March/April 2019

BOC 90

ASCP Board of Certification – BOC Credential Stories

As part of its 90th Anniversary Celebration the BOC held the My BOC Credential Story Contest inviting all BOC certificants to share their BOC credential stories. Participants submitted stories on how earning their credential impacted their lives. What the BOC received were heartfelt, triumphant, and candid glimpses into the lives of laboratory professionals from around the world, and the BOC would like to thank all of those who shared their stories! The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners' stories, and snippets from some of the additional stories the BOC received, were published in the February edition of the BOC Newsletter which can be found here: Stories will also be highlighted on the BOC Facebook page during Lab Week, April 21 – 27, and until the end of the BOC's 90th Anniversary Celebration on June 30th.


Don't forget to celebrate Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!
April 21 - 27


Report on the Clinical Laboratory Educator's Conference (CLEC)*

The ASCP Board of Governors Chair and the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) staff had a wonderful opportunity to meet with the program directors at Clinical Laboratory Educator's Conference (CLEC) February 21 - 23 in Baltimore, Maryland. On Thursday, February 22nd, Susan Harrington, PhD, D(ABMM), MLS(ASCP)CM, Chair of the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) Board of Governors gave the BOC update. There was also a session entitled A Closer Look at the BOC: Its Examination Committees and the Certification Examination with BOC speakers Susan Graham, MS, MT(ASCP)SHCM, Kathleen Finnegan, MS, MT(ASCP)SHCM, and Patricia Tanabe, MPA, MLS(ASCP)CM.

Pat Tanabe, MPA, MLS(ASCP)CM, ASCP BOC Executive Director and Kristin Blake, MA, Manager, BOC Operations, staffed the BOC booth. Five copies of the enhanced 6th edition of the BOC Study Guide for Clinical Laboratory Certification Examinations, one copy of the BOC Study Guide for Phlebotomy Certification Examinations, and one copy of the BOC Study Guide for Histotechnology Certification were raffled off to seven lucky winners at the conference. We enjoyed meeting and talking with the program directors and educators. Thank you for visiting us at the BOC booth!


Survey on Student Scheduling of Exams at PearsonVUE* - Spring 2019

While at CLEC, there was some feedback that students were having difficulty scheduling their exam on their preferred date and/or at a preferred Pearson site. We take your input seriously and are creating a survey in order to best address this issue. Please be on the lookout for an email this Spring and help us gather data by completing the short survey.


Program Director's Guide to Certification - eBook

The eBook is available online at Program Director's Guide to Certification. Be sure to check out the latest version. It features all interactive links, including emails. You can use the icons at the bottom of the page to view the table of contents on the left side of the screen, and click on the section you wish to view. You can zoom in for easier reading. This eBook was designed for ease of use on all mobile devices.


Revised Publications Available Online in February 2019

Go to to find the most current publications.

  • January 2019 U.S. Procedures for Examination and Certification
  • January 2019 International Procedures for Examination and Certification
  • U.S. Procedures for Qualification
  • Annual Exam Statistics


BOC Examination Questions - Copyright and Ethics Violations

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) monitors the web and social media sites regularly for individuals or groups who claim to have questions from BOC examinations. These are sometimes called "recalls," "remembrances" or "brain dumps." Individuals with BOC certifications who contribute to these sites, or share examination items in any manner, are infringing on BOC's exclusive copyrights and are in violation of the legal statements they agree to when completing the online application and on-site prior to taking the examination. Certification will be revoked, and individuals will be barred permanently from taking any BOC examination, if found in violation. Please remind your students not to share information from the examination with anyone.

Excerpt from the legal statement that is agreed to when submitting the online application:

BOC Pledge that is agreed to before beginning the examination at a PearsonVUE testing location:


Certificates on Social Media

Please inform your students not to post images of their wall certificates or ASCP documentation on social media. While we appreciate their enthusiasm and pride in becoming certified, these images can be used by others to misrepresent themselves as being certified. To protect the integrity of ASCP Board of Certification credentials and records, please share the following with your students:

  • Do not loan your wall certificate, score report, or ASCP member card (if applicable) to anyone.
  • Do not post a copy or image of your wall certificate, score report, or ASCP member card (if applicable) on the Internet or social media.

For complete information, please visit our website.


Applying for a BOC Certification Exam – How and When to Apply

With many students' completing their laboratory science programs in the spring or summer, Program Directors are getting ready to have students start applying for BOC certification examinations. Below are some key sources of information and some helpful tips.

Have students watch the Application video, available here: Students should apply no more than six weeks before program completion. Please make sure that your students know the correct date of their program completion (not necessarily the same as graduation date) as that is what they will need to enter in the online application.

Applications are processed on a continual basis, and application processing time is up to 45 business days. Students' 90-day window in which to schedule their exam begins after program completion is verified through the Exam Eligibility Verification (EEV). There is a helpful timeline in the Program Director's Guide to Certification, pages 26-27.

Program Directors are encouraged to wait to sign off on a student's eligibility on the EEV until they are sure students will successfully complete all components of the program by the date indicated. Please note: if a date entered by the student is within a week after their actual program completion date, it does not need to be updated.

Program Directors can log in using their individual ASCP login at any time to view the current EEV report and sign off on the eligibility status of their students. Please remember to respond promptly (within the week) to email notifications regarding your students.

If you have any questions regarding a student's examination eligibility, please contact us at


Official Transcripts*

If a degree is required to meet the eligibility requirements, please remind your students to request that an official college/university transcript be mailed to the ASCP BOC office. This official transcript is required before examination scores are made available. Students should allow at least 10 business days after the BOC office has received the transcript for their examination scores to be released. Please view additional information under "Official Transcript."


Grant and Scholarship Opportunities

Applications are due by April 26th for grants to Laboratory Science Program Director's and by May 3rd for scholarships for laboratory students. Visit the ASCP Foundation website for more details.


Educator Survey Articles – Spring 2019

University and hospital based MLS educators and faculty were previously surveyed to gather information that can support the role of MLS program directors and faculty in educating students and, ultimately, contribute to the future quality of medical laboratory science programs. The ASCP BOC Research and Development (R&D) Committee has written two articles that will be published in Laboratory Medicine Online this spring.

The ASCP Board of Certification Survey of Medical Laboratory Science – Education Programs article describes and compares the characteristics and operations of MLS programs in the university and hospital settings. Topics included staff education requirements, open positions, certification patterns, program length, clinical sites, and teaching strategies.

The ASCP Board of Certification Survey of Medical Laboratory Science – Faculty article summarizes the characteristics of individuals who work in hospital and university settings. Issues related to demographics, education level, rank, certification, experience, responsibilities, and salaries are discussed.


Program Directors Group on Facebook

If you haven't already, please join the ASCP BOC Program Director's Group on Facebook. The group is for directors of NAACLS, CAAHEP, and ABHES-accredited or approved laboratory programs, as well as education and clinical coordinators and faculty, whose students seek BOC certification. This peer-based group can answer many of your certification-related questions. Supported by volunteers with several years of program experience, the group aims to become the program director's resource for information and support.


BOC Facebook Page

In addition to the Program Director's Group, the ASCP BOC also has a Facebook page. You can follow the page to see what is happening in the BOC:


Program Performance Report (PPR) Access*

PPR invoices for 2019 will need to be paid in order to access current data or data from previous years. Please log in to your account to ensure that you have access to the PPR data. If you have any difficulties or questions please contact us at


Access to Program Performance Reports (PPR) for Faculty*

If there is someone other than the Program Director who should also have access to the PPR information, please email with the name of the institution, school code, and name and email address of individuals who should be added. Please note that the Program Director will remain the only person able to access the EEV (Exam Eligibility Verification) to verify students' completion of the program.


Important - Program Changes

Please be sure to notify the BOC office if any of your program information changes, such as your email address, program status, program director, or mailing address. Please notify Kristin Blake at For program directors from international countries for ASCPi certification, please notify Angela Sreckovic at


Important Information for Students in California and New York

Please ensure that your students become certified and complete the examination for licensure by applying for Certification and Licensure on the online application. If students apply for licensure only, they will be required to reapply for certification and take the certification examination. By applying for and taking the certification examination, their examination scores are acceptable for licensure in California and New York. All other state licensure requirements must be met to obtain state licensure. For additional information, see the CA and NY NAACLS student information form. For complete information, please visit our website: State Licensure.



Understanding ASCP BOC Certification Examinations

Brief explanations on a variety of topics related to the BOC certification examinations are available at Understanding ASCP BOC Certification Examinations.


Do You Have Students Missing From Your PPR or EEV Reports?*

When your students complete the online application, please remind them to use the drop-down list of programs to select the program they completed. Some schools have programs in multiple cities or states. Please advise your students to make sure they choose the correct program in the correct location. Students should not enter the name of the program manually as the school name will not be recognized, and these students' names will not appear on your PPR or EEV reports. If your program is not listed, please let us know immediately by contacting us at


Applicants Requesting Modifications Due to a Disability

If any of your students require a modification due to a disability, we request that your students notify our office in writing at the time of application. Complete information regarding documentation is available on the website.


Revised User's Guide for Program Performance Reports*

The revised User's Guide for Program Performance Reports (PPR's) is just one of the items that you can find on the BOC Program Director's section of the BOC website. Review it for the most current information on accessing and using the PPR's to your program's best advantage.


How to Locate Your Certification Number

If you need to locate your certification number, you may access it by logging into your record and clicking on "Home Page" under "My BOC Activities." Then click on the "View Certifications" link.

If you require primary source verification of your certification, this information is available at Verification of Certification. There is a $16 charge for this service.




Board of Certification Contacts:

Please contact the following individuals if you have questions or concerns regarding:

U.S. application processing

Angela Nunn at

Program Director inquiries (U.S. only)

Kristin Blake at

International certification

Angela Sreckovic at

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