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Of course, as a child, you should be old enough to have some developed motor skills and adults should set their expectation right (maybe it is a bit late to be a concert pianist but I still wouldn’t discourage you). Scientific study has found the primary evidence that small children who take music lessons demonstrate varied brain development and improved memory as time goes by when compared to young children who do not get music education.
Outcomes from ongoing studies strongly point out that musical activity has substantial wellness benefits for seniors. Children who have some musical background can start taking beginner piano lessons when they are above 4 years of age. A musical background means, somebody in the child’s family can play a musical instrument, in which case, there is a good probability that the child has some basic knowledge of melody and rhythm. There is even a good probability that the child may have developed a good ear for music and is exposed to different styles of music depending on the kind of music that is played at home. In case you want you baby, who is a toddler, to be exposed to music at an early age, then here are some of the best toy piano that you may have a look at.
Adults, in general, have a lot of advantages over children when it comes to learning the Piano.

These are some of the strengths which give adults a head-start over children if they have to learn the Piano. Though adults have some inherent strengths, they also have weaknesses which they acquire over the years. These are some of the weaknesses which prevent lot of adults from taking the plunge in the first place. But as long as you are focused and aware that you need to give it some time, it becomes easier for you to learn the Piano. If you factor these things, your age has got nothing to do with how good you can become at playing the Piano. Here are the best portable music keyboards available for under 200 dollars to help you get started, some of these will be the fun-to-play lighted piano keyboards. Serious piano students — children or adults should go in for a decent 88-key digital piano, if you intend to take piano instructions for a few years and are serious about learning to play the piano. Digital pianos nowadays offer realistic piano sounds in a sleek package, with the higher-end models have fully-weighted hammer-action keys that feel like the keys on a real piano. Though parents are keen to get their children started as early as possible, adults and seniors on the other hand feel apprehensive about learning because they think that it is late to learn.

Adults who are Music participants show greater health, demonstrate a reduced rate of visits to the doctor when compared with non-participants. But the problem is adults spend a lot of time unnecessarily thinking whether they should learn the Piano or not. Even if they do, lots of them give it up midway simply because they lose their focus or because they do not have sufficient patience.
Once you get past the beginner piano player level, your improvement will depend purely on how much practice you are willing to put in.
There are additional advantages like greater improvements in depression symptoms, isolation, morale, and improved social interaction, while non-participants showed reduced interaction.

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