The debate that has been plaguing FPS fans for what seems like centuries are First Person Shooters better on the PC or on a Console? With the new control set up for FPS games, I actually feared that my shooting game days were long gone. LAS VEGASa€”You probably recognize the Mad Catz brand from its high-quality arcade sticks and gamepads, but you might not know about its PC gaming peripherals. Thata€™s right, you can rip off nearly any part of this keyboard and stash it in your drawer until you feel like jamming it back on. Naturally, youa€™re limited to removing only the components that are meant to be moved (at least as long as you want them to remain functional).
Ita€™s surprisingly satisfying to rip apart your keyboard and rebuild it to better suit your needs, though the $300 price tag is a little surprising as well. For more blogs, stories, photos, and video from the nation's largest consumer electronics show, check out complete coverage of CES 2013 from PCWorld and TechHive.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Product round-up I would like to think my gaming skills make me invincible but if I ever do get pwned it’s always easiest to blame the hardware. In the case of the keyboards and mice I’m reviewing, it might be difficult to put forward a convincing argument that they are to blame, as they are all developed to make the very best of my gaming talents, but often this comes at a preposterous price. Successful gaming keyboards and mice should assist fluidity of movement and pack an arsenal of formidable macro tools while ensuring that every keystroke registers. Mechanical key switches are the industry standard for gaming keyboards, however, it seems like a lot of money is being spent to prove this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Whether or not you enjoy the clickety clack of a Cherry MX blue, there are four essential categories to assess to make the right choice for your gaming peripherals: customisation, support, special features and aesthetics.
After getting to grips with the whopping size of the Roccat Ryos MK Pro and swapping it out for the Corsair Vengeance K70, there was room for at least an extra two ferrets on my desk. Corsair seems to have designed the Vengeance with restraint; this blood red glowing keyboard gives me all the basic gaming necessities in an impressively neat but robust package. The Vengeance K70’s most useful feature is its replacement of the the W, A, S, D, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 keys with red textured keys with deep depressions in the middle that are obviously created specifically for gaming purposes. Compared with the Vengeance M60, the M65 uses better core switches, a supposedly higher durability scroll wheel, and an unwieldy “blink at you’ll miss it“ 8200DPI Avago sensor.
These two updates to Corsair’s Gaming peripherals range may not be visibly different from their predecessors, but I can guarantee there are subtle and impressive changes.
NetApp has a full portfolio of products that support customer needs ranging from brute horsepower to datamanagement-rich sophistication.
Ransomware has become one of the most widespread and damaging threats that internet users face. With current ransomware threats like CryptoWall, CryptoLocker and Chimera find out what's in store for 2016. Learn about the democratisation of all-flash storage and how it allows small and midsize enterprises deploy their own all-flash array. The Vengeance K90 is a thing of beauty, machined from industrial grade brushed aluminum and bristling with raised backlit sculpted keys. Logitech is a prominent player when it comes to gaming peripherals, and the G19s keyboard only reinforces that notion.
If high performance and custom tuning is a part of your gaming instinct, then you need to get the Microsoft side winder x6 .

With the DeathStalker Ultimate gaming keyboard, Razer took their popular keyboard design and combined it with a touch screen LCD panel for use with their customizable Switchblade software. The hardcore FPS fans out there sware by the PC, saying that using the mouse is faster and more accurate.
So I went to the Playstation 1 and 2 for games like WWE wrestling, Tony hawks skate boarding and Devil May Cry. The fully modular design allows you to arrange your keyboard to give you total control and to maximize your gaming experience. It actually is a garish gaming keyboard, but it also features a nifty little touchscreen mounted above the left-hand side that you can use to launch programs, run custom keyboard macros, and fool around with your media playback settings.
The Strike 7 is designed to let you combine its pieces to form a few different, twisted versions of a standard keyboard. But you can still do some weird things, like swapping out specific keys for more or less textured versions, adding in whole new rows of buttons.A You can even use the removable numpad and a few other pieces separately as stand-alone devices. Mad Catz has a history of producing solid modular hardware (dona€™t forget itsA MLG Pro Circuit modular gamepad) and the Strike 7 looks to be no exception. During that four-hour stretch in the dungeon, it’s essential my keyboard can map dozens of macro keys to simplify complicated key combinations down to one keystroke or button press, and at this point I could write a PhD thesis on back-lighting and applets. I have endeavoured to take all of these into account when assessing the amount of gaming edge you get for your hard earned cash.
The device relies on surprisingly flat mechanical keys, and you get the choice of Cherry MX Red Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Blue.
That said, the Vengeance K70 is not going to cut it if you're going on a raid three times a week in an MMO. They were quick and responsive in FPS Titanfall and MOBA Heroes of the Storm, and the textured gaming key kept my cider-sweat-slickened digits in place. It's a top-of-the-line offering from Logitech which packs in all functionalities than a gamer might ever need, and then some more. Where console gamers like the fact that FPS games simulate shooters more by actually using your trigger finger and shooting down PC fans when they point out you can change the controller sensitivity. If I were to put this question to the Plus XP team I will have a vague idea of who will say what. Ok so it may cramp up your hands like a bitch but still it utilises the FPS game mechanics perfectly. Oh c’mon you must have thought at some point that shooting games would have been perfect for the Wii when motion plus came out?
With five separate hardware modules to work with, the options are plentiful to help you detach and configure your keyboard’s size, fit, sound, color and programming.
7', a modular keyboard thata€™s remarkably easy to break apart and put back together in a radically new configuration. Ita€™s a cool bit of tech that works a bit like the LCD touchscreen built into the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard, with the added benefit that you can pop it off when you dona€™t want the tiny display to distract you.
Stay tuned for more in-depth analysis; I'll politely request a unit for testing so I can tear it apart to my hearta€™s content and (hopefully) put it back together again in our Test Center. Also, it has no extra keys or software to program it with lovely hunter pet macros or any macros at all in fact. Sturdy build quality and soft texture make it ideal for lengthy gameplay if you are a fan of the claw grip. Vents underneath the body are supposed to reduce any sweaty palm situations and a cool blue beam emits from beneath the wheel like something out of TRON.

Possibly not the best platform for FPS gaming by any stretch of the imagination, but defiantly something to look at, using the touch screen as your mouse if you would like, you then use the D pad to strafe and move forward and backward and then use the left bumper button as your trigger finger. Metroid corruption used the Wii controls perfectly, and is today still the game that is making me think about getting a Wii. This is a great mouse but it’s not perfect, certainly the software that reprograms the DPI settings could be more intuitive. With it's modular design and every feature you could imagine, like a LCD screen and backlit keys, it is often referred to as the "Batmobile of gaming keyboards". This switch is probably the loudest, compared to the other four.A popular choice for typers due to the louder clicks and the slight bump when pressing the key. So you could say I have really been playing FPS games the same way all my life, mouse free.
Red Steel 1 we probably won’t talk about here, just mention it for the sake of mentioning it as it was, quite frankly, a shite game.
You could happily go along with the arrow keys seeing as there was no way to look up or down.
Red Steel 2 on the other hand looks a lot better with the time I had with it at Eurogamer last year.
Marketed as a gaming switch, the Cherry MX Red switches are known for its high actuation force.
Then there is That Bloke In The Beanie, a hardcore PC gamer who has an X-Box in the corner of his room which he does play every now and again, but I know straight out he will say FPS games are better suited to the PC.
I couldn’t really get on with it so I just tried it out with the keyboard and somehow made it through the campaign. This will probably stroke up a heated debate which I will endeavor to post on this site when the time comes. But I must say the Will has stunning potential for being the Next FPS platform as you pretty much have a gun in your hand. The Cherry MX Brown switch is just as fast as the Cherry MX Red.The Cherry MX Black SwitchAnother linear switch with a quick spring back due to its stronger resistance, has found its niche among RTS gamers.
I wouldn’t have minded a Happy Hacking keyboard, but the price was a little out of my range. Although I only casually game, this keyboard makes a much better gaming companion than the Happy Hacking keyboard. It has a fairly standard layout for a mini keyboard and has all the necessary keys for gaming, including the arrow keys. The Black version has white lights for Num, Caps, and Scroll and the Red version lights are red. After spending considerable time researching mechanical keyboards, I purchased the Logitech G710+ because it was the only one which satisfied all of my criteria. There is no flex at all and the soft rubberized finish and dark black keys and bright blue lighting gives it a sleek and expensive look that you don’t really notice in the pictures. I have to say that this board beats them all, the feel of a cherry brown with the speed of the a cherry black, rolled into one beautiful feel.

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