Try the stock keyboard in 4x3 layout with predictive swipe on and right handed one handed use.
There are numerous accessories in the market, including cases, smart watches, stylus, screen protectors, travel chargers and even batteries, all specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This case comes with an ultra durable cover that is slim fitting hence making it long lasting.
This handy Note 4 case from Verus is specially designed to help keep the cards stored in a hidden compartment. With the JOTO Waterproof case, one can be assured of maximum protection whenever the Note 4 gets into contact with water. The Samsung HM1300 Bluetooth Headset is specially designed to be used easily with Samsung devices including Galaxy Note 4. Many people like to use a wallet-style case to protect their Note 4 due to its size that promotes doing business on the go. Targus Universal Foldable Keyboard is specially designed to suit all android devices including Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Supcase Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case comes with a Running Armband Combo that enables gym rats and runners carry on with their activities comfortably. This accessory pairs with the Note 4 hence one can operate the phone even in tricky situations or when one is busy.
The Caseology Galaxy Note 4 Case comes with a stylish luxe look that is super blingy hence it will make your Note 4 noticed easily.

The stand Supports your devices in both portrait and landscape position.Excellent for the home, office or travel, unfolds easily.
Combined with our folding stand, bluetooth keyboard, brush, your cellphone will be made use of like a laptop.
Item Not Found - 0 K1255537Note : The seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. I have been longtime serial user of the Motoorola Droid keyboard slider models, and just switched over to Note 2. But I miss the physical keyboard, since I also use it to write a lot, and find the virtual keyboard, even in landscapre problematic.
None yet for Note 2, which has just different enough external size and cutout that I think the Note 1 cases wont fit.
KahneFan Posts 559 Posts Global Posts 1,399 Global Posts Re: I want a Keyboard Case! Reply Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I want a Keyboard Case! The case offers real protection for the Note 4 thanks to the anti-slip stylish textured back.
The case is an IPX8 certified to 100 feet, hence one can easily use the phone even under deep levels of water without getting the screen wet. The interesting thing about i-Blason Slim Leather Wallet is that it offers adequate space for storing credit cards or ID.

Therefore, this Note 4 accessory is ideal for storing business cards, ID, credit cards while protecting the device at the same time.
This handy keyboard is an elegant accessory since it enables one to transform their Note 4 into a makeshift laptop whenever one is busy and needs to work on a document faster.
Therefore, this is an ideal accessory that allows people to listen to their favorite music on their Note 4 while still exercising. Using this Gear Fit smart watch, one easily tracks their heart rate and quickly respond to calls, emails and text messages without accessing the phone. That is a clamshell case with one side holding the phone and the other side holding a mini-keyboard linking by bluetooth. It is also designed in such a way that one can get access to all the device’s ports and buttons. It also offers 8 hours of talk time hence making it beneficial for people who talk over the phone for long hours. It is made from high-quality durable materials and comes in both carbon fiber and leather finishes.

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