Confidential: The Melt Up Event

Is it All Over for Stocks?

By Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

Executive Summary

Nine and a half years into this great boom in stocks – and there's still opportunity, nearly everywhere I look...

I'm serious!

I can't remember a moment in my entire career with such a large number of completely different opportunities, available and poised for triple-digit profits.

I know that sounds crazy to say... especially when U.S. stocks have gone up every single calendar year since 2008. That's nine straight years so far... a crazy achievement.

And stocks are up so far in 2018. If this continues for about four more months, then stocks will set a record – 10 straight "up" years. (These numbers are based on the benchmark S&P 500 Index, and they include dividends.)

Ten straight years? This can't go on much longer – right?

The story gets even crazier...

Before the global financial crisis in 2008, stocks had gone up for five straight calendar years. That's five "up" years before 2008... and 10 "up" years after 2008... which means:

If this continues for the rest of the year, then U.S. stocks will have been "up" in 15 of the past 16 years.

Any rational person would think, "This is crazy. This has to end – soon!"

I'm sure you've heard that stocks are supposed to be a "random walk" – a bit up, and a bit down – with a bit more up than down over the long run. That means the occasional big fall will happen now and then. Stocks are supposed to come with some risk.

And if you've followed investing for a while, you know that what happens to U.S. stocks often has serious consequences for many other investments around the world. If U.S. stocks fall 20%, then chances are good European stocks (for example) will fall in a similar way, based on history.

So when I say, "There's still opportunity out there, nearly everywhere I look," your reasonable response should be something like this:

"Steve, how can you possibly see opportunity everywhere – when U.S. stocks have gone up for so many years now?"

I get it. I know what you are saying.

But I promise, we're seeing several potential once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities setting up out there. Many of these have triple-digit upside potential. I'm not talking about an individual stock here or there. I'm talking about entire asset classes.

Keep in mind, I am not your financial adviser... I do not earn more in fees if you have more money invested in my ideas. I don't have anything to gain if you raise or lower the amount of money you have invested.

What I am concerned about is this: I don't want your rational thinking about U.S. stocks to make you miss out on what could be some of the biggest investing gains of your life.

So in this Special Report, I will share the reason why so many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are brewing right now. I'll also share the #1 thing you can do today to make sure you're prepared to profit from what's to come in the stock market.

Good investing,

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

P.S. Just recently I hosted an online Melt Up event with some of the biggest names in finance. Over 115,000 people signed up to attend and clips from the evening have gone viral since they first debuted. During the event I revealed a unique way you could potentially make between 100% and 1,000% gains in the coming month.s in fact, I'm so confident in the money-making opportunities I found, I even attached a unique guarantee. Given the market swings we've seen recently, what's I covered during the event could realistically determine who gets wealthy in the coming months and who gets left behind. As a special Thank You bonus for downloading my report, I''m inviting you watch a replay of my event free of charge. To watch, just click here .


About Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

Hi, my name is Steve Sjuggerud.

I'm a former hedge fund manager, stock broker, and Vice President of a global mutual fund. I have a PhD in Finance.

18 years ago, I co-founded one of the largest financial education and research firm in America. Today, we have more than 300,000 customers in more than 120 countries around the globe.

Our business model is very different from what you typically find on Wall Street. We don't manage money. We don't get paid investment banking fees. We don't offer financing or help private firms "go public."

Instead, we make money in a totally different way—our only income comes from folks who pay us for quality investment ideas. If we provide our customers with great ideas that help them make lots of money—they stick with us for the long term.

It's that simple.

I'm proud to say we've built what is widely considered the largest and most successful business of our kind in the world—all because we have a terrific track record of helping people find extraordinary investment opportunities—year after year. (We've been in business now for nearly two decades.)

This is one of the most exciting stories of my career—and I'm happy to share it with you. Yet not only is the mainstream press saying very little about it, they are often even discouraging investors from getting in on this incredible opportunity.

It really is incredible how the mainstream press misleads investors, again and again...

In early 2007, for example, Forbes ran a big story called "Housing Boom!!" in which their world-famous expert said: "There won't be any housing disaster. We won't have a landing at all, soft or hard."


And in January 2009, Money Magazine ran a special report titled: "Is it All Over for Stocks?" The article said: "The global financial system appears to be broken... the virtues of equities have often been oversold."

Of course, stocks are up 300% since that article appeared.

Well, I have been helping my subscribers make money every step of the way.

For example:

  • The top of the dot-com bubble in 2000. I wrote, "We are at the peak of most likely the greatest financial mania that we will ever see in our lifetimes." And I told my subscribers to get out.  As you know, the bubble burst shortly after and the NASDAQ fell 75% from its peak.
  • In 2003 I wrote, "My conclusion is simple – invest in Gold." Gold immediately began climbing from $400 to $1,900. And I told my subscribers about an individual gold stock that ultimately returned 995%.
  • In 2005 I issued an odd prediction that timber of all things would be the "best investment for the next 7 years." And it did just that, outperforming global stocks, bonds and real estate for 7 years.

But it's what I've said in the last few years that's helping tens of thousands of people grow wealthier than they ever imagined.

See for yourself...

While most Americas have stood on the sidelines during this bull market, here's what I've been telling my readers...

March 2014 Quantitative Easing begins to taper "I recognize that U.S. asset prices are starting to get 'up there.' They're no longer cheap. But they're not expensive yet, either."
August 2015 Stock market has worst one day drop since 2008 "There's a high probability for a solid stock market rally in the short term. Yesterday may have even been the bottom
January 2016 North Korea begins testing nuclear program. Experts say the S&P could decline 75% "Stocks aren't doomed because of a weak start to the year. There are plenty of reasons to be cautious about stocks today. But a weak January is not one of them..."
November 2016 Despite "Trump Bump" only HALF of Americans say they have money invested in the stock market "Stocks have performed incredibly well under a Republican trifecta. The last time around (from 2003 to 2006), stocks didn't have a single losing year."
March 2017 Brexit "We're in the late stages of a great bull market... And the biggest gains tend to happen at this point. If you're not invested yet, you should be!"
November 2017 Apple iPhone battery scandal "You know I'm a strong believer in what I call the Melt Up. Take advantage of it..."
February 2018 Biggest one-day spike ever for the VIX index – the market's "fear gauge" "Don't get spooked out of the market. I believe there's still plenty of upside ahead..."
April 2018 Facebook's biggest one-day drop ever "Today, we're near the end of the game for this bull market. That gives us an advantage. We have a chance to earn big gains in a short period of time as a result. Don't miss it.

And now, for the first time ever, my firm is going to extreme lengths so that as many people as possible – not just our paid subscribers – understand one simple idea.

That there will NEVER be another opportunity like this again.
Not in this lifetime.

I call it "The Melt Up."

If you thought Bitcoin mania was crazy... buckle up.

Put simply, I believe that in the next 6-9 months we're going to see the stock market hit higher highs faster than anyone could ever imagine.

There is going to be a massive buying frenzy... and all sorts of things that might seem crazy to you now will become the new normal.

I'm talking about:

  • An Uber Driver telling you he's loading up on Amazon at $2,000 per share...
  • A Stripper bragging about her E-Trade account...
  • A family BBQ resembling an open outcry trading floor...
  • Text messages with stock tips from high school friends you haven't heard from in years...
  • Your Facebook feed filled with stories of friends quitting their jobs to day-trade...
  • And your neighbor's kid dropping out of college after making 500% on a tiny tech stock you've never heard of.

I first issued this prediction in 2015 in front of a small audience at a luxury casino in Las Vegas.

And despite my solid track record of big predictions... like gold in 2003, biotech in 2012, and real estate in 2011...

Many doubted The Melt Up.

But the NASDAQ index is up 159% since my speech in Vegas.

And stocks across most sectors are on a tear.

Take the technology sector, for example.

  • Despite recent volatility, tech giant Facebook is still up 340% since its debut in 2012.
  • Apple is up more than 1,590% since its bottom in 2009.
  • And Amazon is up an unbelievable 4,200% since the housing crash.

But these gains are chump change compared to what's around the corner.

And I'd like to prove this to you during an event I'm hosting on October 24th. It's called the Melt Up event and registration is free and immediate if you click this link.

On October 24th, I will reveal exactly how to play these final months of the Melt Up.

And... perhaps more importantly... GET OUT before things come to a screeching halt.

Before I move on to the Melt Up, let me explain one thing...

My philosophy in business and life is to do whatever I'd wish done for me if our roles were reversed.

I believe that you should never listen to anyone about money or the stock market unless you know what they believe in and what their results are.

I plan to spend the next  30+ pages showing you who I am and what I believe in, but I'd also like to provide my track record information for full disclosure.

For nearly two decades, I've published an investment newsletter called True Wealth. The idea behind it is simple. I recommend you buy assets of great value when no one else wants them... and sell when others will pay any price.

Here are the results...

True Wealth Avg Gain Annualized Gain Avg Days Held Winners Losers Winning %
All Years 20.7% 16.2% 466 156 99 61.2%
10 year 17.3% 15.9% 396 104 81 56.2%
5 Year 15.0% 16.5% 331 55 46 54.5%
3 Year 13.4% 20.2% 242 42 29 59.2%
2009 Bottom 19.7% 16.6% 434 90 63 58.8%

Then, in 2011 I worked with a team of computer engineers and data scientists to build a "supercomputer" for my team and I to make our stock market predictions. The machine tracks historical data across all sectors and markets. We then use the results to recommend trading strategies for our readers that they would normally never hear about. Most of the trades are executed with easy-to-buy ETFs that often use leverage to amplify returns.

Here are the results...

True Wealth Systems Avg Gain Annualized Gain Avg Days Held Winners Losers Winning %
All Years 17.4% 26.0% 245 53 61 46.5%
5 Year 13.7% 22.2% 226 49 52 48.5%
3 Year 7.3% 14.2% 187 34 35 49.3%

Throughout my career, I've also had several noteworthy recommendations and big calls.  Below are the highlights...

Top 10 Noteworthy Positions

Name Symbol Open Date Open Price Close Date Close Price Gain
PNC Financial Warrants PNC/WS 12/6/2011 $11.40 12/29/2017 $17.75 581.8%
ProShares Ultra Health Care RXL 3/18/2011 $26.98 9/18/2015 $81.10 390.7%
St. Gaudens $20 Gold Coin MS63   6/20/2003 $490.00 2/20/2009 $1,830.00 273.5%
Liberty $20 Gold Coin AU50 L3 $20 6/20/2003 $425.00 2/20/2009 $1,300.00 205.9%
Blackstone Group BX 11/16/2012 $13.52 9/18/2015 $31.50 202.7%
St. Gaudens $20 Gold Coin MS65   6/20/2003 $950.00 12/18/2009 $2,675.00 181.6%
Texas Pacific Land Trust TPL 8/20/2010 $27.04 4/19/2013 $70.25 162.7%
ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotech BIB 12/6/2012 $29.43 4/3/2014 $75.25 146.9%
ProShares Ultra Technology ROM 3/18/2011 $61.38 9/18/2015 $109.84 131.4%
Berkshire Hathaway BRK/B 7/17/2009 $58.46 8/24/2015 $127.74 118.5%
Year Big Call Steve's Quote Actual Result
2000 Peak of Dot Com Bubble "We are at the peak of most likely the greatest financial mania that we will ever see in our lifetimes." NASDAQ falls more than 75%.
2001 ETF "Haven't heard of ETFs yet? You will. " By 2017, 7 of the 10 most actively traded securities on US stock markets last year were ETFs, not shares.
2002 Start of the Real Estate Bubble "We don't know how far the real estate bubble will go. One thing I think we can reasonably say is that has likely just begun." Those who listened and bought a house (or two) did quite well. Average home price rises 66%.
2003 Gold "The investment conclusion is simple, invest in gold."   Gold went from $400 to $1900 with select stocks (Seabridge) doing even better.
2004 Timber "Timber is one asset that is extraordinarily cheap right now." Timber outperforms global stocks, bonds and real estate for the next 8 years.
2005 Timber "The best investment for the next 7 years" Timber outperforms global stocks, bonds and real estate for the next 8 years.
2006 MLPs "If you're looking for retirement income, it doesn't get any better than this..." MLPs returns 2x the S&P 500 the following year.
2007 Chinese Commodities "We may have a moment here where the bloom is off both China and commodities. It might be a little window of opportunity..." PetroChina (PTR) went up 123% in 6 months.
2008 Market Crash Warning "It's time to play it safe... to move some money to higher ground." (January) Dow dropped from 15,000 to 9,000 points over the next few months.
2009 Bottom of the Market "We may never see opportunities this good again. So take advantage of it." (January) Steve took out a home equity line of credit on his house and loaded up on stocks. The market bottomed a month or so after he said this and Steve doubled his money.
2010 Real Estate "Housing has never been more affordable in America than it is right now." Interest in home buying soars from here
2011 Healthcare "The story is simple... Drug companies are record cheap. And investors have given up on them. At these record-cheap values, they're worth speculating on." ProShares Ultra Health Care (RXL) recommendation goes up 420%
2012 Real Estate Stocks "For a long time, I've been looking for an easy way for you to invest in residential real estate. But we finally have a way – and it's as easy as buying a stock!" Blackstone Recommendation (BX) goes up 192%
2013 Japanese Stocks This is exactly the kind of set-up we dream of: super-cheap values... in a market where nobody is interested... and a solid uptrend is in place. WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ) has nearly doubled since 2013
2014 US Stocks "The U.S. stock market will soar to record highs between now and the end of 2016. I expect it will soar far higher than anyone can imagine. Stock market hits 204 new highs since 2014
2015 New Reserve Currency "For the first time in 33 years, a new currency will likely get "reserve currency" status, joining the four other world reserve currencies." Chinese Renminbi RMB joins the SDR in November 2015
2016 Gold "It's finally time to get out of the U.S. dollar and buy gold stocks." (January) GDX doubled in six months
2017 Chinese A-Shares "This is the start of a major shift around the globe. By the time the dust settles, up to $1 trillion could flow into Chinese stocks." Steve creates a near perfect portfolio of Chinese stocks to take advantage of this idea

But now, in 2018 I'm focused on the Melt Up.

I believe it will be the biggest call of my career potentially making millionaires of people who follow my recommendations.

I hope you watch the replay of my special Oct 24th event.

Remember, just click here to watch.

The Melt Up is Here

The Melt Up is a powerful idea... But few investors truly understand it.

It's based on a simple premise...

Stocks often have their biggest, most explosive gains at the ends of major bull markets.

In short, before the big Melt Down arrives, we have the big Melt Up.

It's the final push higher before the bear market kicks in.

The most recent major example of this happened at the end of the 1990s bull market. The Nasdaq Composite Index soared more than 86% in 1999 alone. Now that was a Melt Up.

Importantly, the Melt Up typically begins after a time of extreme fear.

In late 1998, stocks had fallen dramatically in the wake of the Asian Crisis – when several Asian currencies crashed – and we hit a fear extreme. Then, stocks surprised everyone and soared higher – the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 200% in 18 months during the dot-com bubble.

I can't guarantee a massive move like that again, of course. But I do believe that the coming years could resemble the late 1990s.

We appear to be in the very late innings of a great bull market... And as history shows, the fastest gains come in the final innings.

Why am I so confident?

There's one major reason. To put it simply... Stocks have recently done the same things that they did back in the 1990s.

Stocks fell dramatically when we were several years into that bull market... And then they soared dramatically, to new all-time highs.

That's happened again in recent years.

Let's take a closer look at these setup conditions this time around...

Stocks Hit a Fear Extreme... and Then Rise Dramatically to New All-Time Highs

In the past few years, we've seen two major pullbacks. And both led to major extremes in fear.

You can see both clearly by looking at this chart of the S&P 500...

Stocks fell in the fall of 2015 and at the beginning of 2016.

In both cases, the short-term downside was 10%-plus. Those were the first 10%-plus declines in stocks since 2011.

Investors had gotten used to consistent gains and easy money in the previous four years. But stocks showed a crack in their armor, and that caused a major spike in fear.

How do we define fear? It's more challenging than you think – you're trying to put a number on a human emotion.

We look at it in a variety of different ways, but the most common way to size up fear in the markets is through the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (the "VIX") – often referred to as the market's "fear gauge."

When stock prices move wildly, the VIX goes up. When stock prices aren't volatile, the VIX moves down.

The VIX spiked during both recent falls. Generally, a VIX reading of more than 20 shows fear in the market. In late-2015, the VIX rose above 40 – a level not seen since 2011. The VIX nearly hit 30 again in February 2016. Take a look...

This is exactly what we're looking for. It's exactly what happened before stocks Melted Up in the late 1990s.

A batch of fear hit investors... Stock prices fell... But then they recovered. They reached new all-time highs after that and continued to soar during the final stage of the bull market – the Melt Up.

This is all happening now. Stocks have soared since these corrections – just like at the end of the 1990s bull market.

They've also hit new all-time highs just about every month since fall 2016. And all of this makes me confident that the Melt Up has begun.

It's here... and we have to take advantage of it!

Because, you're  reading this, you probably realize that there's a lot more you could be doing to make money in the stock market. To help you make the most of this once-a-decade phenomenon, I strongly encourage you to watch my Melt Up event from October 24th.  You can view it right here.  During the replay, you'll hear from many of the biggest and most powerful names in finance including legendary investor Jim Rogers, best-selling author and financial guru, Robert Kiyosaki, (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad), institutional investor, David Tice, former hedge fund mogul, Whitney Tilson, and more.  During the event, I explain why now might be your last chance at triple digit gains in the stock market. 


How I know We've got the Green Light to Profit

U.S. stocks have broken out...

This is great news... It confirms our Melt Up opportunity is in full swing. We don't have to worry. We can be fully invested now.

We've got "green lights" from four of my five early warning indicators since they are hitting new highs.

As I explained to my paid subscribers in May, we've been tracking a total of five early warning indicators for the market. These indicators have a history of flashing "sell" when the overall market is near a peak.

Now, these aren't "stop what you're doing and sell" indicators. Instead, they tend to warn us of a coming collapse far in advance. If the market is going up, but these indicators turn down, it's a bad sign.

Fortunately, our early warning indicators say we're in good shape today. They say the market is healthy, and more gains are possible.

To show you what I mean, let's take a look at two early warning indicators we've been checking on since the start of this bull market back at the end of 2008.

We'll start with small-cap stocks...

Small-cap stocks give us a deeper look into what's happening in the market. If the overall market is soaring but small caps aren't, that's cause for concern. It means only the biggest companies are succeeding... which means the boom could be ripe for collapse.

Fortunately, that's not happening right now. Small-cap stocks actually broke out to new highs in May, long before the overall market's breakout last month.

The Russell 2000 Index recently hit new highs too. Take a look...

This is great to see. It means it's not just the largest stocks pushing the overall market higher... Even small companies are booming.

We can see this another way as well, using our other indicator...

This one looks at the entire market and shows how many stocks are moving higher versus how many are moving lower. It's called the advance/decline line.

This signal tells us whether a lot of stocks are going up (that's good) or only a few stocks are going up (that's bad).

Today, we're seeing a lot of stocks climbing. The advance/decline line has been hitting new highs, just like small-cap stocks. Take a look...

Again, a rising advance/decline line means the boom is broad... Lots of companies are moving up.

We'd be worried if that wasn't the case. If the S&P 500 Index broke out to new highs on the backs of Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN), but most other stocks were falling, it'd be a dangerous sign. But again, that's not happening right now.

When you consider that fact, it's hard not to be excited...

Stocks are healthy. They've just hit new all-time highs for the first time in months. And the boom is happening broadly, across all parts of the market.

That tells me the good times aren't over yet. We should see higher highs from here. And that makes now a fantastic time to own stocks.

But there are certain stocks that will dramatically outperform almost all of the other stocks.

In the next two sections of this report I outline the two opportunities to make the most out of the Melt Up.


Melt Up Opportunity #1

If I am right about the Melt Up, then you want to own tech stocks – with leverage – because these stocks will go from "lower left to upper right." If I am wrong, then you want to be out of them.

Can we invest in them when they are going up, and avoid them when they are not going up?

Actually, yes. It's not difficult at all.

The Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index has delivered a 12% annualized return since its start in 1992. That's a fantastic buy-and-hold return.

However, if you owned this index with leverage when it was trending up, and stepped aside when it was trending down, you would have brought home some incredible returns.

Using a "dumb" trend system (where you buy in at uptrends and sell at downtrends), you would have earned 27.7% annualized returns when the index was in an uptrend... And you would have avoided 7.2% annualized losses when it was in a downtrend.

You can see this system at work in the chart below. Green means "buy" and red means "sell." Take a look...

There's nothing special about this system... In this case, it's the 10-month moving average. All this indicator does is track an asset's closing prices for the average over a given period. When it's above the moving average, buy. When it's below the moving average, sell.

Sure, you can measure the trend in plenty of other, more complicated ways. But I'm a big fan of the 10-month moving average because 1) it's simple, and 2) it works.

Again, in the case of leveraged technology, following this simple trend system led to annualized returns of nearly 28% on ROM when in buy mode.

What is ROM? It's simple...

It's an exchange-traded fund that lets you own U.S. tech stocks – with leverage.

It holds the names you'd expect: big tech giants like Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOGL), and Facebook (FB). And it is leveraged two times... So if these individual stocks go up 1% in a day, this fund would go up 2%. (The opposite is true as well.)

ROM has gone from "lower left to upper right." And it's still a great opportunity today.

Right now, shares of ROM are above this moving average. They're in an uptrend... moving from lower left to upper right.

That tells us we want to own technology stocks. And with the Melt Up underway, we could see explosive gains for ROM.

But I've found an even better way than ROM to capitalize on the Melt Up and tech stocks. I'm saving it for my paid subscribers, but you can learn more by watching the replay of my October 24th event. Watch it here now.

Melt Up Opportunity #2

You have a choice...

It's a fork in the road. And you need to choose a path.

This won't be easy. The choice you should make probably isn't the one you'll want to make.

This requires you to go against your instinct. You'll need to trust what you're seeing instead of worrying about what you're feeling.

It'll be worth it, though. Stepping up and making the right move now could mean huge profits.

I'm talking about triple-digit upside, very quickly. Heck, if things go right, we could see a couple-hundred percent gains over the next year or so.

That's not a crazy prediction. I've got decades of data to back it up, as I'll show. But you still have to be willing to make the right move now.

This is a big moment. I hope you'll make the right decision.

Right now, you need to make a choice...

Follow your gut... or follow the data.

Your gut probably has a strong opinion about the markets right now.

It's telling you to be wary of stocks. It's pulling at you, making sure you know we're now in the longest bull market in history... And it could end anytime.

Your gut probably also tells you that valuations are high... And investors are too optimistic...

Your gut wants you to believe that those risks will cause the next market crash... and that it'll likely happen soon.

The problem isn't with your gut's logic. All those points are true. The problem is that right now, none of them matter.

That's why you need to ignore your gut and follow the data.

You see, it's easy to be fearful right now. This is the longest bull market in history. Valuations are much higher than they were before the bull market began. And investors are getting more interested in stocks.

But none of that matters right now... because of one piece of data. It's the only data point that matters right now. And it proves that we have a chance to make enormous returns today.

The S&P 500 Index just broke out to a new all-time high. That confirms a major uptrend in U.S. stocks. And it's one more reason the "Melt Up" is certainly in full swing.

I know many readers will object to this. How can one piece of data trump everything else?

Well, the most important thing, above all else, is the trend. We don't have to worry about the fears in our gut as long as stocks are moving higher. And right now, U.S. stocks are storming to new highs.

The data says the U.S. bull market is still intact. And more than that, it says the Melt Up is continuing.

What do we do as investors? Easy. We put money to work now.

Our next opportunity is a no-brainer given what's going on. By knowing where we are in the Melt Up, we can make a specific bet right now. History says this sector will soar as stocks Melt Up.

This might be the only place you can outperform tech stocks during the Melt Up. We could easily see triple-digit profits over the next 12 months. And if the Melt Up plays out as I expect, a few-hundred percent profits are possible.

So please, ignore your gut while you read this. Stick with the data instead.

Let's get started...

It's Time to Take Another Swing at the Best Melt Up Sector

Just a few weeks ago, my collection of proprietary computer algorithms flashed an "a major buy" signal on what might be the best Melt Up sector.

My long-time subscribers won't be surprised by this idea. Unfortunately, you might not be excited about owning it...

I call them "Moonshot" Stocks and these are typically regarded as risky stocks.

If that makes your gut sink, don't worry.

This is big news. It's exciting because our upside potential is so large.

You see, these Moonshot stocks are among the only stocks that actually beat tech stocks during the last Melt Up. And they didn't just outperform... they absolutely crushed technology stocks. Take a look...

I've been watching this idea ever since I saw another Melt Up setting up.

My friend, that opportunity is here now. And as the chart above shows, our upside is monstrous...

Tech stocks absolutely soared during the last Melt Up. They jumped 200%-plus in the final push higher. But the move in Moonshot Stocks made that gain look like nothing.

They soared nearly 500% in less than two years from late 1998 to early 2000.

We can't miss out on a chance at similar returns in the current Melt Up. And importantly, the next boom in this sector is already getting underway.

Let me quickly show the data that proves it...

The Next Boom Is Underway

For the first time in years, Moonshot stocks are outperforming. This is big news.

Last month, to my paid subscribers, I explained that the next stage of the Melt Up was here, in part because the Nasdaq Composite Index was finally outperforming the overall market.

We see the same thing happening in Moonshot stocks.

In recent months they've outperformed the overall market and the Nasdaq...

Stocks, in general, have been booming in recent months. They're near their all-time highs, jumping 11% over the past four months.

That's nothing compared to tech stocks, though. The Nasdaq broke out to a new high much sooner – in June – and has jumped 14% over the past four months.

But the recent move in Moonshot stocks puts even that to shame. The sector hasn't hit a new all-time high yet. But it's getting darn close. And it has nearly doubled the overall market's return over the past four months, up 19%.

This big outperformance is exactly what we saw at the start of the last Melt Up...

Tech and Moonshot stocks both began outperforming the S&P 500. Moonshot stocks kept a lead over the Nasdaq most of the way... and then soared to incredible heights in the final few months.

More recently, these stocks have been on an interesting trajectory...

They had a massive boom heading into 2015. The sector soared for years... and my subscribers were able to pocket huge gains as a result. Take a look...

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Moonshot stocks soared roughly 400% from mid-2010 to mid-2015. It was an absolutely fantastic run... followed by a fantastic crash.

You can see it on the right side of the chart. The sector fell nearly 40% from mid-2015 to mid-2016. And that was during a time where the overall market was roughly flat.

Moonshot stocks didn't bounce right back, either. They spent the next year slowly grinding higher. And they've been roughly tracking stocks since then.

That is, until now.

I believe we're on the verge of a setup similar to what we saw in the last Melt Up.


How We Could Make Hundreds of Percent Profits in Moonshot Stocks Now

It's all about the uptrend. And we've got it in Moonshot stocks now.

And with my favorite way of playing this sector, my system has led to annualized returns of 46% when in buy mode. That might seem tough to believe... but we've tested it over 35 years of data. Take a look...

Green shows when my system has said "buy" and red shows when it has said "sell." As you can see, this system would have kept us in the big trades, and gotten us out before the busts.

This isn't just back testing, though.

I've successfully put my system to work in my True Wealth Systems research service which has thousands of readers across the country.

I've recommended six of these trades since we launched True Wealth Systems in 2011. You can see the details for all of these in the table below...

We made big profits during the recent boom in Moonshot stocks. But our last few trades haven't worked out.

Your gut might see that and tell you to sit this one out. Don't make that mistake.

The pieces are in place for us to make enormous gains in Moonshot stocks right now, with the Melt Up underway.

Remember, this sector was a top performer during the last Melt Up. It returned more than double the return of tech stocks.

More than that, it's outperforming right now. Moonshot stocks have been beating tech stocks and the overall market. That tells me we should expect bigger gains in the coming Melt Up.

We have the opportunity for triple-digit profits.  But I have a way of reducing risk in this sector while increasing our potential gains. And it means we could make hundreds of percent gains in these stocks in the coming months.

This is the best opportunity we can take right now... and it might be the best opportunity we can take in the Melt Up, period.

Please don't miss this.

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