This lesson has two parts and if you have never done typing before or taken typing lessons or if you are a 2, 3, or 4 finger typist, you must work through EVERY lesson, IN ORDER, so that you can lay a GOOD TYPING FOUNDATION for your typing success.
With your fingers over the HOME KEYS, copy the text from ABOVE each exercise box by tapping the same key on your keyboard.
With the mouse cursor inside a text box, hold down the Control Key and tap (type) the letter A. Using only the four Left hand letter keys, D and F on the Home Key row with E and R on the row above we can feel out the word ‘fred’ which is one of 16 words that can be formed from only these four letters. On the Home Keys tap these fingers on d f d f d f d f then on the row above tap e r e r e r e r. Want to "Touch-Type Like a PRO?" Our new eBook is both a motivational coach, an instruction book and is packed with hot study tips. Under DOS, pressing the Print Screen key immediately sent the contents of the screen to the printer. The Scroll Lock key is more useful under DOS where pressing it will stop text on the screen from scrolling off the top of the screen. When the Caps Lock key is on, pressing any alphabetic key will result in an upper case (capital) letter. When Num lock is off, the Numeric Keypad responds as navigation keys using the alternate markings on the keys. Some programs have an indicator on screen to show you whether your typing will overwrite characters or will be inserted. Another use of the TAB key is to move the focus on the computer screen through a series of buttons or text boxes or other objects.
There are two copies on the keyboard of the Enter key - one by the middle row of alphabet letters and one on the numeric keypad.
When Num lock is off, the number keys are navigation keys, using the alternate markings on the keys.
This NumLock toggle was created before dedicated navigation keys were added to the keyboard. Some keyboards have extra keys along the edges, or wherever they can squeeze them in, which are shortcuts to control the computer or your favorite program. Gaming keyboards might have keys you can program with that fancy key combo you discovered (the one that gets you piles of nuggets or olives or jewels or whatever your game keeps score with and lots of Health and Strength). Used in combination with the alphabetic keys to get upper case letters, one at a time, or with number keys to get the upper symbol on the key.

The Shift key can be used in combination with the Alt and Control keys to change the effects of another key. DescriptionClasses cover a variety of topics, including computer basics to the Microsoft Office programs.
What will I learn from the English lesson learning about various computer Items English lesson? Following on the the English lesson Personal Computer parts this lesson will help you learn the English words for the items that can be used with personal computers and laptops.
Yes, the first one is the wireless, cordless which as the ability to work without using any wires between the mouse and the computer. CD is short for compact disc, a compact disc is a flat, round and used for storing things on. If your mouse was to malfunction, you can use the keys on your keyboard to navigate and perform functions on your computer.
These keys are listed between F1-F12 are commonly used as shortcuts for computer functions.
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User response is the user's answer to the computer's question, such as choosing OK, YES, or NO or by typing in text, for example the name of a file.
Keyboards for different languages or different operating systems have different special keys! Ergonomic keyboards even have a different shape, curved to fit the natural fall of the wrists. Speciality keys: Some control the computer in some way - Sleep, Browser controls, Mail, Volume, Shut Down, Calculator, etc. The upper character is a symbol and is accessed by holding the SHIFT key down while pressing the key. By holding the ALT key down while you press the TAB key, you can rotate through each of the open windows on a Windows computer. You can turn on Caps Lock when you want a lot of capital letters to save holding the Shift key down for a long time. This key is usually on the left or right side of the left side CTRL key and its label is usually in a different color. The complete list of programs is: PC Literacy I (Wednesday, August 10, 2 pm) An introduction to that result from persistent keyboard usage.

Rather than becoming quick on the keys learn where the keys are and what they are used for. The image used on the next page to illustrate the various keys may not look like the keyboard you are using. Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcuts (for Windows 10 but most work in other versions, too. But if you hold it down while pressing another key, the effect of that key may be different from usual. On the basis of type, the computer keyboards What makes for "basic layout is cumbersome. The laser printer uses a laser beam reflected from a mirror to attract toner (ink) to the selected parts of the paper as a sheet passes over a drum. The icon on the button varies with the version of Windows that was popular when the keyboard was designed. Laptop computers have fewer keys but have an additional Fn key, that can be combined with other keys to replace the missing keys. With the first typewriters, the typists had trouble with the mechanical keys jamming each other because the typists could strike the keys faster than the keys could get out of each others' way. In a spreadsheet the ENTER key usually registers the value you just typed in a cell and moves the focus to a different cell. It is used in combination with other keys to insert characters that are not on the regular keys. If the keyboard looks like it’s missing something, it is, and we’re not talking about backlighting (which isn’t expected at this price, For both toddlers and a new primary program for children 3 to 6 years old, the school has developed the FutureKiddie Puterbugs program, designed to introduce them to basic In previous Windows releases, Microsoft allowed a pen to work like a mouse when it came to system interaction,.and there were a handful of in box (mostly terrible) and external If you are new to the Windows platform with multiple types of input such as keyboard, mouse, touch, pen, and Xbox One controllers. There are situations where it makes a difference whether you use the ALT key on the left or the one on the right! If you need to further tailor your UI to a specific screen size or device, new layout panels and tooling help you Part of this strength is the flexibility of the touch keyboard, something that has been enhanced in Windows 8.1, making favourable comparisons with the software keyboards on other platforms.
But so many people are familiar and skilled with the old way that it does not seem likely that the layout will change. The keyboard mentioned here is a “basic” keyboard layout you’re adding data to a worksheet with In all of our variable windows, when any values but don’t want to modify your window layout.

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