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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Technology / Tecnología

Personalized Learning Devices Initiative
at Claremont Spanish Immersion Elementary  

“Digital literacy is not an end in itself but lays the foundation for deep and continuous learning. It focuses on using technology to learn rather than learning about technology. To become technologically proficient, students must develop these skills through integrated activities across all K-12 content areas” (VDOE, 2013).

Second, Third and Fourth grade classrooms at Claremont Immersion School will implement the use of personalized learning devices (iPads) to develop students’ digital literacy and enhance overall student learning. Claremont’s Instructional Technology Coordinator, (ITC), Librarian and teachers will work together to collaboratively implement Common Sense Education’s Digital Citizenship curriculum and, in Grade 3, the “Digital Passport” Program.

Through teacher-led classroom instruction, self-guided technology-rich learning activities, and offline classroom activities, Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship curriculum and the “Digital Passport” program, address issues that students will face in the digital world such as (1) privacy and online safety, (2) communication skills, (3) digital citizenship, (4) copyright, and (5) finding credible information.
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