Analog warmth and digital waveform versatility unite in the 12-voice Modal Electronics 002 synthesizer, with all-analog processing -- and no menu diving!
Modal Electronics 002 Analog DigitalThe Modal 002 is a 12-voice analogue-digital hybrid synthesizer.
Among the many connections, Modal 002 features an ethernet port to connect your synth to your network and enable updates via the internet (no need for MIDI sysex dumps) and also access to the Modal cloud features and HTML Web User Interface. The thesis behind this project was that there’s a lack of options for the fashion aware sports watch user.

My proposal is a simple watch inspired by military products, composed out of a black metal frame and thick glass mounted together by hex head screws, resulting in a robust look and good build quality.
Hybrid Set-top Box(Dvb-T2), View TV Box, Set-top Box from Shenzhen Mele Digital Technology Ltd.
P3201atu 3000 W Hybrid Pre Amplifier With Amfm Tuner Amp UsbThe Pyle P3201ATU 3000 W Hybrid Pre Amplifier is the perfect solution if you are looking for a High-Fidelity Preamplifier and a Power Amplifier all in one. It features two high-resolution NCO oscillators per voice (plus two sub oscillators), Modal-designed four-pole transistor ladder filter with real analogue morphing, VCA, two LFOs, 2 modulation matrices and very powerful Sequencer and Arpeggiator.

Further, each of the twelve outputs can be brought out individually via a dedicated d-sub socket.
None of the big brands have invested in watches combining basic functionality with premium build quality and materials, illustrated in the diagram.

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