Unlike other smartphone operating systems, Android gives you the ability to change your keyboard anytime yo2u like. The Go Keyboard is the dream keyboard for those of you that have aA guiltyA pleasure for switching up different themes on your keyboard – also known as themaholicism. MessagEase is better than any qwerty keyboard I have tried in so many ways I don’t really know where to start. Another beef I have with all the querty keyboards I have used is the fact that so many everyday characters are hidden. I never have to first press one key and then another to get an uppercase character, a number or a symbol. From the center key of my keyboard (as I have it set up) all others keys (and all 110 character) are within 1-1.5 cm.
Hey, great pun… including the fact that you (again) left some words out of some of your sentences!
I write in German, French and English and even the keyboard designs are different between FR and (G and E).
SwiftKey comes highly rated on the Google Play Store, and the legions of faithful fans will boast of excellent suggestive typing, high accuracy rates, and predictive emoji. The Fleksy keyboard was used to set the world record for fastest texting twice, so if snappy response times and customization for speed are your thing, this is the keyboard for you. The biggest feature of Minuum is its focus on being small. The Minuum keyboard is condensed down to rely more heavily on auto-correct to figure out what word you typed. Android Users have alot to complain as when it comes to bulk writing on Android the default keyboards on the Android are not simply enough to get you going, or if you’re looking for more typing speed and then you might look for Different Keyboards for Android.
There are many and lots of different keyboards for Android phones, but Swype has been a famous name in the industry from a long time now. If we are talking about swiping keyboards and we don’t mention Swift Key it would be unfair. The Go Developer team has been working on improving the Androidwidgets to increase the flexibility and the user experience of the Android Platform, and this Go Keyboard is designed for the same. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Root My Android is a successful venture only and only for Easy, Risk free, Safe and On-The-Go Android Rooting Tutorials.
We as a Team at Root My Android Try to devote every Single bit of our effort to Ensure User satisfaction and easy of application. Its out Initiative to Make People Know the Actual Power of android they can avail from what they already have. The beauty of Android is that it’s so customisable, and Android keyboards are no exception. Swype allows you to type words by drawing a connecting line between the letters of the word across your keyboard. SwiftKey made waves for being one of the first Android keyboards to really embrace predictive text. Many of you pointed out that you didn’t need a fancy alternative keyboard for your Android device. The honourable mention this week goes out to Go Keyboard, which many of you pointed out works very nicely with Go Launcher EX, one of our picks for the best Android launcher. Swype is always in beta - it is never 'release' quality because 'release' is what they sell to the OEMs. Mind you, it may be time to re-engineer smart phone keyboards for single thumb input and predictive text. I had a chance to use the Google developed Japanese Android keyboard - and I found that it had an interesting approach to the "Roman" alphabet. Installed Smart Keyboard Trial but there's a warning that all key strokes including passwords etc may be collected. Well, though your Android device does come with a good keyboard, and you might be in love with the same, but these apps are must to try.
There are so many keyboards on Google play, that it can be difficult to find the writeA one for you. No matter how many keyboards I try out, I always find myself coming back to Smart Keyboard Pro. It does not belong on a mobile phone where most text input is done with one finger or two thumbs. There can only be used by first pressing another key (sometimes more than once) or by long pressing a key. It is, however for everyone who wants to write quickly and accurately and can invest a little learning time to save a lot of typing time. Otherwise, as balthuszar hinted, we abide by the decorum of this forum and do neither advocating nor advertizing.
I’ve always been impressed with the seemingly-perfect combination of flexibility and organization the authors achieved with it.
Luckily, there are thousands to keyboards to choose from on the Google Play Store with fun themes, new features, and support for other languages. We’ve gone ahead and done the research for you to find keyboards for Android that not only offer great features and look great, but have a strong history of user security and robust privacy policies so you can rest easy when typing away.
It also lets you switch effortlessly between languages mid sentence, which is great for bilingual folks.
More than five years ago Swype started the hype with drawing your sentences out, rather than pecking them out on the keyboard.
It’s especially helpful if you own the new iPhone SE or other small devices with a 4-inch or smaller screen. You can expand your clipboard, easily refer to recent files, and share content between your Office apps with ease. It offers thousands of custom themes, thus allowing you to show off your favorite sports teams, school colors, or just pick something that suits your style.
You might notice how much trouble it is to try and enter commands, such as control-alt-delete, without all the different keys on a typical PC keyboard.
Then you’ll probably want an easy way to find and share your favorite GIFs via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and a host of other social platforms.

If that’s the case, you might really enjoy the experience of writing with your own pen just as you would with a notepad. The are different keyboards for Android available on App Store, but again every one has pros and cons.
From different keyboards for android this app has also made it’s impact in the store. We at Root My Android Provide very Informative, Verified, defined matter in a systematic and fabulous way that no one feels the hassle while rooting Their Android. There are keyboards available for every kind of typist, whether you prefer to hunt-and-peck, turn your phone sideways and use both thumbs, or swipe across the screen with one finger. You can customise almost everything about the keyboard, including the spacing between keys, the text size on the keys, and the use of T-9 layouts.
Not only is SwiftKey able to correct your typing and guess what you meant to say even if you wind up typing gibberish, SwiftKey can scan your emails, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, SMS messages, and other content to learn how you type and who you regularly speak to.
The stock keyboard, whether you’re running Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, works just fine for you. Want to make the case for your favourite keyboard, even if it wasn’t included in the list? I especially like the mode that combines two letters onto the same "key" as I'd rather more button presses with 100% accuracy - instead of multiple misses that become more frustrating at each failed attempt. It had fewer, but easier to press, keys - and some keys had to be tapped multiple times to get less commonly used letters. It does basically everything the above mentioned keyboards do, including provides swipe, predictive words, arrow keys, multiple key layouts, and themes. If you have ever searched for Keyboard apps in Play Store, then you must be aware from this most popular app. Whether you want a keyboard with aA variety of themes, or one that is inspired by the famous Swype keyboard, or one that is highly customizable, you’ll find it below. However, that of course isn’t the only good feature this keyboard brings to the table. After that, however you will be writing so fast that the word prediction will not keep up with you and in fact become nothing more than a spell checker.
The configuration possibilities provided are vast, with an incredible array of high-level features available. However, it’s also important to know the risks of keyloggers and other malware by using a third-party input device, which is why Apple resisted third-party keyboard support for such a long time.
SwiftKey has a robust privacy policy that carefully differentiates between data to help the keyboard learn your typing habits, while protecting sensitive data like login information and credit cards. You can shrink or grow the keyboard for your needs, as well as change the colors and layout. The free app also features voice recognition, emojis, stickers, one-touch writing, and other nifty tricks.
It functions best with an Office 365 account, sure, but if you’re an Office power user, this app is extremely useful.
Along with the core typing experience and themes, you also get access to emojis and other fun extras. Despite the menacing name, Hacker’s Keyboard gives you an easy way to enter all those complicated commands from your Android device by emulating the same keyboard you have on your desktop. This isn’t necessarily a traditional keyboard, but more so an app that you can load on the fly to search for your favorite GIFs.
If you’re looking for perfect results you will have to get the best keyboard, otherwise any one would do. You don’t need to tap on any key to get it on the screen, you just need to swipe your finger across the keys you wish to write, and this keyboard would make the word and even fill in the letter that you might have missed out. This app also has a swiping gesture just as the SWYPE keyboard, however it is my personal favourite, I have been using it from a couple of months now, and I am satisfied to the fullest with this application. So you could choose which functionality would suit you the best, whether the predictions , just the normal swiping or the different layouts of keyboards , and keyboards in different sizes.  So I hope this would help you a bit. This week we’re highlighting five of the best Android keyboards, based on your nominations. Swype was recently acquired by Nuance, the makers of Dragon Dictation and Naturally Speaking, and the most recent Swype updates show that Nuance is bringing Dragon-powered speech to text to the app.
It had a bit of a learning curve, though (but so does QWERTY) - and it probably could be refined further with data collected over time about which letters are used more for SMS and emails from smart phones.
Well, for whatever reasons you use it, it is clear that you usually use the keyboard of the same. The app comes with a bunch of themes to choose from, making it good for you as by changing themes, you will never get bored.
Unique feature in the app is that if you want to insert time or date in your message, then you can do it easily by importing it from linked Calender. I’ve looked and played with virtually every keyboard on Google Play, and I think the ones below are the best.A And so, without further ado, I present to you what A I think are the best keyboards for Android! What IA truly enjoy about this keyboard is the layout, as it seems to flow very well with my fingers, and I rarely make errors whenever I use it. So I made my own, designed for more grown-up people who need bigger keys and a full (PC like) keyboard.
Still, these days a third-party keyboard feels like a necessity for staying up to date on the latest features, including stickers, emojis, predictive text writing, and more.
It leaves control of that data in your hands, allowing you to easily opt into cloud services or remove your info.
Since it’s developed by Google itself, you know there is no need to worry about malware, adware, or any nasty stuff on this app, either. Fleksy’s privacy policy is sturdy, too, and clearly outlines what information the keyboard is able to see. To type, you draw a line through all of the letters, and then the app uses auto-correct to figure out which letters were the important ones. You can adjust the size of the keyboard, condensing the extra rows of letters into small sections, similar to the way numeric keyboards put multiple letters on each key. Every time you change the app, it tries to replicate the colors with a Google-esque aesthetic, thus ensuring a stylish way to type.

Just keep in mind that the Go Keyboard has a fair amount of ads, including some that appear on top of the keyboard, which isn’t so cool. Then, you can mix them up with custom filters and changes before sending them out alongside your messages and chats.
You could use these different keyboards for Android to enhance your writing flexibility and accuracy along with increased speed, just like a cherry on the cake. This sounds a bit awkward and when you first use it, it might seem a bit harder than the usual keyboard too but once you are used to it, the speed with which you could write would be even faster than your typing speed on a computer and that too one handed. You might be amazed, but nowadays I write many posts from my Android Phone using the SwiftKey, this one is included on the list too. This keyboard is highly customizable you have around 60 templates and designs to choose from which suit you the best.
If you use your device to connect to another system, either via remote desktop or SSH, those extra keys are especially handy.
Plus, you can add your own skins and language packs to Smart Keyboard Pro so you can customise it to your language and location. Available for phones and tablets with custom keyboards for each, SwiftKey is regularly updated with great features, incredibly powerful, and well worth the money.
Though all the gadgets getting launched nowadays come with good keyboard that allow you to have a nice virtual typing experience, still you might have came across the situation where you wanted to use some features but were not a part of your in-built virtual keyboard.
Well, the reason that made the Swiftkey the best keyboard app, and enables it to stand in this queue of best keyboard apps for Android, is its Gesture Type feature, the feature that has been followed by iOS 6 as well.
The emoticon button is a nice touch too, which I found myself using more than I initiallyA thought I would.
I text and write emails all day long, and I hardly ever have one error when typing words out. Imagine how many meters and how much time you would save if you were to write a two page article. And yet, somehow, the Settings menu structure never feels overwhelming or disorganized, with the features all logically grouped into clear and concise units, then laid out into a tree of perfect balance.
Plus, being a Google app, you can rest easy knowing that you’re using the best handwriting recognition software available — one that is also void of unwanted adware. So here is a list of Best and many kinds of Different Keyboards for Android , depending upon their performance. That’s why we have plenty of free and premium third party keyboard apps available in the play store. Well, if this is so, then this post is for you, as I am sharing the best keyboard apps for Android. Even though some themes will cost you up to $1.99, this is theA keyboard that will make people say, “Oooooh, where did you get that?
Never does a setting provoke annoyance that it seems buried frustratingly deep, nor do any of its many panes look like endless sprawls of excessively-shallow clutter. Minuum has a comprehensive privacy policy that lets you contribute usage data anonymously or keep it all to yourself. Also the company keeps on adding many new gestures to improve your typing and user experience too. It learns from your typing behaviour and then it learns your slang words you use, and the best part is it also suggests and incomplete sentence, and auto-fills it. Other great features and settings on this keyboard include T9 input, transparency, key height adjustent,A bottomA arrows, four input sounds, and a dictionary that learns how you type. You can even change the theme to match your favorite sports team, or set the key size for the perfect fit to your fingers, and save settings across multiple devices.
This app has been topping the charts many a times on the Play Store, and I think that is alone a reason to try out this app. Swiftkey quickly predicts the next word you’re going to type and understands your way of typing faster than the default keyboards.
Swiftkey will sync your language selections and personalized dictionary across all your Android devices using its own cloud service. You can personalize the keyboards using three different layouts in the application.Swype KeyboardSwype is yet another premium keyboard app for Android. It is the first application to introduce the typing by swiping gesuture through  the keyboard.
Many keyboard apps were introduced based on swiping gestures, but no one matches the fast and accuracy of this app.
All the premium features like personalized settings can be added to the cloud, multi language support, next word prediction, etc., are available in the app for free. It has a typing tracker, which analyzes your typing speed and give you the statistics to improve it. It works great in Android devices with larger screens.Go KeyboardGo Keyboard is one of the popular keyboard apps for Android. It supports more than 40 languages and you can easily toggle between multiple languages in just a snap.
Some of the features are locked in the free version.Kii KeyboardKii is an all-in-one keyboard app for Android devices.
It combines all the Swiftkey, Swype, Go and much more keyboard features in a single application. It has both free and premium versions, just like Go Keyboard some of the features are available only for premium users.
For devices having larger screens, you can split the keyboard for quick typing with both the hands. It has eight HD themes for customization and supports 34 languages.These five keyboard apps will be a good alternative to the default keyboard on your Android devices.

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