Ark Server Hosting

Are you looking for an Ark Server Hosting provider?

Why Do I Need Ark Hosting?

Running a multi-player Ark game requires that you dedicate part of your computers resources to actually hosting and running the game that other people connect too. This hosting of a game can slow your computer down and a normal internet connection will mean that the other players will suffer with reduced lag and possible outages.

Hosting your Ark multiplayer games on a dedicated server or VPS will allow you to have much smoother games with no ones gaming experience suffering. Here you can purchase Ark server hosting for a monthly fee and benefit from the advantages of playing on a dedicated server.

For the best priced server hosting package check out the comparison site CompareGameHosting for a list of the top hosts and coupons for Ark Survival Evolved.

So What Is Ark All About?

Ark Survival Evolved took the sandbox survival game niche a huge step forward when it came onto our PC screens and no one has been able to even come close although many have tried. In this game you start on an island with barely any clothes on your back with the sole mission to survive and prosper.

You must forge simple tools so that you can create a shelter much like other sandbox survival games, except in this game there is a twist: you have to deal with prehistoric dinosaurs hell-bent on making your life a living hell. Once you start getting use to Ark Survival Evolved you will find yourselves not only keeping safe from these beasts but able to harness them to put yourself one huge step ahead of your island foes.

If you are a fan of games like Minecraft and Terraria then Ark Survival Evolved could be just the game you are looking for. According to SteamCharts the fan base is still huge unlike other similar games that have a limited life span of a year or so.

Are You Ready To Rent An Ark Server & Start Playing With Your Friends?

Getting your own server is a great way to control who you play with and avoid the annoying factors that ruin your fun in public servers.