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Stars are always a favorite with ladies and the back is the prefect place to get these cuties inked. If you wish to flaunt your back like a sexy siren, this tattoo is perhaps the best for you as it makes your back come alive with a hovering butterfly over a big flower.
Wings are a popular choice when it comes to tattoos and the picture below shows the wings inked in black with a few green feathers of a peacock. If there was one thing that I have always wanted to do, it would definitely be choosing a spectacular looking tattoo that covers my entire back. The black floral patterned back tattoo looks amazing and neat with no unnecessary coloring.
Awesome and mind blowing are the two words that come into my mind when I take a look at the sexy back with a fabulous dragon inked in various fierce colors. You must have seen many peacock tattoos on different parts, but, the one displayed here is a total stunner. There is a beautiful woman’s face inked on the back and she appears to be some kind of a sorceress engaged in some ritual. Inked in black and some other light colours, the tribal tattoo would take your breath away with its sheer beauty and style.

If you get this tattoo inked today, chances are you may just find yourself hogging all the limelight! If inking Koi fish is your ultimate dream and you want to show the free willed woman that you are, tattooing this Koi design will perhaps make you happy. Below, you can see a woman whose back is looking ravishing with the starry pattern done in black. The back looks stunning with this colorful tattoo that also displays some Chinese symbols having a meaning. Such is the case below where you can see the beauty of the tattoo come alive with two people kissing passionately and a man’s face, the expression of which may be imagined differently by onlookers.
Well, the tattoo looks wonderfully beautiful and it appears as if the butterflies are flying right out of the panty the woman is wearing! The back looks not just sassy but also is very majestic to look at and makes a definite style statement. The tail can be seen stretching all the way down to one of the bum cheeks and makes the whole body look as if its a siren’s body ready to enthrall you all! But, all said and done, much kudos to the artist who has spent a considerable time on inking a masterpiece that took many laborious hours.

A bare back with the tattoo of colorful flowers is ought to gather attention wherever you go. The whole back seems to portray some kind of a classic Hollywood movie and looks breathtaking. The raven, perched on a skull tree with a full moon forming the perfect backdrop; looks mighty and one can see some written stuff too on the side. Women, these days are seen getting their body parts inked mercilessly and the back is not left behind.
Also the meaning of a star signifies the birth of a child in Christian terms the star signifies the birth of Jesus at Christmas.To see a bigger picture just click on the image.
Close up of one of the tattoo starsStar Tattoo with Words I liked this tattoo with words inside to describe what was important to the person.

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