This iPad Education app has a cool and kid-friendly vibe with colorful graphics, fun music, and an engaging game concept that gives kids an opportunity to experiment and practice their way through a variety of equation that get more challenging as they go. ThoughtBox is an educational software provider that delivers learning experiences in specific subject areas centered around Gameful Learning. The little doggy of the Nickelodeon kids TV series “Bubble Guppies” has it’s own well deserved kids app now, which offers a wonderful combination of fun and educational content.
At level three, the letters are additionally read out phonetically, just as kids learn in elementary school and we also prefer it. Puppy Run is a child-friendly Runner game, where Bubble Puppy automatically runs the track and kids need to avoid obstacles, collect bubbles with numbers, dodge rocks and pick up speed boosts to make it to the finish line.
In this game are also 6 Curriculum levels to choose from, which are all about the recognition of numbers and shapes. In our YouTube trailer, we briefly introduce you to all of the games in the app, whereby we got to mention that we’re using the easiest levels. Another thing that we haven’t yet mentioned is the wonderful reward system: Kids receive a doggy bone for each solved task, which they can use to buy balls and other toys for Bubble Puppy to play with in the garden. Kids will play to complete 20 unlockable levels, but no worries because Skruff is a loyal dog that will keep them moving on the right path.

This summer Skruff will practice his skills on the surfboard but also… with Multiplication! If you ask kids, then the app purchase was definitely worthwhile yet alone for this game area and the kids are right, because the animations, sound effects and comments are funny and entertaining. The difficulty level can be adjusted with 6 various Curriculum Levels, which form and differentiation is quite unusual in kids apps.
With the usual Runner games it’s game over as soon as you make your first mistake, however during the Puppy run, kids get encouraged to carry on and finish the race. However, since only one number or shape is used in each stage, a recognition is not really needed.
In this video you’ll also find another special feature: the app changes between landscape mode and portrait mode. From the very moment when your kids get to turn on the shower for Bubble Puppy and blow dry his fur, you’ll forget about the high purchase price. Kids will also earn points, bones and coins along the way in The Numerosity: Play with Multiplication!
We believe in quality content and educational apps that give kids more than just a few minutes of play’.

The levels range from kindergarten to first grade, as you can see beautifully on the following screenshot.
At the higher levels, the bubbles also contain objects with the according letters and words, which need to be read by kids. This can be quite beneficial whilst playing, as the whole playing field can be completely used.
Besides, this Nickelodeon app yet again, offers a wonderful combination of fun and learning and also scores with it’s awesome continuous narration.
Skruff encourages kids to learn multiplication rules through discovery and interactive gameplay while engaging in a variety of equation solving formats. Kids are never left alone, but instead are guided by the Bubble Guppies from one game to the next. And, kids can always replay levels to beat their own best scores, as well as earn a printable certificate to show off their math achievement.

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