Apple’s computer Mice are bad except Apple Magic Mouse, which was first introduced in the fall of 2009. Actually, with the wireless Apple keyboard, you can use Home, End, Page Up and Page Down by holding Fn and using the arrow keys (Left and Right = Home and End; Up and Down = Page Up and Page Down). As for the lack of a numeric keypad, I guess one can simply purchase an external numeric keypad, but that would be a different story depending on how they intend to use their computer. If you use the US Keyboard layout, you’ll quickly find the modifier keys are in the correct locations vs the JIS model. But you cannot easily do command ~ to cycle through windows in an app with the JIS keyboard for example.
I agree they should make a wireless keyboard with the full size, including number pad, arrow keys and those other odd keys. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. Note that per default pressing F11 for example will work as a media key (change volume in your case). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged mountain-lion or ask your own question.
To start, the definite high point of the Das Keyboard is the tactile feedback it provides when a key is pressed. Please also note, if you hold down the Shift key for any of the commands below, you’ll select the text in between the current position of your cursor and the position the cursor will go.
It can only be taken apart because the top and bottom parts are not screwed together as I had assumed: they are glued. Somehow, I need to convince the accounting software that this keyboard is now an R&D expense instead of, err, an asset.
I am curious what the assembly looks like in the bump with the USB ports that tips the keyboard up.
So is there any way you would say a person could take the key caps off to clean them with some hope of putting them back on? After my cat knocked a glass of water over on my Apple Keyboard, the key pad and arrows keys stopped working.
The trick is patience, putting the keys face down on a surface, and peeling from the front to the back after heating the keyboard in the oven.

It appears that when water gets into the keyboard, it dissolves the glue (or the dirt underneath the keys), which is what gets between the layers of contact film and shorts them out. The top aluminum frame is far more difficult to take apart thought, as it is spot welded every two keys or so to the middle sandwich of aluminum with the circuit for the keyboard matrix. This middle sandwich I did not took apart, because I was not trying to destroy it, but to repair it, and I figured it would very likely damage the circuit matrix. It’s beautifully solid, the opposite of clunky, and I am rapidly getting very used to it. I had an apple wired keyboard on my PC for a while after giving up macs but not wanting to give up the interface. I bought my laptop in the USA and switched the windows language option to UK and got exactly that result so, maybe, you could get your delete by playing with the language options a bit? Interesting how comments spring to life when I write about something geeky to do with computers, which seems to be the one thing that all my readers have in common, apart from being my readers that is. It could be that the previous Rob has it right and you’re just pressing Ctrl when you should be pressing Fn. The del button on a full size Mac keyboard is on the numeric pad, which is why you don’t have one on your compact version. As for that delete forward thing, well, I only have to put the cursor forward a few characters before deleting, and I am getting used to that. Using a Windows keyboard on a Mac is much more common if course, given that Apple sells the Mac Mini with few accessories and encourages people to use they keyboard, screen and mouse they have already if they like them. My main irritation concerning # is not so much that it requires the alt key as that the character is not printed on they key.
I am not actually using a Mac keyboard with PC hardware running Windows - I am running Windows as a secondary operating system on my Mac.
Brian, if you want to always get the character printed on the key, I can install an appropriate driver on your computer.
I doubt Brian is about to do this right now (although the current Mac Mini is a great little machine) but if he is he should wait a week or two, as rumours have it that a better and cheaper version will be released real soon now. Graphic Designers should hate Apple Wireless Keyboard because it doesn’t have a numerical keypad. Accountants should hate Apple Wireless Keyboard because it doesn’t have a numerical keypad.

Writers should hate Apple Wireless Keyboard because they have no access to Home key, End key, Delete key and others.
The state of things is so bad that Japanese users do not know the great keyboard shortcuts they’re missing. This happens because easy key is controlled by its own switch, just like old IBM keyboards, giving it a unique feel when pressed. Tapscape is also a leading reviewer of the latest in apps for both iOS and Android devices, with over 2000 apps reviewed to date. I used a long knife to pry it apart and accidently cut a thin connector at the back, but now that I know, I’m sure I could do it without breaking it. I tried to cut the film on one side of the contact pad to peel them apart and clean out the gunk, but foolishly cut one of the traces that lead up to the pad.
It happens that glues in general don’t like to be frozen, and so it was quite easy to take it apart after some sub-zero love. When I installed it, there was a prepackaged set of drivers to install on Windows to get all the Mac hardware (including the keyboard) right. These keyboards provides tactile feedback as well as a few other cool features which I’ve covered below. Currently, there is no wireless variant of the Das Keyboard and we’re not sure if one is coming.
It’s also nice that the Das Keyboard has all standard OS X keys, making it an easy switch from a standard Apple keyboard. Apple have decided to use the alt key as a second shift to make it possible to generate all kinds of characters directly that one cannot get on Windows keyboards. I suspect Brian has no such keyboard driver installed, which is why he is not always getting the character printed on the key. But, I think that knowing how the layers are made up, one can peel them apart with a thin knife and clean out the gunk with hopes of fixing the keys.
This is fine, but different from Windows, and when it is being used to generate characters that are on Windows keyboards but are accessed differently, it needs slightly more signposting.

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