Piano Music Reading Skills".Once you understand the basic elements, practice patiently, persistently, and consistently and success will follow.
Once you have figured out where to start, begin learning each piece using the following routine: 1. I have found Sheet Music Plus to be a fantastic resource for piano books & other materials.
If you look at the picture carefully then you can see that there is a big gap in the middle between the two clefs. You".For the most direct, organized, and progressive path to learning to play the piano, start the Piano Skills Foundation series of piano lessons.

Start by learning those three or four notes, and then expand slowly.If you are using flash cards, apps and other learning tools, you'll get there. There's a big jump that we take from knowing all the letters in the alphabet, and then being able to read words quickly. I like the Alfred's Adult Series but there's quite a selection and many people on the Adult Beginner's Forum that can make recommendations.
It has the staffs with all the notes on it, and put that on the music stand or over the keys. The ones placed over the keys usually have the letters line up with the corresponding white key.

If you think that will help you, you can make your own with a pen or printer and some card stock.Everyone has to start where they are.

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