed as a gaming switch, the Cherry MX Red switches are known for its high actuation force. I couldn’t really get on with it so I just tried it out with the keyboard and somehow made it through the campaign.
This will probably stroke up a heated debate which I will endeavor to post on this site when the time comes.
But I must say the Will has stunning potential for being the Next FPS platform as you pretty much have a gun in your hand. The Cherry MX Brown switch is just as fast as the Cherry MX Red.The Cherry MX Black SwitchAnother linear switch with a quick spring back due to its stronger resistance, has found its niche among RTS gamers. I wouldn’t have minded a Happy Hacking keyboard, but the price was a little out of my range. Although I only casually game, this keyboard makes a much better gaming companion than the Happy Hacking keyboard. It has a fairly standard layout for a mini keyboard and has all the necessary keys for gaming, including the arrow keys.
The Black version has white lights for Num, Caps, and Scroll and the Red version lights are red.
After spending considerable time researching mechanical keyboards, I purchased the Logitech G710+ because it was the only one which satisfied all of my criteria. There is no flex at all and the soft rubberized finish and dark black keys and bright blue lighting gives it a sleek and expensive look that you don’t really notice in the pictures. I have to say that this board beats them all, the feel of a cherry brown with the speed of the a cherry black, rolled into one beautiful feel.

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