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Cook's Illustrated Revolutionary Recipes. 25 years of Groundbreaking Recipes. Exclusive Collector's Edition with 50 Bonus Recipes! Cover Price: $50.00. Your Price: $34.99.
Dear friend,
Has it really been 25 years since our first issue? It just doesn’t seem possible until I think about all the recipes I’ve tasted in our test kitchens over the years. We’re talking thousands of bites. Two daughters were born, grew up, and left the nest since I started work at Cook’s Illustrated in 1993. Suffice it to say they changed much more than the magazine, as we left well enough alone—all the detailed play-by-play of the recipe trial and error in our test kitchens, breakthrough “aha” moments explained by science, extensively researched product ratings, and ingenious quick tips submitted by home cooks.
To mark this major milestone, our editors and test cooks compiled the most groundbreaking, innovative recipes from 25 years of Cook’s Illustrated into one book. Appropriately called Revolutionary Recipes, this big, beautiful, giftable hardcover book is packed with glorious full-page photos. And each recipe is accompanied by the original essay and sidebars from the print edition. The collector’s edition—which is not available in bookstores or from online retailers—includes 50 additional recipes, each with a full-page photo.
Animation showing the inside of the book.
Order now and save 30% off your special collector’s edition of Revolutionary Recipes and rediscover why Cook’s Illustrated has been America’s most trusted cooking magazine for 25 years. You’ll learn better ways to cook. That’s it. And that’s a lot. Order now and you’ll also get a special digital issue of Cook’s Illustrated full of recipes our fans picked as their favorites from our first 25 years ($12.95 on newsstands, but yours free to download on any device today.)
All our best,
Jack Bishop Signature
Jack Bishop
Chief Creative Officer
P.S. Exciting changes are in store. Starting with the November/December 2018 issue of Cook’s Illustrated, you’ll see full-color photos throughout, nutritional information for every recipe (free on the web), recipe pairings to help you plan meals, and more.
Revolutionary Recipes: Our Favorites. Cook’s Illustrated 25 Years of Your Favorite Recipes: Fan Favorites.
Order Revolutionary Recipes and get the special digital issue 25 Years of Your Favorite Recipes FREE
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“Such thorough methodology provides solid recipes—I have yet to make a Cook’s Illustrated recipe that fails.”
–the washington post
25 Years of Never Resting on our Laurels
A Piece of Test Kitchen History
A handpicked collection of 230 of the most groundbreaking and iconic Cook’s Illustrated recipes that tell the story of this modern culinary touchstone (and of American home cooking) over the past two and a half decades.
Timeline showing Cook's Illustrated recipes through the years.
Beautiful Gift Package
The deep-dive essays, educational sidebars, and trademark illustrations that make Cook’s Illustrated so valued and beloved, alongside gorgeous new full-color photographs all bound in an exclusive edition that’s not available in bookstores or from online retailers.
Go-To Recipes for Everyday Cooking
Revolutionary Recipes is an indispensable everyday cookbook full of foolproof recipes that celebrate the passionate persistence of our test cooks.
Our most innovative recipes and the stories behind them
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“I have trouble cooking pork chops. Or at least I did until I read Cook’s Illustrated magazine.”
–Columbus Dispatch
The Best Way to Cook, Period.
Discover the best versions of everything from everyday basics to more complex, showstopping projects. Brimming with the energy, curiosity, and discoveries of passionate test cooks from across the years, these recipes will change the way you think, cook, and—best of all—eat.
We harness the intense heat of the broiler to produce juicy meat and crisp skin.
Our recipe for One-Hour Broiled Chicken and Pan Sauce tops our famous Weeknight Roast Chicken recipe by shaving 35 minutes off the total time required (prep to plate). How did we do it? A chicken, a pair of kitchen shears, a paring knife, and a strategically placed oven rack add up to a golden-brown, juicy, tender, hands-off broiled chicken and sauce fit for any night of the week.
No gummy coating on these pan-fried pork chops: Cornflakes, cornstarch, and buttermilk are the secrets to better breading.
For a light and flavorful multigrain loaf, we turn to an unexpected source: seven-grain hot cereal mix.
To highlight the pure butternut squash flavor, this recipe makes use of the whole vegetable—even the fibers and seeds.
To transform eye-round roast into an impressive centerpiece, cook it in a low oven and then turn off the heat.
A dunk in salted water before baking and a brush of oil at the end produces well-seasoned potatoes with fluffy interiors and crisp skins.
When exactly does a potato reach it’s dry and fluffy stage—the point at which it’s done? We cooked bushels of potatoes, placing probes at exterior points and removing them at different temperatures, then checking the temperature of the potatoes’ cores with a digital thermometer. Once we had the optimal time and temperatures, we tested various methods to reach them. Then we took on the skin, figuring out a crisping and seasoning strategy. Now you can have The Perfect Baked Potato anytime, everytime.
Bread flour gives our cupcakes enough structure to support an ultrachocolaty crumb and a rich ganache center.
Oil-poaching delicate fish fillets in the oven makes this recipe hands-off and foolproof.
Enhancing store-bought broth with ground chicken and aromatics yields a rich-tasting base for this easy soup.
A panade made with soft bread and buttermilk keeps our meatballs moist, tender, and cohesive.
Groundbreaking techniques. Compelling Voices.
One-of-a-Kind Recipes.
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Cook’s Illustrated’s success is remarkable when you consider just how easy it is to find free recipes on the Internet. But Cook’s Illustrated has one big thing going for it: trust.”
–Media Matters
Image showing various Cook's Illustrated magazine covers.
“The food geek’s bible.”
–The Wall Street Journal
Exclusive Collector's Book With 50 Bonus Recipes
Save 30%! Cook's Illustrated Revolutionary Recipes.
This collection tells the story of Cook’s Illustrated and of American home cooking over the past quarter century. Packed with innovative techniques, kitchen science, deep dives into culinary history, and most importantly, entirely foolproof Cook’s Illustrated recipes, this special collector’s edition is a book you’ll use for years to come.
Free bonus with purchase
Cook’s Illustrated 25 Years of Your Favorite Recipes Special Digital Issue
Fan Favorite Recipes
We reached out to fans and asked them to share their favorite Cook’s Illustrated recipes . . . and were flooded with responses. This special issue complements Revolutionary Recipes (Which recipes did both our editors and our fans choose? Surprisingly few!) and includes quotes from fans, such as this one about our Chewy Brownies recipe: “If I want to welcome a neighbor, give a little gift to someone, this is IT. They’re perfectly chewy, decadently chocolaty, and just the right balance of bitter to sweet. I don’t bother trying other recipes; this is THE one.” (Thank you, Beth F. from Knoxville, Tennessee!).
Cover Price: $50.00; Your Price: $34.99
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