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2014-2015 RIF Events

African American History Month - February 2, 3, and 4, 2015
We had a very successful book distribution during African American History Month. Students selected their RIF books and heard a variety of volunteers read favorite books by African American authors and illustrators.
    Thanks to all our readers!
    • Staff who read to the GMS students Dr. Wiggins, Dr. Roache, Ms. Clark, Ms. Greene, Ms. Overstreet, Mr. Diggs, Ms. Kolody, Ms. Domestici, Mr. Hyman, Dr. Smith, Ms. Abdeljawad, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Dennis, Ms. Allen, Mr. Leopold, Ms. Bryan, Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Merino, Ms. Mullins, Mr. Seward, and Ms. Lewis.

    Summer Reading -  May 2015
    Our last book distribution for the 2014-2015 school year was May 11, 12, and 13. Students received a free book and learn about summer reading options.


    Here are some details about our RIF program:

    • Two times during the school year, we have a distribution of free books for Gunston students. Students have a full period to browse and select from the books on display. Students pick books on their own, with no "directing" by staff, as the emphasis is truly on personal choice. We now that the more children read, the more successful they are and that they are more likely to read if they get to own books that they have chosen themselves. This year, Gunston received RIF funding for all 6th grade students as well as all 7th & 8th grade HILT and special education students.
    • RIF requires that we do additional activities for reading motivation. These include readers, competitions, drawing for prizes, and theme related activities.
    • Books The library staff selects from a wide range of books, including some lower reading level books for our HILT and special education students. A limited number of titles are available in Spanish.

    • We ordered enough books to ensure that every participating student receives three books.

    • RIF of Northern Virginia provides the primary funding for RIF for Gunston. The school matches this funding an additional 25%. PTA funding pays for some of these costs.
    • Support RIF by volunteering during our RIF distributions or by donating to RIF of Northern Virginia through the United Way Campaign (8959) or the Combined Federal Campaign (18818). Your support of RIF of Northern Virginia promotes literacy and offers children a chance for a brighter future.
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