Other than the mouse, the keyboard is the second most important piece of equipment when it comes to Dota 2. Now when it comes to keyboard’s there are generally two types: Membrane keyboards (the regular ones) and Mechanical keyboards. The keys themselves are extremely responsive and you will love the feeling of accurate and quick response particularly if it’s your first mechanical keyboard. The Razer BlackWidow is one of the most popular gaming keyboards around and one that is used by a number of Dota 2 and League of Legends professional players. It has full RGB illumination (you can customize the color of your keys) and its compact sleek design makes it look amazingly beautiful. It doesn’t have any programmable keys for macros so it’s ideal for players who like their macro keys on the mouse and want a more compact keyboard. Hero, courier & circle is done before every game - if I happen to have more units (dominated, summoned), those go to 4-5-6 and onward.
This reminds me of I should play against you sometime, perhaps I could do an Invoker Radiance rush or something.

If you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard we recommend you get that one since they are way more durable and responsive which makes them very suitable for gaming and Dota 2.
Just to get it out of the way it’s one of the coolest looking keyboards out there with a very industrial looking design but is still highly customizable.
With a lifetime of 70 million key presses you are not going to need a keyboard for years to come. Just like the G910 it has very responsive keys which make a huge improvement to your gameplay.
It has a dedicated gaming mode which turns off certain functions such as that pesky Windows key. Just like the two keyboards above it’s a mechanical keyboard with great response time and durability (make sure to get the Cherry MX Red version as its better for games and Dota 2). The MX Blue version is a bit loud but the MX Red is very quiet and you can even play with the open mic without any sound going through. In addition you may want some additional macro keys and a keyboard which should have a long lifetime.

It’s packed with the best features that you could want for Dota 2 including different sized wrist rests which are very comfortable and you won’t feel any pain even after long playtime. In addition it has nine programmable keys which can be used to set up macros for your favorite heroes. It’s a bit expensive but there is a reason why so many professional players use BlackWidow as it is one of the best keyboards for Dota 2 2016.
It has very comfortable wrist rests for those long Dota 2 sessions and allows you to program the color of every key.
The Corsair K70 is another great choice making it one of the best keyboard for Dota 2 players.

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