Great for NEW Instructors and for experienced ballet teachers looking to expand their current dance programs.
Advanced  The syllabus contains very advanced technique covering advanced adage, allegro, turns, jumps and many combinations for the advanced technique class.
I have found Sheet Music Plus to be a fantastic resource for piano books & other materials.
This book includes explanations on how to teach each new step, French pronunciation, glossary of terms, barre work, combinations for adage, allegro and turns. It includes explanations on how to teach and begins with barre and centre work for technique and beginning pointe. Also contains French pronunciation,  glossary of ballet terms, barre work, across the floor work, turns and adages.
It is a teaching methodology that was written by an international team of teaching professionals and performing musicians, designed to make the experience of learning music and improvisation easily accessible to all ages, regardless of their experience with music.

Musicians improvise freely, yet they struggle to teach the very basis of it because of its instinctive nature. The courses available include Pop Piano, Jazz Piano, Pop Guitar, Pop Vocal, Pop Piano Junior & Pop Piano Kids. You".For the most direct, organized, and progressive path to learning to play the piano, start the Piano Skills Foundation series of piano lessons. The syllabus includes explanations on how to teach each step, French pronunciations, a glossary of terms, barre work, and combinations for the entire year.
It helps any student, even a complete beginner, to acquire essential musical knowledge and to gain an ability to play the instrument in a reasonable span of time. As educators, we were able to understand the subject and distil it into a teachable method. A decade in making, the meticulously crafted approach has been evolving and improving since 2003.

Any prior experience, knowledge of music or raw talent, or the lack thereof, creates no obstacles for one to study at our school, since the teaching method is highly adaptive to each individual studenta€™s needs and wishes.
The holy grail of textbooks - the first book published by the Play-By-Ear publications, a€?How to Play Pop Piano by Eara€™ (ISBN 981-05-2071-9 archived in National Library) in 2004, was the first primary textbook used for teaching our students in Singapore. Our approach was never to add more content for the sake of content, but to be progressive, to refine and to elaborate.

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