I’m Inviting 20 of My Readers to Join Me and My Friends at a Destination That’s America’s Best-Kept Secret

September 29 - October 1, 2019     |     Hidden Pond Resort, Maine

It’s a dream come true...

A little cabin in Maine.

Waking up to the fresh, cool breeze drifting through the window... tickling your cheeks until you’re ready to wake.

The sounds of bluebirds chirping and fluttering in the nearby blueberry bushes welcoming you to a new day.

The sun is bright. The air is new. And the day is young.

You’re excited to be alive.

You’re excited for what’s ahead.

But there’s something different about this cabin.

It’s something that even your dreams couldn’t conjure up.

This cabin, you see, is no ordinary place.

As you lean on the windowsill and stare out the window, you understand why. That’s when you see somebody quietly walking from the cabin, down the hand-laid stone walkway.

Just as they did yesterday morning, they left you a treat at the front door.

It’s a basket... filled with a good-morning pastry, a mug of hot, fresh coffee and your favorite newspaper.

You open the door, wave to the delivery girl and take your treats to your private porch overlooking the birds and the forest. She waves back.

Life is good.

Like I said... this isn’t your ordinary cabin in the woods.

This is an exclusive Hidden Pond cabin.

A Presidential Getaway

It’s the place where stars go to relax... where presidents come to celebrate... and where the successful gather to share ideas.

It’s a paradise like no other...

And that’s why I want you to consider joining me there, in Maine, this fall.

And, just in case you're not familiar, I'm Andy Snyder, the Founder of Manward Press. 

I started this venture as a passion project aimed at showing folks how to live a richer, fuller and happier life. Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to spread my message all over the world... everywhere from Fox News to countless radio stations and even to crowds of investors in far-flung places like Argentina and even Belize.

And now, in my latest adventure, I've secured 20 cabins just like the one I’ve described above. In fact, I managed to rent out nearly all of Hidden Pond... the luxury resort nestled in the pristine forest just outside the famous town of Kennebunkport, Maine.

It’s all for my first-ever Manward retreat.

And I want you there... sitting with me around the Founder’s Table.

If you accept this exclusive invite, I’ll reserve one of these luxury cabins for you... and you’ll join me and 19 other like-minded folks from Sunday, September 29 through Tuesday, October 1.

It will be three days unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Think of it as the perfect mix of luxury travel... rustic relaxation... and your chance to optimize your Know-How so that this sort of living becomes your new normal.

Like I said, when it comes to luxury... nothing tops what Hidden Pond has to offer.

These folks have thought of it all.

As soon as you step onto the more than 60 acres of pristine birch forest that surrounds Hidden Pond, you’ll feel the stress of your old, “normal” life wash away.

It’s impossible not to feel renewed and reinvigorated at this place.

There are hiking trails that meander through the woods. You can get to them from the front steps of your private luxury cabin.

When your legs are stretched from a quick hike and your lungs are invigorated by the fresh, clean air, slip off your walking shoes... and leave them off.

You’ll feel the crisp, cool grass between your toes as you head to the spa or the pool.

Or perhaps you’d like to join me on a visit to the farm... where we can harvest some fresh herbs and vegetables.

And then you can head over to the cutting garden... to pluck a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers to take back to your cabin. (You know I own my own flower farm, right?)

You might see some folks doing yoga among the blooms. Feel free to join them. Or maybe slow things down with some tai chi.

This is your time.

But Hidden Pond isn’t all roses and lemonade.

There’s plenty for the adventure lover, too.

Love Life by Living Life

You can hop on one of the resort’s beach cruiser bicycles. Head down to the water or spin around the resort... it doesn’t matter. The wind flowing through your hair will make you feel like a kid again.

If you’re looking for me... just look for the paddleboards.

There’s nothing better than an early morning or late afternoon cruise atop the flat water to bookend a warm, sunny day.

It’s the perfect recipe for relaxation.

That’s why I chose this resort for my first-ever Founder’s Retreat.

We could go anywhere in the world... but we’re heading to Hidden Pond.

And here’s the best part.

We’re bringing along a man that you may know quite well.

Steven King is the Event Director for The Oxford Club. As the Club’s former Editorial Director, I got to know him quite well.

In fact, as one of the many perks of the job... I got to travel with Steven often.

From exclusive parties in Manhattan to the best hotels on the Caribbean coast, Steven knows how to put together a world-class event.

Five-star luxury doesn’t even begin to describe it.

And if you’ve ever travelled with Steven or attended one of his events, you know what I mean.

Here’s what just a few of his fans have to say...

“Thanks for putting this together, Steven. It was a great experience and great people. We look forward to doing another one.” – Shay M.

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Zurich/Vienna trip. Thank you for all your help, it was truly a wonderful experience. We look forward to doing another one.” – Roger M.

“My wife and I had a blast! It was very informative and well put together. Just wanted to express how much I enjoyed myself. Thanks!” – Paul C.

Now you know why I’m so excited that he agreed to organize this first-ever Manward retreat.

The Start of Something Big

From the beginning, Manward Press has focused on three things...

Together, as you probably know, they form the Triad.

Science has proved that folks who manage to master all three of these critical ideas live healthier, happier and more successful lives.

Everything we do and publish at Manward focuses on one or more of these elements.

But Connections, of course, can’t be formed on paper or the web.

They must be forged in person.

There’s no way around it.

But there’s no rule that says we can’t nurture our Connections in 100% pure luxury, right?

That’s why I’ve worked with Steven to put together the very best itinerary for a three-day event that I’ve ever seen.

Like I said, I managed to get Hidden Pond for three prime-season days.

We’ll be there from Sunday, September 29 through Tuesday, October 1.

I’m calling it our Founder’s Retreat.

It will kick off Sunday afternoon with an informal meet and greet and a casual dinner.

During this time, we can gather at the lodge for a drink... take a stroll along the nature trails... head to the beach... or hop on a bike to see what makes this place so magical.

Or we can lean against the bar and talk sports or share tales of our business ventures.

But I wouldn’t blame you for just sitting on your front porch and chatting with whoever strolls by.

You can bet it will be a like-minded Manward fan.

But if you ask me, the real fun will start on Monday morning.

Gather ‘Round

That’s when all of us will gather in the barn (it’s gorgeous) for a delicious breakfast brought to us by the resort’s world-class chef and kick off a morning’s worth of discussions and chats with our special guests.

I’ll tell you more about the topics we’ll cover – including the exciting folks who will hit the stage – in a minute. But first I want to continue detailing our amazing itinerary... and all the food that’s involved.

Again, Monday morning is all about our special guests and the Know-How they bring with them.

For lunch, we’ll head to Earth, the resort’s famed restaurant.

I love this quaint little joint because it focuses on the farm-to-table idea – the focus of my own family’s small farm.

Imagine ripe heirloom tomatoes, picked hours before... local lobster pulled from the Atlantic earlier that day... and cocktails made from herb-infused spirits and muddled fruits.

You’ve heard that 95% of all food in this country travels by truck, right?

That’s certainly not the case at Hidden Pond.

Many of the vegetables and ingredients used in its delicious dishes come from one of its two on-site organic gardens.

Like I said, this place will redefine your definition of “normal.”

But the menu isn’t the only unique thing about Earth.

I can’t wait to see your face as you walk into the restaurant for the first time.

The walls are made from trees that were cut down when the site was cleared. Each wall is adorned with gorgeous wood “pickles” that remind guests of what surrounds us.

Look up and you’ll see the centerpiece of it all... an apple tree that’s been artistically preserved and adorned with lights that serves as the room’s chandelier.

Again... welcome to your new normal...


After lunch, I’m guessing you’ll want a break. It’ll be a busy morning with lots of ideas and good conversation. It’s important we keep things simple and stress-free.

You can get a massage if you’d like, enjoy the view from your cottage or hang out with me and have a cigar.

I’ll probably take a group to the beach.

It’s easy to get to.

The beautiful only-in-Maine Goose Rocks Beach is just a mile down the road. The resort runs a continuous shuttle to and from the sandy shores.

As my guest, you’ll be provided with everything you need – chairs, towels and even bottled water.

If you’ve never visited the beaches of Maine’s southern coast in the early fall... you must add it to your bucket list. Even if the air has a chill to it, bring your sweater and be prepared to be thrilled.

It’s the simplest way I know to refresh a tired soul.

But no matter what you do in the afternoon... no matter how much fun you’re having... and no matter how good the conversation is... do not miss the dinner Steven and I have planned for Monday night.

We’re headed to The Boathouse. It’s on the water – my favorite place!

Sitting on the shores of the Kennebunkport River, this famed restaurant is flanked by working marinas. I see it as the epitome of Manward... pragmatic elegance.

You’ve Never Eaten Like This

Most folks describe Chef John Shaw’s cuisine as “classic Maine.”

If the weather is good – it’s usually gorgeous – we’ll be able to go straight from the lobster bar to our seats on the outdoor patio overlooking the water.

This will be a dinner you’ll be talking about for a long time.

But I have to warn you... you’ll want this to become your “normal” fare.

Fortunately, if you pay attention to what I have in store for Tuesday, that won’t be a problem.

You could soon be able to afford lobster for every meal.

But before we get there... you’ve got another lovely, crisp morning in Maine waiting for you. The bluebirds will be singing. The coffee and pastries will be waiting at your door. And the air will be fresh and new, just waiting for you to come outside and enjoy the day.

And when you’re ready, come meet us for breakfast.

But who wants to eat at the same place twice, right?

This time we’re headed to a different part of the resort for yet another meal that will spoil us.

After breakfast, I’ll meet you at the barn.

The next few hours will be exciting... and perhaps the most lucrative of your life.

Money Talks...

I’ll start off the morning.

And as I’m wont to do... I’ll focus on making money.

I will share something with you that very few folks have ever been privy to. I’ll open up my full trading strategy... how I manage risk... how I diversify my personal assets... and I’ll even give you the ticker symbols of six stocks that fit ALL my strict investment criteria.

These are stock recommendations you won’t find anywhere else... they’re far too small to share with the masses that Manward has attracted over the last 18 incredible months.

I’ll go over...

  • The stock market screens I look at every day
  • The indicators I trust
  • The metrics most folks get all wrong
  • The telltale sign that a stock’s ready to break out
  • And how my system has evolved over the last two decades.

I’ve spoken at countless investor conferences... been on TV... been a guest on countless radio shows... and penned thousands of investment columns... but I’ve never before revealed the detailed information that I’ll be sharing in Maine.

Since this will be such a small, trusted group... I’m revealing it all.

But I won’t be the only expert you hear from on this unforgettable trip. No way.

Opening My Rolodex

For the inaugural Manward retreat, I’m cashing in all my chips... and bringing in the best minds I know.

That’s why I can’t wait to introduce you in person to Dr. Sanjay Jain, MD, MBA.

He’s a certified integrative medicine specialist and an all-around genius.

A former professor at Ohio State University, he recently joined the world-renowned team at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Plus, he’s a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. And he’s also been featured on ABC, NBC and Fox.

I’m bringing him to Maine to talk to us about a wide range of subjects... and not just about the latest innovations in integrative health.

Sure, he’ll spill the secrets that Big Pharma doesn’t want us to know... and he’ll tell us the best way to get a good night’s sleep... and the very best supplements we must ensure we get in our bodies each day... but don’t forget that Dr. Jain became famous because of his expertise on and research into what he calls “Optimal Living 360.”

That’s what originally brought Sanjay to us... he lives and breathes the ideas within our Triad.

That’s why when we meet in Maine, he’ll reveal his secrets to making money with real estate...

He’ll reveal what it takes to nurture healthy relationships – the science behind this unique (and powerful) way of thinking...

And he’ll even reveal his strategy for entrepreneurial success.

All of that, of course, is added on top of his insiders-only look at the realm of modern medicine – and its many smart alternatives.

The CIA Will Be There?

I’m also excited to introduce you to Andy Gordon... one of my favorite people in the world.

In a word... he’s fascinating.

Educated at the London School of Economics, Andy has three decades of experience in the private and public sectors as an entrepreneur and advisor.

The CIA, former Maryland Governor William Donald Schaefer and Fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin and Dow Chemical have all trusted in and profited from his expertise.

If they did... I bet you can too.

Andy founded and ran an international trade and finance company based in Asia. Upon returning to the U.S., he joined a Florida investment advisory service that quickly gained a reputation for recommending companies with outstanding value and fundamentals. Andy has taught marketing and finance courses at local Maryland universities and has written half a dozen books on global business, published by McGraw-Hill, Frost & Sullivan and others.

Most recently, Andy is the Co-Founder of Early Investing, Co-Founder of First Stage Investor and Chief Equity Analyst of Crypto Asset Strategies.

To top it all off... he’s one of the kindest and funniest men I know.

Andy will join us in Maine to share his rich experience in global business... his thoughts and insights on some of the hottest and most unique investment opportunities... and last but certainly not least, his good humor and great company.

I’m excited.

This is going to be a world-class gathering... the perfect venue for Manward’s inaugural retreat.

And I want you to be one of the 20 folks who join me and my like-minded friends.

But I need to warn you, many spots are already taken.

This retreat will fill up fast.

Best of the BEST

Before you make up your mind and start planning to meet me at Hidden Pond, let me share with you what others have said about this incredible destination.

Perhaps the real proof of its quality comes from the folks at Condé Nast Traveler – the most respected voice in the world when it comes to travel.

Its readers recently voted Hidden Pond the No. 1 resort in all of Maine.

Here’s what the rag of record for the travel industry wrote:

“Sitting on 60 acres about five miles outside of preppy Kennebunkport, Hidden Pond has a fantasy summer camp feel, with hand-painted wooden signs pointing to a garden where you can pick vegetables or to a bike shed where you can borrow a retro cruiser for a sunrise ride to Goose Rocks Beach. Though if you're not a morning person, don't worry: Every morning, hot coffee and a canvas bag of fresh-baked pastries are left outside your door.”

The nation’s top travel experts agree with my take on the place... Hidden Pond is utter perfection.

And the treats at the front door certainly don’t hurt.

The Key Details

Again, we’re gathering at the beautiful and world-renowned Hidden Pond Resort on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

We’ll wine you... dine you... and change your life with new Connections and some incredible Know-How for three unforgettable days.

Getting there couldn’t be any easier.

You can fly into Portland’s small, easy-to-navigate airport. Once you’re on the ground, Hidden Pond is just a 30-minute drive down the coast.

You’ll know you’re getting close when the road begins to wind, the lush forest begins to thicken and the oh-so-refreshing smell of saltwater in the early fall air begins to tickle your lungs.

It’s the quickest path to heaven I know.

And we couldn’t make it any simpler.

I’ve set up a phone number specifically for this event.

When you call 410.223.2647, our concierge, Meg, will answer the phone and will be excited to answer any of your questions and take your reservation while spots are still available.

If you’re not fortunate enough to get one of the 20 spots, she will ensure you get on the waiting list just in case – it’s rare – a spot opens up.

I can’t think of a single way to make this an easier or more relaxing trip for you.

That’s the whole goal of this retreat... to have some fun, treat ourselves to some relaxation and go home a happier, healthier and more vibrant person.

That’s exactly what I aim to hear from you as we bring the retreat to a close around a roaring campfire on Tuesday evening (after another delicious meal, of course).

We’ll toss some logs on the fire, hold tight to a glass of wine and stare at the stars as we tackle the world’s biggest problems... or at least who’s headed to the World Series in a few weeks.

But I know what you’re wondering...

What’s the once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend a first-ever retreat like this going to cost...

What will it cost to join me and some of the world’s top minds at the Manward Founder’s Table?

This is the best part!

I took advantage of every Connection I have. I told the folks at Hidden Pond how important this first-ever retreat is to me and my readers.

And I got the deal of a lifetime...

You can join us – and never have to pull your wallet out for anything during the retreat – for just $4,300.

That’s three nights in your very own luxury cabin, two days with me and 19 other like-minded folks, world-class meals and some activities that I promise you’ll never forget.

You just have to get to the resort and cover any extra activities... and we’ll pick up the rest.

Plus, when you join me for this first-ever Manward retreat, you’ll be one the 20 inaugural members of the Manward’s Founder’s Club.

It’s the group that I’ll turn to as I test out new ideas, new partnerships, new services... and new publications.

You’ll have a chance to give feedback on nearly everything Manward does going forward.

That’s a huge perk... and it’s not available to anybody else.

And don’t forget this is all in scenic Maine during the peak of its beauty.

This is your chance to meet with me and a handful of others who share your values... stand for the same things you do... and enjoy the same pleasures of living a good, well-rounded and luxurious life.

From me, you’ll get stock research and insights that I won’t give anywhere else. (Though keep in mind, we cannot offer personalized advice.)

I’ll share some of my very best stories from my time living in Alaska’s wilderness – like the time I accidentally got within a few yards of a hungry bear.

You’ll hear from Dr. Sanjay Jain... and Andy Gordon... and other guest speakers I can’t wait for you to meet.

And we’ll do it all from one of the greatest secret spots in the country... Hidden Pond.

But you need to RSVP right away.

I can hold your spot at this low price for only a few days.

So please call our concierge, Meg Rakes, at 410.223.2647 as soon as possible.

She’ll get your cabin booked... and I’ll see you in September.

I’m very excited.

Be well,


P.S. Don’t forget... the 20 folks who join me in Maine this fall will all become inaugural members of Manward’s Founder’s Club. You’ll help test out new ideas, new partnerships, new services... and new publications. You’ll have a chance to give feedback on nearly everything Manward does going forward. This is an exclusive opportunity... the only way to be invited into this exclusive group. Call Meg now at 410.223.2647 or 833.288.1434 (toll-free) or e-mail Meg Rakes at