6 ways to take charge of the stock android keyboard, Luckily, the android keyboard got a makeover a couple of years ago to use your own picture as a keypad background, tap the my image option near the top. 5 awesome google keyboard features you probably don't know about - If that is not to your liking, open the “preferences” menu in the keyboard settings and check the top of the list. 6 ways to take charge of the stock android keyboard - Luckily, the android keyboard got a makeover a couple of years ago to use your own picture as a keypad background, tap the my image option near the top.
Blackberry’s latest android device rids itself of the iconic keyboard and looks quite familiar [video] - To top it all off, the dtek50 is running android 6.0 marshmallow although blackberry removed the physical keyboard from this device, we are still expecting to see two more blackberry devices this year, and the company has stated its commitment to.
Blackberry ditches the physical keyboard for its second android phone - The canadian hardware company’s second android handset features a 5.2 and a variety of additional security patches on top of google’s mobile operating system. Superbook gives android smartphones a laptop form factor - The size and touch input of their displays isn't always the best way to take advantage of all that power under the hood. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content.
Samsung has added a new entry to its growing catalog of smartwatches with the debut of its Gear S.
The beauty of Android is that it’s so customisable, and Android keyboards are no exception. Swype allows you to type words by drawing a connecting line between the letters of the word across your keyboard. SwiftKey made waves for being one of the first Android keyboards to really embrace predictive text. Many of you pointed out that you didn’t need a fancy alternative keyboard for your Android device.
The honourable mention this week goes out to Go Keyboard, which many of you pointed out works very nicely with Go Launcher EX, one of our picks for the best Android launcher. Swype is always in beta - it is never 'release' quality because 'release' is what they sell to the OEMs.
Mind you, it may be time to re-engineer smart phone keyboards for single thumb input and predictive text. I had a chance to use the Google developed Japanese Android keyboard - and I found that it had an interesting approach to the "Roman" alphabet. Installed Smart Keyboard Trial but there's a warning that all key strokes including passwords etc may be collected.
Here you will discover four alternative keyboards for Android and choose the best one for you. The beauty of Android is that it's highly customizable and that it gives you enormous freedom to do with it whatever you want. Main features of GO Keyboard:it contains predictions in multiple languagesit has the version designed especially for tablets (GO Keyboard Pad)smart engine for predictionssupport for Emojimore than 60 themes availableauto-memory and auto-correct support of slide inputhighly customizablevery user-friendly wizard after running it for the first timethis keyboard is free! Want to discover some brilliant Android apps and Android games?Want to be up to date with the hottest stuff for Android?Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER and receive two GIFTS! The keyboard pairs easily with your Windows 8 or Android tablet over Bluetooth® wireless and includes keys to help you navigate Windows 8, including a Start key, App Switching key, and direct access to the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charm functions. The compact keyboard combines the best of traditional keyboards and laptop keyboards, for a great experience wherever you use your tablet.
You get media controlsa€”like play, pause, volume up and volume downa€”right at your fingertips. The separate stand means you can place your tablet just where you like ita€”in landscape or portrait modea€”for more freedom than other types of portable keyboards. Why not ditch the stock lock screen app with the best lock screen replacement apps for Android!
Chrooma Keyboard is a newcomer in the keyboard space but it seems to hit all of the desirable points that youa€™d want in a keyboard. GO Keyboard carries the same stigma as other GO products where some people love it and others think that ita€™s way too bloated.
Of all the Android keyboards on this list, Minuum Keyboard probably wins the award for thinking outside of the box. Smart Keyboard Pro has been around for a very long time and one of the few older Android keyboards that still gets regular updates today. Swype was the first really good third party Android keyboard available and it was so good that OEMs put it on their devices as the stock keyboard.
I really like Keymonk, although there’s not much development going on around it (or any at all). I like trace-type keyboards for portrait typing, but my favorite typing experience for landscape is Thumb Keyboard. I use Kii too, I like the fact it has prediction for Romanian words without diacritics, this is extremely useful when sending an SMS, as letters that are not in the english alphabet add enough data to the SMS to make it change into an MMS (which never really took off here in Romania and cost half an euro each).
It’s a tremendously useful option to have, but with so many different keyboards available on the Android Market, it can be hard to know which to pick. Better Keyboard is an Android keyboard app stalwart, now on version eight and still going strong. As the title suggests, Big Buttons is all about giving your soft keyboard a more impressive, er, girth. Rather than offer one mode of input, FlexT9 allows you to toggle between tracing (like Swype), tapping, physically writing letters and speaking. Graffiti will be familiar to anyone who owned a Palm OS PDA in the years before touchscreen smartphones appeared.
You might know Handcent better for its superb SMS messaging app, and judging from this, it’s master of only one trade.
HexBoard takes rectangular conventions and slaps some more sides on them, with hexagonal buttons – and in portrait mode, a layout that is anything but QWERTY. Apple’s iPhone keyboard is one of the best, and this Android keyboard app from Sixgreen Labs does its best to rip it off, as the name suggests.
MessagEase can trace its roots all the way back to the days when Palm OS ruled the roost, and Windows Mobile was still called Pocket PC. One of the first keyboards to feature support for multi-touch back in the early days of Android, Smart Keyboard Pro has quickly been caught up by its rivals. While most keyboard applications offer predictive text and error correction, few can match SwiftKey’s supernatural efficiency. This advanced edition of the excellent SwiftKey is currently in beta form, but even at this early stage it’s blindingly impressive. There’s no denying that the average touch screen keyboard is a little on the cramped side, and the chaps behind Thumb Keyboard have cooked up a solution. Swype was updated the other day so your negative comments about the pop up word window are invalid, it now uses a bar at the top of the window.
I was using Shapewriter for a long time (Swype-esque), and thought it was great but it just seemed to start losing its auto correct abilities. Hey SJaafar – to make this a feasible challenge, we tried to stick to only ones with mroe than 10,000 installs, and that had an English keyboard.
For my secondary language I have been looking for a keyboard that does Thai in addition to a solid English offering, I don’t suppose during the testing you came across one that catered for Thai did you? Unlike its previous smartwatches, however, this one packs its own 3G data connection, which means it doesn’t have to be tied to your smartphone at all times.

There are keyboards available for every kind of typist, whether you prefer to hunt-and-peck, turn your phone sideways and use both thumbs, or swipe across the screen with one finger. You can customise almost everything about the keyboard, including the spacing between keys, the text size on the keys, and the use of T-9 layouts. Not only is SwiftKey able to correct your typing and guess what you meant to say even if you wind up typing gibberish, SwiftKey can scan your emails, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, SMS messages, and other content to learn how you type and who you regularly speak to. The stock keyboard, whether you’re running Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, works just fine for you.
Want to make the case for your favourite keyboard, even if it wasn’t included in the list? I especially like the mode that combines two letters onto the same "key" as I'd rather more button presses with 100% accuracy - instead of multiple misses that become more frustrating at each failed attempt.
It had fewer, but easier to press, keys - and some keys had to be tapped multiple times to get less commonly used letters. It does basically everything the above mentioned keyboards do, including provides swipe, predictive words, arrow keys, multiple key layouts, and themes.
I just wanted to inform you about my new website - MobileGuruLOL where you will find everything about Android (and tons of tutorials). On this site, the Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. It is usually either the stock Android keyboard or one created by an OEM like Samsung or LG.
It comes with a lot of the standard features, including prediction, auto-complete, emoji, and keyboard customization.
It comes with swipe typing, keyboard resizing, night mode, and you can change the color of the keyboard to suit your theme or tastes.
It has some of the best prediction of any keyboard app on the list and utilizes a fairly unique method of swipe and gesture typing to help you type faster.
In fact, this keyboard app supports over 200 languages at the time of this writing which is more than pretty much every other Android keyboard.
It comes with a standard looking keyboard that is lightly configurable but the main feature is the mini-mode that makes the keyboard about as tall as your thumb nail.
Ita€™s a simple keyboard that delivers the basic experience along with a few modern featuers.
It has ridiculously good prediction and auto-correction along with gesture typing, cloud syncing so all of your devices can stay up to date, themes, keyboard customization, a number row, and more. Ita€™s not quite a popular as it once was but the developers have been doing some good things with this app. You can then switch to them anytime you choose by holding down on a text field, and selecting Input Method. It’s a bit more responsive, but also a great deal more customisable, letting you assign various actions to different swiping gestures. Each key is made larger, making text input easier because you’re less likely to tap the wrong key. The upshot is the fact that it covers practically every text entry preference, but the downside is that it comes across as a jack of all trades, master of none. The trouble is, it only ships on the Nexus S – many manufacturers such as HTC are choosing to remove it from the devices they crank out. Like some of the Android keyboard apps listed here, it stuff several letters in to 0-9 buttons, and the direction you swipe on each determines the letter. By watching the manner in which you type and looking at your SMS archive for typing patterns, SwiftKey is able to accurately predict your next word before you’ve even started to type it. As such, you’ll find the highest scoring Scrabble letters buried in the middle, with a re-arranged letters prioritising your E, S and other common characters. The premise is that the buttons, which look like the old Android 1.x keyboard, expand in size the more likely you are to press them next. The keyboard itself is divided into sections, making it easier and more intuitive to type with your thumbs. W10 takes the Latin alphabet and turns it on its head: instead of 26 individual characters, you have just 10 core ones. If you wish every news article — and, really, every single piece of text on the Internet — looked exactly like that introductory sentence, you need to download the free Hodor Chrome extension.
This week we’re highlighting five of the best Android keyboards, based on your nominations.
Swype was recently acquired by Nuance, the makers of Dragon Dictation and Naturally Speaking, and the most recent Swype updates show that Nuance is bringing Dragon-powered speech to text to the app. It had a bit of a learning curve, though (but so does QWERTY) - and it probably could be refined further with data collected over time about which letters are used more for SMS and emails from smart phones. It comes with 40 themes, three customizable sizes, and you can customize the actual keyboard to suit your needs and even create your own theme.
It comes with a ton of features, including themes, emoticons, emoji, support for various layouts including QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, and more. Ita€™s a minimal style keyboard and it doesna€™t have a lot of options, but makes up for that by being speedy and reliable. On top of superior language support, youa€™ll get gesture typing, the ability to set up a PC-style keyboard layout, keyboard resizing and repositioning, themes, emoji, various layouts, and the all-important number row. It comes with some of the best gesture typing available and it also has themes, predictions, auto-correction, syncing between devices, and some gesture controls that let you do things like select-all, copy, paste, and search.
Letters are assigned to sections of the dial, and by drawing a circle in a particular direction, you can spell out words. For example, the text prediction is very iffy at times, with some suggestions making about as much sense as a chocolate teapot. While former fans may feel at home, the fact that you’re not using a stylus (as was the case with Palm-powered PDAs) can make things awkward, especially on mobiles with small screens.
There are very few Android phones where an old school 0-9 keyboard will be preferable (Maybe an X10 Mini), but even then, these come with better T9 keyboards than this.
Thankfully you can download this handy replacement to score yourself some sweet Gingerbread goodness. Nine buttons sport the most commonly used letters, and sub-letter within them which you must slide across to access.
Not only that, but you can use gestures to delete words with a swipe, and even bring up a row of cursor keys for easier text selection. In practive, having to smudge the screen for each individual charcter rather than tapping once, or dragging across like Swype, becomes very annoying, and we struggled to write anything coherent. It boasts enhanced algorithms for text prediction and error correction, making it one of the most blisteringly fast keyboard replacements on the Android Market. You won’t believe how quickly you can compose an email or reply to a text message using this application, and the error-correction software is better than that seen on most rival trace-to-type keyboards. This app also has an impressive level of customisation, and has been optimised for use on large-screen tablet devices. You can choose from full QWERTY, 12 key and 0-9 pads in both portrait and landscape, but testing the Vodafone Smart recently, we had no problems using it in full QWERTY mode.
If you use your device to connect to another system, either via remote desktop or SSH, those extra keys are especially handy.

Plus, you can add your own skins and language packs to Smart Keyboard Pro so you can customise it to your language and location. Available for phones and tablets with custom keyboards for each, SwiftKey is regularly updated with great features, incredibly powerful, and well worth the money.
There are a variety of third party keyboard apps for Android that have all sorts of features. The free version is a trial that lasts for 18 days and then you have to fork out the $3.99 or lose a few features so you can try it before you buy it.
It looks and acts a lot like the stock Android keyboard which nice and it has virtually no bloat to bog it down. It has gesture typing and a few customization options when it comes to your predictions, corrections, and user dictionary. Ita€™s an underrated app, especially if you speak multiple languages and ita€™s entirely free to use. There is a learning curve and a period of time where youa€™ll need to get used to it, but ita€™s definitely unique and useful once you get it down. The keyboard also has skins, a T9 mode, a compact mode, and support for hardware keyboards. The keyboard and all of its features are free but youa€™ll have to pay for most of the themes.
You can try it free for 30 days before paying the $0.99 price and you can purchase additional themes after that. In theory it’s undeniably clever, but in practice it requires you to learn an entirely new way of text input. Grammar sticklers will also miss the row of punctuation marks that appears on the top of many other Android keyboard apps. Still, Big Buttons will find favour with those of you that possess sausage-like fingers that would have made Andre the Giant green with envy. Also, we can’t help but feel that tapping or tracing is much faster method of writing. It boasts great auto-correct and an intelligent punctuation bar just above the keyboard itself. It takes some practice, and punctuation is a pain, but you can pick up quite the clip with just one hand this way. As such, this is the perfect keyboard for larger Android smartphones, especially those with 960×540 resolution screens that render other keyboards squat. By doing this, SwiftKey X looks for patterns in your messages and for well-worn phrases you can literally write the entire passage using complete words.
While you can type surprisingly quickly, the lack of sensible auto-punctuation and the simple fact that the letters in the middle are still the same size, just a different colour, makes it fairly pointless. The only drawback is that it occupies more of the screen than the stock keyboard, but this is mitigated by the impressive speed at which you can input text when using both hands. If you own another tiny rival, such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, you must try this out. That’s why we have plenty of free and premium third party keyboard apps available in the play store.
Thanks to this keyboard, practically all my typos are corrected and I can type even faster.
If you want to get your text on for real, then leta€™s check out the best Android keyboards right now. Ita€™s not the most minimal option, but if you dona€™t mind the bloat, ita€™s a good keyboard. There are a few theme options available as well as gesture (swipe) typing and one-handed mode.
Ita€™s not quite as dazzling as some, but ita€™s not bad if you need something simple that just works. The keyboard was recently purchased by Microsoft which turned many people away from SwiftKey but for now, it works as it always has. Possibly best left for those who yearn for the good old days when Palm dominated the portable arena. Existing Swiftkey purchasers will be able to upgrade to the new version when it’s declared final and stable.
Add to that the repeat force closes, and you’ve got an Android keyboard app on your hands to avoid. Ita€™s frequently in the conversation whenever someone asks what the best Android keyboards are. You can also sync your dictionary between devices for quick setup if youa€™re buying a new device. Swiftkey quickly predicts the next word you’re going to type and understands your way of typing faster than the default keyboards. Swiftkey will sync your language selections and personalized dictionary across all your Android devices using its own cloud service.
You can personalize the keyboards using three different layouts in the application.Swype KeyboardSwype is yet another premium keyboard app for Android. It is the first application to introduce the typing by swiping gesuture through  the keyboard. Many keyboard apps were introduced based on swiping gestures, but no one matches the fast and accuracy of this app. All the premium features like personalized settings can be added to the cloud, multi language support, next word prediction, etc., are available in the app for free. It has a typing tracker, which analyzes your typing speed and give you the statistics to improve it. It works great in Android devices with larger screens.Go KeyboardGo Keyboard is one of the popular keyboard apps for Android. It supports more than 40 languages and you can easily toggle between multiple languages in just a snap.
Some of the features are locked in the free version.Kii KeyboardKii is an all-in-one keyboard app for Android devices.
It combines all the Swiftkey, Swype, Go and much more keyboard features in a single application. It has both free and premium versions, just like Go Keyboard some of the features are available only for premium users. For devices having larger screens, you can split the keyboard for quick typing with both the hands. It has eight HD themes for customization and supports 34 languages.These five keyboard apps will be a good alternative to the default keyboard on your Android devices.

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