Alternative keyboards are highly customizable computer input tools with unique configurations for individuals who have difficulty using a standard keyboard.
Maltron ergonomic keyboards for Windows are specifically designed and shaped to fit the easy movements of hands, fingers and thumbs. IntelliKeys is a flexible, alternative keyboard providing individualized support for young students, struggling learners, and ELL students. Waterproof keyboards designed for environments in which hygienic conditions are a necessity. Dear Lifehacker, I keep hearing about how great alternative keyboard layouts like Dvorak or Maltron are, but I’m not really convinced that I need to use one.
Photos by Dagonweb, Jesse Vincent, Miettinen, StuartBrady, Yes0song, Magnus Manske, Damien Pollet. Dvorak was created because the inventor (August Dvorak) thought that QWERTY wasn’t comfortable and you wasted too much energy moving your fingers around.
Colemak is incredibly close to QWERTY and only makes 17 changes to the key layout (as well as gets rid of the rarely used caps lock key). Dvorak and his co-authors claimed that their studies established that students learn Dvorak faster than they learn QWERTY.
Ergonomic studies also confirm that the advantages of Dvorak are either small or nonexistent. The results of this study support the assertions that the Dvorak keyboard allows for faster and easier learning of typing, and faster typing for the experienced typist. Thankfully, for the most part, you can try most of these keyboard layouts on your own without buying a new keyboard (you can buy stickers like this if you want the visual reference). So, you have a bunch of options for picking out an alternative keyboard, and while there’s not a heck of a lot of scientific evidence out there that they improves ergonomics or speed, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence. I know its not quite the same but I've been gaming with a Logitech G13 for a few years now and love it. My only issue is every so often when playing BF3 or 4 it won't load the profile meaning I have no controls. Dvorak is the way to go, not having to move your fingers from the home position for vowels alone would have to be a speed improvement. If you have a keyboard with the same shape keys on each row you can switch them about to make your own Dvorak keyboard.
I've been really enjoying learning Dvorak for One Hand, so I can touch-type while holding a sleeping baby. The only really annoying thing is that you need a shift key below the space bar to make reaching easier (or a sticky shift key, so you hit shift and then the key you want capitalised; that would work too).
There is a very interesting open source software project that focuses on stenography on a qwerty keyboard, achieving speeds double that of a fast typist.
While Pokemon GO is great for interval workouts, it's not always easy to play while you're on a nice long run.

At approximately 12am tonight, the Delta Aquarid meteor shower will begin to light up the Australian skies.
The directory for software, hardware and computer settings to make your computer easier to use.
The Gateway website provides a guide into the different sort of keyboards that are available. The final app that we think you should consider is Keymoji : Emoji Autocomplete Keyboard, which we recently discussed. We hope that you like these alternative iOS 8 keyboards, but if you have any more you would like to add to the list, then please do so below. Ergonomically designed, alternative keyboards reduce hand and wrist movement and can be programmed to perform various complex functions.
Advocates for alternative keyboard layouts claim they’re more ergonomic, easier to learn and allow you to type faster. Like Dvorak, your fingers don’t have to stretch as much with Colemak as they do with QWERTY, which supposedly makes typing faster and easier.
Instead of a group of keys in a rectangle, Maltron separates the keys on different sides of a number pad. This is usually why people who suffer from RSI tend to gravitate toward these keyboard layouts. But they compared students of different ages and abilities (for example, students learning Dvorak in grades 7 and 8 at the University of Chicago Lab School were compared with students learning QWERTY in conventional high schools), in different school systems, taking different tests in classes that met for different lengths of time. This is an important finding for clinicians who are considering alternative keyboard patterns for clients with fatigue or performance limits to productivity. That said, post-Guinness record holders who competed online beat that record on traditional QWERTY keyboards. Alternative keyboard layouts absolutely cause you to move your fingers less, we know that much because the most popular keys are all in the centre row on alternative keyboards.
It’s obviously going to take me a bit of work to maintain proficiency with both QWERTY and Colemak. Users suggest it takes around a month of training before you’re acclimated to the new keyboard.
A quick Alt+TAB and close and re-open the Logitech Gaming Software fixes it in about 5 seconds. The celestial event will be visible with the naked eye thanks to mostly clear skies across the continent. The holes are positioned over each key and they make it impossible to press two keys at once.
Not only will you be able to type faster with the use of this app, but you can see more of your screen. Some of its main features are intuitive language models that can learn by what you type, there are five themes, and you can quickly enter symbols.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more popular alternatives, as well as the pros and cons for using them.
Dvorak tries to put the most-used keys, like vowels, at a place where they’re easy to access to save you keystrokes. Again, the keyboard is laid out by frequency of use so your hands don’t have to move too often, and the keyboard is supposed to be more ergonomic than QWERTY. However, there’s little research into the claims that these layouts are faster or more ergonomic.
One doesn’t need to be a scientist to realise that such comparisons are not the stuff of controlled experiments.
Because initial typing rates on any new keyboard will likely be lower than on a familiar one, and because the subjects took longer to achieve fluency on the Dvorak keyboard, the study suggests that a clinician teaching this alternative pattern to clients must provide support over the time required to achieve fluid typing. All of this is to say, as far as speed is concerned, the difference between QWERTY and Dvorak is still pretty inconclusive.
The alternative, being unable to use most other computers effectively, is very unappealing. Oh and while playing Chivalry in 1st person view I was pushing so hard on the keys the rubber feet came off, damn that game is intense in that view.
They're also working on a physical USB compatible stenography keyboard that won't require any special software, with a price of <$200.
As a further benefit, it is possible to rest your hands and arms on the guard without pressing any keys.
Some of its other features include super-accurate autocorrect, as well as intelligent next-word prediction. What we also like about this keyboard app for iOS 8 is how people with big fingers can still use it with ease.
Even in their studies, however, the evidence is mixed as to whether students learning Dvorak retain an advantage, since the differences seemed to diminish as training progressed. The consistent finding in ergonomic studies is that the results imply no clear advantage for Dvorak, and certainly no advantage of the magnitude that is so often claimed. Some people claim it helps with RSI, but those claims are also usually accompanied with better posture and improved keyboard habits in general. If you are thinking of downloading this one, then you better hurry, as it will go back up to its full price of $3.99 soon.

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