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You have heard the rumors, are you ready for ds106?

The open course in digital storytelling...

Stuff to Try

Assignment Bank

Explore more than 400 media assignments created for and by members of the ds106 community. Try one at random or add your own.

The Daily Create

Each day you get a new creative challenge in photo, drawing, audio, video, or writing form, that you can do in 20 minutes or less. Want a taste? Try one at random.

ds106 Radio

Our own open free form internet-based radio station, broadcasting shared music, recordings, cross casts from other stations, as well as live broadcasts from community members. Learn how to tune in and how to grab the mic.

Remix Machine

And now for something completely different! Interpret a random remix of the ds106 assignments. Make a new twist on an existing ds106 assignment.


The best of ds106! A site designed by ds106 students to showcase the works of others. Nominate anyone’s creations in ds106 that inspires you or explore it to become inspired.

Random Sampling the Blog Flow

  1. Flickr and WordPress Sitting in a Tree


    Have you ever wondered how to link your Flickr up with your WordPress blog? If yes, keep reading. If no, who are you kidding, of course you do – keep reading. Flickr and WordPress want to be linked together because together, they can tell amazing stories. And that’s why you’re …

  2. Response to “Listening In”…

    CC flickr S.Diddy
    First of all, I have to start this blog post by mentioning just how much I love Susan Douglas. She was my very first Communications professor at U of M, and she made me love an ordinarily boring 101 class enough to stick around and eventually decide
  3. How Yarns are Different on the Radio…


    This week we were instructed to watch some YouTube videos in which two radio experts, Ira Glass and Jad Abrumrad talk about storytelling on the radio and how it is different from other forms of media. As a print journalist, I really connected with what the men were saying, as …

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