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Available in both traditional acoustic and "Silent" models, the Series offers a sturdy contemporary design that features back posts for added strength, while the specially designed soundboard and high-grade hammers endow the b1 with an unrivalled richness and sound depth for a 43" piano. Yamaha's patented Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail eliminates the common fluctuations in wood and metal encased rails that affect touch, thus allowing for a more stable, long-lasting action regulation.
Thanks to its impressive presence and sturdy construction, the new 113cm K113 delivers a rich, expansive sound with great depth and volume.
The 3-ply solid maple bridge guarantees optimum tuning stability and makes a significant contribution to the K113’s tonal personality. Taiwan Yamaha was the first Yamaha piano factory outside of Japan and has been producing upright pianos since 1969. They tend, in my opinion, to have superior tone and action as compared with other makes in the same price range.

Yamaha's renowned, pure, clear tone and easy to play, responsive keyboard touch make this upright perfect for beginning piano students. At 45" high, the b2 offers a larger, more traditional case with the same width and depth of the b1. Each key of a Yamaha piano is individually weighted, allowing all keys to play uniformly, ensuring a lifetime of superior touch and control across the entire keyboard. Front and rear castors enhance movability and the beautiful, traditional cabinetry ensures that the K113 elegantly complements your living space. Its highly skilled and experienced labor force uses advanced Yamaha-designed machinery and adheres to the Company’s superior quality control standards. A favorite in Japanese and European households for years, the recently launched Continental style b1 is designed for maximum performance, incorporating exceptional craftsmanship, space-conscious design and high-quality sound at a wallet-friendly price. Like all Yamaha pianos, the b Series offers Uniform Key Travel to ensure that regardless of size, type or model, Yamaha keyboards will always feel the same.

All new Uprights feature actions, plates, hammers and tuning pins identical to previous models.
All other materials (strings, soundboard, back frame, case parts and veneers) are of equal or better quality than the previous line. Additionally, all new Upright lines feature attractive, hand-rubbed polyurethane finishes that wear better than traditional lacquer finishes.

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