This free beginner download music piano sheet is great for beginning readers who can recognize Middle C, and who have been successful with Sharks, another free beginner piece in my collection. The answer to this common problem is to review, draw notes together with them on your chalkboard or whiteboard, and play Middle C games.
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Cailan:There are an incredible amount of people online who just want to be heard, but very few who have given what you have so clearly.
This free printable piano music for beginners might be your students' first exposure -- but not their last! Download free printable classical sheet music In the Hall of the Mountain King for beginners Since there are more notes than fingers in this free printable piano music, your students will quickly realize that some of their fingers will need to do double-duty! Try singing the (admittedly silly) words in this little arrangement to encourage them to persevere with the difficult melody.
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The Ukrainian Bell Carol (also called Carol of the Bells, or Hark How the Bells) is incredibly popular and beautiful.
Many first-year students can learn this piece, as long as they have the coordination to master the four-note figure which the right hand repeats over and over again. Download the Ukrainian Bell Carol free Christmas sheet music Hark How the Bells is easily learned by rote; I'm not saying not to have them read the notes!
George Winston's Version of Carol of the Bells - Can I Get It from You? Could you email me the George Winston version of the song? Yankee Doodle is a familiar song with a strong beat -- that's the kind of song most fun to play for beginning piano students. This funny old video, below, has the Yankee Doodle lyrics and a great male singer bringing them to life! Download free sheet music Yankee Doodle for beginners After they play through the melody, you can turn it into a duet by adding simple chords.
Debbie, Nashville, TN:I have been looking for a very, very long time for a website like this! This arrangement of The Can Can Easy Piano Sheet Music and Piano Video Tutorial is a lot of fun to learn to play on the piano.

This Can Can piano video tutorial uses this piece from the beginner piano course Learn Piano Online.
Since every note in Back and Forth is either a repeated note, or one step away up or down, playing this song is a lot like playing Snakes, but with both hands. Some kids, when they see Middle C, automatically bring out their right hand thumb, whether the Middle C is in treble or bass staff. Also, IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR MUSIC THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED.
Regarding instruction for those of us who can't afford lessons,your site has been a real gift to stumble across.
This can be a big step for some kids if they have never done it before, so I suggest splitting the hands at first (you play the other part) during the lesson so they only need to think about ONE hand at a time. Being able to tell in song a complete story or poem is a good motivator.Sometimes I give piano students a "fill-in-the-blanks" companion worksheet to go with this free printable piano music. Let the music keep building just the slightest bit, but keep pulling back to piano -- no forte.At the bottom of page 2, write in some repeat dots and go back to the beginning of the piece. This free sheet music will encourage your beginning piano students to make it sparkle with energy. Though not having the flash and sparkle of this longer version, the beauty of the music still comes through and seems to satisfy kids at the beginning level, and they work at it happily.But a student who is past Level 1 will probably be able to play this song in just a few days, learning the essentials all in one lesson.
That Gm arrangement incorporates more themes from Ukrainian Bell Carol than my simple version above.
But your kids will be able to PLAY this piece long before they can READ it, and long before they meet treble C,D and E in their Faber Piano Adventure books, not to mention f# and g#, which the song uses on page 2.
I've already printed several for my children, including the Pretty Little Horses TAB and Carol of the Bells for piano. For all the reasons you explain on the site itself--this is exactly what piano teachers need! First, have them play, with LH only, C chords all the way through the song -- it will sound just fine to a young musician with C chords only.To help them keep time, use a conducting gesture -- a downward movement like a bouncing ball -- to compel a rhythmic response from them. Practice the right hand melody by itself first to become familiar with the music intervals or distances between the notes.
The Can Can piano sheet music has a lot of C Major and G7 broken chord patterns in the left hand.

As you become comfortable enough to play the Can Can sheet music hands together, be sure to start off your hands together practice very slowly.
In the Hall of the Mountain King makes a good worksheet, since it gives students the opportunity to draw sharps and flats. Drop the left hand down an octave, and beginning at once to gradually pick up the pace, get louder and faster with each line. I am a piano teacher in New Orleans, LA and in the process of putting together my own curriculum and recordings. I am a 14 yr old 'ocarinist' and this site has been ever so useful in helping me find some simple tunes to play on my ocarina. Any student playing this beginner piano sheet will have more success if they always follow the simple rule of practicing hands separately first.  Be sure to review the letter names of the piano keys here if necessary. An example of a broken chord pattern would be taking the notes of the C Major Chord (C-E-G) and playing the C on the first beat and the E-G (played together) on the following beats of that same measure. The speed you use in your practice should be half the speed you use for your future performance. Using the left hand broken chord practice technique allows you to play along with the left hand as it is performed in the tutorial.  The good thing is that you can repeat it as many times as you need to for fluency before putting your hands together.
Then when they realize the Middle C is indeed meant for left hand,they will drop their left hand down an octave to a lower C!
We always do this TOGETHER at the lesson, turning it into more of a game, a break from routine, instead of sending it home to do.In their notebook or 3-ring binder, I punch holes in the pages of the music and the worksheet so that they face each other, then we talk about what's missing, and fill in just a line or two, to try to make the short worksheet last another week. Follow the instructions for left hand in the piano video lesson below and play along with the video as many times as needed until you feel confident enough to add the right hand melody. Because Can Can for piano is a very familiar melody and you have always heard it played at a fast tempo you will be tempted to try and play it fast at the very beginning of your practice.
As I said, this site has been incredibly useful and my friend and I are going to try our Music badge for guides so finding the music for 'Taps' was essential. Slow, accurate practice of this easy piano song arrangement of The Can Can will definitely pay off in your final performed version of the piece.

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